World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1612
Has Godhead not necessarily is divine beast, for example these capture Ice Dragon supreme Dragon Vein old Heavenly Dragon and Dragon Emperor, they must have with the Godhead same thing now, my also entire supreme Dragon Vein, you have Godhead, but we cannot be the gods!” Long Xueyi said. But that Fire Qilin is very fierce, I thought that this fellow be much more formidable than Dragon Emperor.” Shen Xiang said: Why can he here?” Long Xueyi has pondered half sound, said: In the past this fellow had been very much missing long time ago, it seems like he not only condense succeeds in condense Godhead now, but also has enters Gods strength, this Heavenly Dragon Territory was called the heavenly beast territory, but was wrested away by these dragons changed to call.” I think that my past Dragon Spirit here was born, finally entered world of Nine Heaven.” Long Xueyi said: Therefore the beasts come to here to practice are best.” Dawn, in the cave was brighter, has not refracted the uncomfortable ray that in that type, is comfortable in internal unexpectedly. These snow-capped mountains and Punishing Demon Summit look like very much, what's the matter?” Shen Xiang lies down on the soft comfortable beast skin rug, looks on the stone chamber white stone, satisfied acclaimed one. Long Xueyi said: I was not quite clear, but I and Youlan temporarily also here, until helping Youlan breeds White Dragon unique supreme Dragon Vein.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I stay here to accompany you...... Right, my Master also in Hidden Jade Ring!” Huang Jintian stays very comfortably in Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang has put him. Leng Youlan sees Huang Jintian, unusual politeness respectful salutes to him, to the words of elder, Leng Youlan respects their. little girl, the hair has grow darked, said that you have been able to control the strength of that formidable White Dragon.” Huang Jintian said with a smile, then looks to Long Xueyi: „Are you that Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor?”

Undead clan old fellow, I have been very curious, did you live multi- youngster?” Long Xueyi asked. This...... I not am quite clear.” Huang Jintian shakes the head smiles. As far as I know, Undead clan should be earliest humanity, I when the world of Nine Heaven wanderer, only know Undead clan only remaining, moreover is quite much older than me.” Long Xueyi looks at Huang Jintian: Undead clan encounters heavy losses same undying, the soul is also hard to wipe to extinguish, will lose at most recalls then the rebirth, will never die.” I heard Undead clan, for did not vanish by own memory, they have a thing to preserve to remember specially that fuses together with their souls.” Shen Xiang poked Huang Jintian: Master, your ancient book should be that type of thing.” Huang Jintian curled the lip: I am not clear, I only thought that I have died several times, possibly said with you are same.” Master, I must here dull a period of time, you, if must go back, I send back you.” Shen Xiang said. Huang Jintian lowers the head to think: I do not go back, arrives at this Heavenly Dragon Territory rarely, I want to stroll casually in this.” You came before time, doesn't fear? How now to think that do stroll here?” Shen Xiang despises visits him. Where do I fear? I am undying, will I fear death?” Huang Jintian has patted the Shen Xiang's head with a smile: „The present is the daytime, I want to try these snow-capped mountains fiercely.”

This gives you, you must walk, subpoenaed to me.” He gives a Shen Xiang pass on message jade symbol. Shen Xiang they, deliver to cave entrance Huang Jintian, and urged him do not approach the Heavenly dragon clan domain, do not look for that Fire Qilin. The Evil Dragon Burial Ground matter has been solved, other Heaven territory Great Emperor do not dare to act unreasonably now, Shen Xiang can have the time to practice that Life Slaughtering Technique now, making his condense leave to duplicate herbs quicker elixir. Long Xueyi same cultivated there with before, she came out in separation supreme Dragon Vein, did not affect her, after to the Leng Youlan fusion, can have very big use to Leng Youlan. Leng Youlan goes on patrol outside, occasionally also will practice, she is now same as Long Xueyi, becomes very much likes eating these high level Immortal Fruit, how does not need to practice, sleeps can promote the strength, this is the White Dragon talent. Xueyi, in Fifth of Nine Emperors, was the Dan Emperor strength what kind in the past?” Shen Xiang is very curious, because of the Dan Emperor path, will be his future direction. Is very strong, otherwise he will not be pill Emperor Pill will revere, but this fellow in the past was rich flows the oil, refined some high level Saint pill, has received in exchange for the massive precious things from our hands.” Long Xueyi said: Let alone in the past, even if now, the alchemy masters who can refine Saint pill are not many, therefore you can refine the Saint pill's words, in future new Great Emperor, will definitely have your small space.” Long Xueyi also very hopes that Shen Xiang can meet Dan Emperor that standard in the alchemy aspect, when the time comes she can eat many Saint pill, now this strength, Immortal Dan for her is only the sugar bean, is used to satisfy desires, was used to promote the strength not to have what effect. You practice Life Slaughtering Technique, these do Soul Creation Fluid have the promotion?” Long Xueyi asked: Your present strength was so formidable, should a little promote!” No, might as well Lu Qilian, if consults her, lets her and I shares to practice the attainment, perhaps will make very big breakthrough.” Shen Xiang sighed one: No wonder in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens had not practiced this Life Slaughtering Technique, this is not general difficult.”

Was right, do you receive Lu Qilian are female slave?” Long Xueyi suddenly said with a smile lightly, then looked at outside the cave, Leng Youlan went to go on patrol. No, her fathers came back, it seems like it is hopeless! However I and she have practiced Spirit Gathering Technique, but she cultivates shortly, makes her fly to rise suddenly suddenly, several months do not see, become very formidable.” A Shen Xiang face is unreadable. Snort, has not thought that you also use Spirit Gathering Technique with other woman.” A Long Xueyi face jealousy: She on cultivating Divine Dao possibly stagnated was very long, is unable to break through the bottleneck, you and she cultivated Spirit Gathering Technique, helped her step over that ridge by chance, therefore her advanced by leaps and bounds, many expert arrived at late stage, by card on Divine Soul, because must move toward Divine Dao finally.” Shen Xiang suddenly said with an evil smile: We have not practiced Spirit Gathering Technique for a long time, now we become that strong, if wanted gives a try.” Good.” Long Xueyi is also very curious, said in high spirits: You must stay in that corner, our bodies cannot depend too nearly, otherwise meets you to act unreasonably, by Youlan was seen is not good.” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi sit in a corner respectively, then starts to carry on Divine Soul to blend, making their two people both wind around the light silver multi-colored sunlight, the energy in snow-capped mountain is absorbed by them rapidly......