World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1607

Huang Jintian is turning that ancient book, seeks with the Vermilion Bird related content. actually is this, in the past White Tiger qi deviation, lost mental, has killed Vermilion Bird, but a several big influence that Vermilion Bird sheltered in the past, one was Dongfang family, that skeleton placed in Dongfang family Mysterious Realm, has not thought making by your this brat.” The words that Shen Xiang did not mention, Huang Jintian does not know that in the past Vermilion Bird unexpectedly was killed by White Tiger. Huang Jintian suddenly has doubts very much: Why will White Tiger lose mental? On this has also mentioned, White Tiger has sent several insanity, has killed many people, afterward committed suicide! His apprentice Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also has similar situation, but is infrequent.” This is because they had that God Slaughtering Heart......” Shen Xiang to tell Huang Jintian matter. God Slaughtering Heart is Godhead! They unexpectedly do not know at that time.” Huang Jintian also knew that the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique origin, makes from that God Slaughtering Heart. Afterward Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian exchange mutually, had known many secrets, satisfy their curiosity. Dawn, Shen Xiang has made Huang Jintian help him calculate position that Leng Youlan is, this is also he Huang Jintian lane comes here reason, Huang Jintian to use Heaven's Divination Technique to figure out others' position. This place is somewhat big, is somewhat special, therefore requires time.” Huang Jintian said that sits cross-legged, this time he has not pinched the finger to calculate, but stretches out the arms, absorbs the ray of Sun, obtains some unusual strength, strength of to rely on Sun, some sensation matters. Shen Xiang waited for more than two double-hour, Huang Jintian to have the result patiently finally: Somewhat fuzzy, distance here was too far, but can determine, she here.” Now I only know direction that she is, if approaches, can figure out her accurate position.” Shen Xiang said: Then you guide, we now on past.”

Long Xueyi has Godhead, therefore Heaven's Divination Technique does not have the use to her, can only calculate Leng Youlan. Here walks!” Huang Jintian has referred to a direction. Master, you enter in my storage equipment first, I use Law of Space to be quicker arrive.” Huang Jintian is glad, because Hidden Jade Ring in terrible like Divine Cauldron, does not stay in Hidden Jade Ring is safe. Shen Xiang deeply inspires, faces the direction that Huang Jintian is referring, revolves vast Divine Power, sees only his all around space to start to fluctuate, is similar to the tranquil level ripples slightly like that his and body along with space slight however, integrated in the space of fluctuation. Suddenly, Shen Xiang passed through a big section distance, arrives at a burning hot region, looks to front, is braves the heat volcano, several quite giant volcanos, brave the red lava unceasingly, making front present big fiery red rock magma sea. Shen Xiang puts Huang Jintian, knits the brows saying: Master, you calculate again looks! Was I going astray direction? Arrives at this damned place.” All around Huang Jintian sees is the volcanic cluster, here makes him feel that burning hot is very uncomfortable: „The air/Qi of here Sacred Spirit was inhaled underground, turns into very hot lava, below should have natural large formation, therefore here environment so will be bad.” The people of two their this strengths can think the heat, if that the strength quite weak person arrived here, definitely hotly will die. The ground slight tremors transmit suddenly, has giant volcano suddenly to erupt in the distant place, the lava splatters with a big piece of boiling hot rock unceasingly to the four directions, the thick volcanic ash ascends airborne, immediately blocks the sky.

This volcanic eruption is really fierce!” Shen Xiang just said that the bulk very huge burning hot rock flies to shoot. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian hastily dashes about wildly to avoid, is far away from the place that they were at a moment ago, but the rock that the eruption that at this time that giant volcano also keeping, sprays blots out the sky, is wreaking havoc crazily the earth. Here volcano was too fierce, that stone pounded my words a moment ago, can definitely want my half life.” Huang Jintian said panic-strickenly: A bit faster was far away from this place to say again, I always felt under this volcanic cluster to have any fierce thing.” Shen Xiang looks at the upper air, is only short in a minute, the trim sky was covered by the thick volcanic ash, glittering intermittent purple lightning, is hitting the air/Qi of very tyrannical Sacred Spirit, but the air/Qi of these Sacred Spirit can finally by earth devour. Shen Xiang and can feel the air/Qi of these tyrannical Sacred Spirit on Huang Jintian, rapidly is dropping, forms intermittent strong winds, by earth fast devour. According to present this situation, other volcanos must erupt quickly.” Huang Jintian suddenly has a very strong feeling: Under this has any thing to brave probably, we really come are not the times.” Shen Xiang had displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration a moment ago, his Divine Soul flies the rapidness, to the speed run, investigates this all around situation in all directions. Around this is the volcanos, the region that these volcanic clusters cover is very broad, does not know that this place in Heavenly Dragon Territory is forbidden land.” When he just about to puts in Huang Jintian Hidden Jade Ring, the vibration of ground was getting more and more intense, a front big places suddenly upward bulge, has probably any thing to drill to be the same. Thing awfully must come out.” Place suddenly split open that the Huang Jintian panic-stricken [say / way], that is raised, presents two fiery red thick length things, evidently likely is the two more incisive great angles of beasts.

First has a look at this any thing to walk again.” Shen Xiang suddenly is very curious, this Heavenly Dragon Territory is not he imagines, only then Heavenly Dragon is most formidable, thing that at this time at present this must brave, seems like not weaker than these Heavenly Dragon. Huang Jintian said: And other you may probably run to be quicker, if were blocked by this fellow, I may unable to call him.” That pair of fiery red corner/horn is very long, the peak was being covered by the volcanic ash, two angles pierced the volcanic ash to be the same probably, making the airborne volcanic ash seethe. A moment ago was only two angles, now the entire body must come out.” Huang Jintian shouted, he and Shen Xiang float, is far away place that big piece is raised, a giant beast is just about to come out from the place facing set. After being far away from that place, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian saw big lands split open that is raised, emits one to let the intense flame intermittently, that is really a very strong giant beast, that pressure is not weaker than Dragon Emperor of turn into dragon shape. We come to really be the time, unexpectedly can see this giant beast born.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he started revolution Divine Power, so long as the situation were not right, immediately the shuttle space left. Huang Jintian is pinching the finger, is using Heaven's Divination Technique to calculate anything likely. Master, are you are calculating the Youlan position?” Shen Xiang asked. „It is not, I am calculating that at present this fellow, this fellow is the same with you, cannot figure out the result, this has Godhead divine beast, what thing is?” The Huang Jintian forehead full is the sweat, not because of hot, because that pressure was too strong.