World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1610
Leng Youlan silver armor income within the body, turned into one set of white skirt, she thought that this can make Shen Xiang hug is more comfortable. Youlan, you changed!” Shen Xiang is stroking her jet black beautiful hair, said with a smile: I thought you are white hair time has murderous aura.” The Leng Youlan chuckle several, have then been holding Shen Xiang, sweet and delicate voice light nan: Brother, I think you very much, can run into you to be really good in this damned place.” You also know that this is a damned place, I was very laborious to find here.” Shen Xiang is pinching her handsome cheek: That dragon brat?” Brother, the Xueyi elder sister was my Old Ancestor...... may be fierce, you cannot such call her.” Leng Youlan honk the mouth was saying. This dragon brat is I raises, no matter I she is any Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor.” Shen Xiang smiled: Do not fear that little girl, she boasted frequently scary.” Leng Youlan spits the tongue to Shen Xiang, it seems like she and Long Xueyi is together well, Shen Xiang somewhat was worried that Leng Youlan will teach people bad things by Long Xueyi. Comes with me, dawn will be very uncomfortable.” Leng Youlan is holding Shen Xiang's, walks into the canyon: I and Xueyi come here matter, waits to tell you again! Before we come to here, heard that these big influences must launch the general attack to Evil Dragon Burial Ground, now finished? Is a pity really!” Although Leng Youlan awakened the inheritance of White Dragon Clan to remember, but in her bone that impulse has not changed, Shen Xiang now is so formidable, she thought that Shen Xiang has handled. Has not hit, was only almost on eruption super great war, when the time comes let alone was you, even if were I am hard to meddle that great war.” Shen Xiang touches her head. Saying with a smile: Perhaps you with that dragon brat words, later quick can become expert of that rank.” Shen Xiang arrives at a cave with Leng Youlan, outside this cave has many powerful formations and restriction, if not Leng Youlan gets him to come, perhaps he had not discovered that cave entrance was being covered by some illusion formation. These formation and forbid me to complete.” Saying with a smile of Leng Youlan very haughty.

Really fierce, has not thought that your this small can handle that exquisite matter mischievously.” Shen Xiang has blown gently her nose. Obtains Shen Xiang's to praise, Leng Youlan was very as if happy, cannot bear kiss the Shen Xiang's cheeks, then jumped drew Shen Xiang to walk into the cave deep place. In a bright stone chamber, has a pleasant fragrance, the ground in stone chamber overspreads the soft beast skin rug, Shen Xiang like Leng Youlan, is red to tread fully, moves toward that to sit in middle Long Xueyi. On Long Xueyi is only wrapping the light tissue, sits cross-legged there, body that snow white flesh is partly visible, the devil stature makes Shen Xiang look looks at steadily, although he already very familiar Long Xueyi's body. This cultivates the Spirit Gathering Technique luster of the skin with him frequently, making him be lost in a reverie. Brother, she is practicing.” Leng Youlan sees Shen Xiang complexion to be unclear, spat one lightly, has pinched the Shen Xiang's arm. When will she wake?” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice. Does not know, but she said that the important matter can wake up by shouting her, but very difficult to awaken her.” Leng Youlan was saying, is pushing the Long Xueyi's body gently, light shouted: „The Xueyi elder sister, my brother came.” She shouted several, Long Xueyi had not responded. Youlan, has she and you mentioned my matter?” Shen Xiang sits on the soft rug, draws Leng Youlan falls in his bosom, is caressing her face lightly, looks at her beautiful pretty facial features. Leng Youlan raises head to look at Shen Xiang, sticks out one's tongue lightly, says with a smile: Has mentioned, she said that you are his faithful subordinate, specifically is responsible for her diet issue. However now looks like, likely is not such that she said that your relationship imagine me is more intimate than...... She should not be my sister-in-law.”

This dragon brat, am I the status in her heart, unexpectedly responsible for the diet issue?” Shen Xiang makes Leng Youlan leave his bosom, arrives at side Long Xueyi, extends both hands to rub her fine beautiful cheek. He has rubbed, but Long Xueyi had still not responded! It seems like incurred with ruthlessly.” Shen Xiang laughed. Sees Shen Xiang to smile badly, Leng Youlan somewhat was worried: Brother do not act unreasonably, she wakes up to know that perhaps meets life Qi/angry.” Youlan, where do you want?” Shen Xiang ill-humored saying, has then put out a jade box. The Long Xueyi's body binds with white tissue, the position of chest and waist casually has entangled with white gauze several, Shen Xiang , if there is bosom thoughts, what to do Leng Youlan does not know should. Shen Xiang opens the jade box, inside has one to be dirty in beat silver perverted heart! This is the heart of the Buddha fruit, this dragon brat most liked eating this Sacred Level fruit!” Shen Xiang is smiling, puts in front of that heart of the Buddha fruit the Long Xueyi's small nose, that Sacred Fruit fragrance enters the Long Xueyi's nose immediately, saw only Long Xueyi that adorable below nose to move slightly, she was smelling the fruit of heart of the Buddha fruit to be fragrant greedily. Leng Youlan sees Shen Xiang to make Long Xueyi move with this way, could see that Shen Xiang knew about Long Xueyi, she sees Long Xueyi at this time that adorable smart-alecky appearance, cannot help but the chuckle gets up. Long Xueyi smelled several, instinct opens greatly the mouth is very very big, wants to nip a that heart of the Buddha fruit maliciously, but Shen Xiang actually immediately exchanges a very painstakingly very spicy fruit, making Long Xueyi bite one greatly.

Sees pain spicy fruit that Long Xueyi eats up her most to loathe to eat, beautiful face wrinkles is the same with the flower, Shen Xiang laughs immediately. Bah bah bah......” Long Xueyi woke, the whole face is bitter and astringent, in that spicy the fruit pulp the mouth spits painstakingly, Shen Xiang that sees laugh, Long Xueyi grins tenderly snorted, then plunges Shen Xiang, is pinching Shen Xiang meat with that pair of tender and delicate white hands vigorously. little rascal...... I had a mortal hatred of you, I smelled the Sacred Fruit flavor obviously, you let eat that broken fruit, I must pinch you.” Long Xueyi is pinching Shen Xiang body high quality meat vigorously, tumbles to thrash on the blanket with Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has not shown weakness, both hands very impolite in Long Xueyi that has to concave-convex in the luster of the skin walks randomly, is pinching her feel excellent spot. little rascal...... damn little rascal, but also eats my bean curd, I must abandon you.” Long Xueyi both hands are clamping the two salient points of Shen Xiang chest vigorously, making the Shen Xiang pain shout one. Leng Youlan sees own brother and own Old Ancestor fights like the vixen, is surprised opens the mouth, a face is speechless. „Do you also want to eat heart of the Buddha fruit?” Shen Xiang has not thought that the Long Xueyi's strength so will be strong, unexpectedly pinches him to pass, although he also occupies many convenient. unexpectedly is the heart of the Buddha fruit, takes quickly, otherwise I will not let off your.” Long Xueyi steps to sit on the Shen Xiang's abdomen, both hands are pinching the Shen Xiang's musculus pectoralis.