World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1609

Shen Xiang arrives at outside that crowd of snow-capped mountains, he has not thought that these snow-capped mountains are so mysterious, unexpectedly refracts dazzlingly the sunlight is more scalding hot, he just arrived at outside this white mountain group, not having what preparation, the body to be burnt likely burnt, therefore he did not have to put immediately Huang Jintian. He displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, emits dozens souls to read, wants to seek for Leng Youlan and Long Xueyi with this means that who knows that these souls read just came out shortly, to be destroyed completely by strength, that strength the snow-capped mountain from scalding hot strength that refracted, has many lethality to Spirit Body. And other evenings gives a try again.” The daytime sunlight is intense, to the evening, these snow-capped mountains did not have the refraction intense sunlight, here will not be burning hot. After he lets Huang Jintian prepares for resisting burning hot, him puts. Damn, this place is quite hot!” Huang Jintian comes out to complain: This Heavenly Dragon Territory is weird than that Saint Territory, before was to meet divine beast, now meets this damned place.” Huang Jintian looks at this piece of snow-capped mountain, suddenly has thought of something at present, then frowned: little rascal, you did not say that you have seen Punishing Demon Summit? According to the record of that ancient book, Punishing Demon Summit compares danger(ous), is the ray that the white mountain massif reflects, therefore around Punishing Demon Summit is hot.” Right, no wonder looks familiar!” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, he before not associated these snow-capped mountains and Punishing Demon Summit. Huang Jintian knits the brows to look at present these reflection dazzling white lights snow-capped mountains, said: Punishing Demon Summit is a god establishes, here has these many and Punishing Demon Summit similar mountain, these must have the relation, waits to go to have a look in the evening again! Punishing Demon Summit is the evening is also quite good to enter.” Shen Xiang said: Present range Youlan was very near, calculates to look again that can have a more explicit position.” They in the waiting night, in any case idle are also idling, Huang Jintian sits, uses Heaven's Divination Technique to seek for Leng Youlan.

Uses Heaven's Divination Technique to spy on the secret to meet the die sooner die sooner, if Huang Jintian does not have the endless life, he uses that many Heaven's Divination Technique, already does not know that died many times. Huang Jintian takes a paper, comes out some mountain pictures that he sees, here mountain is all sorts of strange and unusual, so long as Shen Xiang found these mountains that Huang Jintian draws, quick can find Leng Youlan they. The night falls, airborne presents all over the sky stars, the full moon that hangs sends out the gentle silver-white multi-colored sunlight, the white mountain group illumination moonlight, causes a big piece of snow-capped mountain in the nighttime sky, sends out the captivated person temperate silver light, looks from afar, to person a very comfortable beautiful feeling, as if only then in the dream has general. Sunlight is Pure Yang, therefore is hot, this night moon/month closes the deviation negative, therefore feels gloomy and cold.” Huang Jintian hit one to tremble: Night the price ratio is good, is only quite cold, daytime was really too uncomfortable, the ray was also dazzling.” Shen Xiang's fleshly body is much more formidable than Huang Jintian, this gloomy and cold makes him feel very coolly, at this time in the snow-capped mountain of this beautiful silver light projection, making him feel very comfortably. He emits dozens souls to read, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to seek for that several mountains that Huang Jintian draws, he thought that in this should not have no danger(ous), but daytime goes, came from the burning hot white light illumination in all directions, the time is long, everybody will unable to bear, words that is unable to withstand, was killed is also very normal matter. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian entered white mountain group, this inside does not have what plant, inside all are the white, after entering inside, the cold wind is intermittent, howls in the ravine, as if the evil spirit was shouting lowly, making in the person heart be scared. Best before dawn to find, dawn I have been possible unable to endure.” Huang Jintian said. Shen Xiang also wants before dawn to find Leng Youlan and Long Xueyi, but this white mountain group is vast, Divine Soul that he lets out speedily flew one in the evening, had not seen other boundaries.

At this time the dawn, Huang Jintian entered in Hidden Jade Ring to hide, the soul that releases shortly read must be melted the time, the soul read together saw that several mountains finally. Huang Jintian uses several mountains that Heaven's Divination Technique sees, means that Leng Youlan may very much in that side, he surpasses that position to run immediately. Sun rises high, the fierce light is scalding hot, the terrifying white light that the strange snow-capped mountain reflects, covers in the mountain sea, making here look like seems covered by white Qi mist. Shen Xiang thinks at this time very burning hot, he puts out together the beast meat, that beast meat was shone by these white light glow, turns into the ashes instantaneously! Youlan and are Xueyi survive in this place? I thought that stayed to fall again insanely.” The burning hot that these white lights release, not only makes Shen Xiang think fleshly body to be burning hot, Divine Soul probably was baked such by the raging fire. He emits Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, this makes him very comfortable, can let his comfortable dashing about wildly. This white mountain group inside space is chaotic, Shen Xiang attempted to emit space passage before, but he has not shuttled back and forth the space, because that will lead him to go to the position that is not establishes, even can deliver to these tyrannical spaces him. He dashed about wildly night, finally sees that several mountains, he displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, seeks here to have the aura that other traces and Leng Youlan they were remaining. Quick, Shen Xiang induces to the Leng Youlan's aura, but is not that type of ice cold aura, but is very strong Dragon Qi, before Leng Youlan, what mainly cultivates is ice cold strength, but after she has the White Dragon inheritance memory, starts to practice White Dragon that unusual strength.

strength of White Dragon practice can simulate various attribute energies, very mysterious. Shen Xiang according to that Dragon Qi, arrives in a canyon, he just stepped into a canyon, the induction to having danger(ous) approaches, his hastily moves sideways to avoid, sees only the graceful form to graze to come together, this is an appearance beautiful female, that face Shen Xiang is familiar, this female Leng Youlan, her hair is not the white. Leng Youlan as before, aggressive does not reduce, puts on a silver-white armor, in the hand great sword murderous-looking. Youlan, is I!” Shen Xiang hastily shouted. Brother? How did you become that fierce?” Leng Youlan hears the Shen Xiang's sound, pleasantly surprised shouted. She thinks that the formidable thing enters the mountain valley, generally enters this mountain valley, is the aggressivity is very strong, therefore she with great speed attacks. Fuses Godhead Shen Xiang, the aura has very huge change, let alone is many years does not see his Leng Youlan, even if Long Xueyi, now perhaps is unable to recognize him through the aura. Dead girl, meets each time shouted that hits to shout " kill ".” Shen Xiang grazes, Leng Youlan tight hugging in bosom.