World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1608

As that giant beast comes out from the place facing set gradually, that might is also getting stronger and stronger, Shen Xiang thought that somewhat cannot endure. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian already outside volcanic cluster, but the body of that giant beast, as if has trim volcanic cluster to be giant. Appeared!” Violent shivering suddenly appears, the earth of front that standing erect tens of thousands of volcanic cluster, violently spout big lime soils, that giant beast unexpectedly suddenly jumped from the ground, that tens of thousands volcanos were ruined together with that big ground completely. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian front land, is similar to sea water suddenly of sea float such, what in front of them is the soil stones as well as the massive lavas, that giant beast jump arrives at the upper air, sends out deafening roaring, shakes Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian short loses the sense of hearing, if not they even if protects the good ear, perhaps the ear must be shaken to bleed. This fellow was too strong!” Shen Xiang startled shouted, he and Huang Jintian cannot see that giant beast at this time, the place that because they are, is descending a big piece from the lime soil and rock magma of upper air landing, has camouflaged the sky completely. Hasn't walked quickly?” Huang Jintian shouted. Shen Xiang emits Divine Soul, float upper air, only sees one to wear the giant beast of fiery red scales muddily, the head has two great angles. This is Fire Qilin!” Shen Xiang startled shouted: This Fire Qilin unexpectedly condense left Godhead to come.” What? Is missing many years of Fire Qilin, unexpectedly stays in this place!” Huang Jintian also surprised incomparable. Ah! the Shen Xiang suddenly pain shouted one, Divine Soul that he released, is wiped to extinguish by light glow that on that Fire Qilin spout, causes his head fierce pain. His Shapeshift, turned into a red clothed man, I only see these.” Shen Xiang puts in Huang Jintian Hidden Jade Ring, then releases oneself condense space power.

That instantaneous, Shen Xiang that starts to fluctuate in the space felt that Qilin is compelling toward him, he moves luckily quickly, surmounts the space instantaneously, is far away from that danger(ous) place. After shuttling back and forth, he also thinks did not feel relieved, carries on several shuttles, arrives by a giant lake, however then pants by the big tree of bund. He puts Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian was also frightened heavily! „Does Master, on your ancient book have the record of this Qilin? This fellow looked like White Tiger and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is fiercer, they should be the same period Saint Beast, but this fellow condense left Godhead, later perhaps was divine beast.” Although has been far away from that place, Fire Qilin that but that was just born, that formidable pressure, unexpectedly also spreads here. Huang Jintian deeply has attracted several tones, became by oneself calm, put out that ancient book, sought for the Fire Qilin detailed record. Mentioned were not many, but mediated White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird is the same period formidable Saint Beast, but afterward actually had been missing, when Great Emperor of Ten Heavens has not dominated, was missing, but afterward our Undead clan Old Ancestor, probably found some related clues, knew that Fire Qilin had gone to that god grave, and stayed long time in that god grave.” Huang Jintian looks at that ancient book. Shen Xiang surprisedly said: God grave is not really simple!” „The fellow should not pursue, although does not know that he is cruel that but by far shunts is quite good, the ant is the same in front of him probably was being pinched.” Huang Jintian has a lingering fear. Shen Xiang nodded! Calculates where Youlan, a bit faster early comes out them, asks them, the matter about that Fire Qilin, they should know.” Shen Xiang said.

Huang Jintian is very curious regarding the Fire Qilin matter, he must be responsible for these secret records on their Undead clan ancient book. I start now.” Huang Jintian starts to use the calculating method. The Fire Qilin pressure weakens gradually, has not pursued, Shen Xiang thought that Fire Qilin should not collaborate with here Heavenly dragon clan, otherwise that too danger(ous). Has the direction, the distance was too far, you escape, has not walked to the direction.” Huang Jintian shook the head. This time cannot shuttle space, if goes to the front of that fellow directly, to court death?” Shen Xiang said. Then I guide, every other long journey I help you calculate.” Huang Jintian said. Although Shen Xiang does not have Fire Qilin is powerful, but coped with some Saint Beast to be enough. This Heavenly Dragon Territory is not simple, unexpectedly can make Saint Beast breed Godhead, becomes divine beast! Perhaps that White Dragon also here breeds Godhead.” Huang Jintian suddenly said: Heavenly dragon clan chooses this Heaven territory, perhaps also settled on this?” Does not know that found that two girls to say again.” Shen Xiang shook the head, Long Xueyi goes to this place not to Heavenly dragon clan fight, instead cultivates Godhead to come here, has the possibility like Huang Jintian said that perhaps here has any mysterious place, can be easier to practice Godhead. Shen Xiang only wants a bit faster to find Long Xueyi and Leng Youlan, therefore meets Saint Beast all the way, avoidance that can avoid, cannot avoid fast cuts to kill, one month passed by, he has cut to kill eight Saint Beast, the corpse makes Huang Jintian tidy up completely. They hurry along at the same night, every day only rests a double-hour, for one month, passes through that ruined volcanic cluster on the way.

Now they have experienced vast of Heavenly Dragon Territory, at this time Huang Jintian has not figured out the Leng Youlan's position. Also passed for five days, Shen Xiang with cow Saint Beast great war, Huang Jintian is having the time while the present, has Heaven's Divination Technique to seek for the Leng Youlan's position in side. Shen Xiang just cut to kill that Saint Beast, Huang Jintian then pleasantly surprised shouted: Found the exact location, I see big snow white mountains, but that is not the snowy mountain, should be very good to look.” Isn't the iceberg snowy mountain? White mountain?” Shen Xiang was just cut Saint Beast that kills to use Grasping Soul Devil Curse to that by him immediately, this Saint Beast provokes on own initiative his, died could not complain about him. Here can become Saint Beast, definitely went to many places, Shen Xiang had found quickly. That place unexpectedly is Danger Zone, reason that there mountain is the white, because there stone contains one white terror strength, this Saint Beast does not know that these are any strength, but approaches that place, was very easy dead.” Shen Xiang said. Then we quickly pass, now had the accurate position, you can use Law of Space directly in the past.” Huang Jintian said that although that place is Danger Zone, but the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, has a look should not to have the major problem. Huang Jintian entered Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang according to that Saint Beast memory, determined that crowd of snow-capped mountain and here distance, then used the space power shuttle in the past.