World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1614

Xinyue and Jing'er!” Long Huishan Divine Soul despises looks at Shen Xiang: Jing'er is your sworn sister, as for Dongfang Xinyue...... felt that she and you have more intimate relationship, but your probably not together, actually she frequently with Meng'er Xianxian together.” This...... She is my female slave, she and has the master and servant contract.” Shen Xiang said with a smile dry: This is she is voluntary, moreover I have not treated as female slave to regard her.” Ling Ling? She now how?” Shen Xiang asked that Shen Lingling was his sworn sister, he very long had not seen her, this made him somewhat ashamed. Now she was normal, the Immortal King strength, is the same with Jing'er, is helping refiner! Relax, these two little girl are your younger sister, is my younger sister, I will take care of them.” Long Huishan said with a smile: You are really fierce, can find that many good younger sisters. Youlan, Ling Ling and Jing'er, have Qianxiang, they are very clever. How couldn't I find?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Didn't you find my this good younger brother? Had me, you do not need to worry not to have the younger sister, you are also a good elder sister!” little rascal, humph, humph!” Long Huishan snort|hum several, she entered in mountain side at this time, here middle has a very big stone chamber, the middle is placing a giant cauldron. „Isn't this Divine Cauldron?” Shen Xiang remembers that this Divine Cauldron has given Jiang Sheng. This stone chamber nobody left, but in that Divine Cauldron actually spreads a very strong quantity of heat, inside is smelting anything likely, the Shen Xiang's Vermilion Bird skeleton has given Jiang Sheng, making Jiang Sheng help him refine Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon. They?” Shen Xiang has not seen some people here. Should take a bath, does if wanted lead you to have a look?” Long Huishan said with a smile. Good, hurry up!” Shen Xiang somewhat excited shouted. Is good your head, everywhere do not walk, before they have not come out, your Divine Soul gives my honest stay here.” Long Huishan Divine Soul look at very deadly him, let alone this wisp of Divine Soul is very weaker, facing Long Huishan that formidable Divine Soul, appears very small and weak.

Naturally, if his formidable Divine Soul comes, enters in Long Huishan Divine sea, perhaps can also control Long Huishan Divine sea. Old Jiang head? It is not he is responsible for helping me refine Vermilion Bird Soul Bow? Where did he die?” Shen Xiang has not seen Jiang Sheng, here only then he gives Jiang Sheng that Divine Cauldron. Asked that your Little Fairy goes. I not am quite clear, he and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens frequently not here.” Long Huishan said. Leaf of Stone Gate opens, may clearly Dongfang Jing and adorable smart-alecky Shen Lingling of person walks, they are equally high, wear the same clothes, looks like ten scanning is two sisters, on the face is having very delightful gentle smiling face, although they are not the young misses, the whole body is lending the maturity aura, but in the Shen Xiang eye, they were in those days that two pure young girl. Eldest sister, do not exit? How to come?” Dongfang Jing asked that she already not like past years silly, Shen Xiang had recalled that initially her Benben's appearance, cannot help but had smiled. Your brothers came.” Long Huishan said. Hears Shen Xiang to arrive, Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling are pleasantly surprised immediately, then looks around. Elder brother? How not to see the person!” A Dongfang Jing juicy eye hopefully and missing, seeks for each corner of hall. Shen Lingling is also so, has not seen the Shen Xiang's form, her bright and intelligent eye full is the disappointed color. Silly thing, he was only Divine Soul came, you could not see his, but he can chat with him, his main body also in Heavenly Dragon Territory.” Long Huishan touches their heads with a smile: Xianxian they?” They rest in inside, elder brother can you hear us to speak? We may think you!” Dongfang Jing light shouted, beautiful eyes looks at all around, she wants to have a look at Shen Xiang very much, she knows that Shen Xiang destroys completely that Fiendgod Cult Lord, initially her father was cut to kill by the Fiendgod Cult believer.

I also very much think you! Wait / Etc., my this appears.” Shen Xiang sees these two little girl, the thick missing mood well ups. Long Huishan felt that Shen Xiang's Divine Soul vanished, knits the brows: „Did he walk? Does he want to do?” In Heavenly Dragon Territory, Shen Xiang said to Long Xueyi: I must go back temporarily, I have not seen these girls for a long time! Words that Youlan comes back, you said one to her!” Um, goes quickly, sees them to be also good.” Long Xueyi nodded, Divine Soul left Shen Xiang's Divine sea. Shen Xiang the strength of revolution Law of Space, his Divine Soul had gone to the Ice Dragon mountain village immediately a moment ago, at this time he can shuttle back and forth to there directly goes. Shen Lingling and Dongfang Jing were shouting Shen Xiang lightly, at this time Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue came out in abundance, knew that Shen Xiang came back and walked, they scolded immediately tenderly, Shen Xiang came back not to come to look for them from Saint Territory, they had very big resentment to read. Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue are comforting Shen Lingling and Dongfang Jing at this time, maturity graceful bearing they, in these two girl eyes is the elder, but the resentment read enormous Xue Xianxian to keep in complaint. Among suddenly, in this stone chamber presents a very strong space to fluctuate, Long Huishan hastily arrives at side several females, releases an ice cover to protect them, she worried that can have the accident. Space crazy distortion, sees only a fuzzy form from the space of that distortion to fall, then the space restored stably. Shen Xiang lies down in the ground gasps for breath, shouted: Comes back one not to be really easy from Heaven territory!” Elder brother!” Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling pleasantly surprised tenderness shouted that then such as the wind arrived at side Shen Xiang generally, held Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang stretches out the arms their building gets up, he he keeping laughing. Jing Jing (quietly), Ling Ling, you longer were more attractive.” Shen Xiang is smiling, caresses their cheeks lightly. Xue Xianxian walks hurriedly, hidden bitterness looks at Shen Xiang: You still remember us, I also think that you lost recall!” How can? Even if lost has recalled, I will not forget your, you already ironed in my soul.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, held Xue Xianxian, has kissed her cheeks. But Liu Meng'er the audiences female elder, she displays very virtuously solemn, lightly smiled: Comes back well, enters inside speech, but here refiner place.” You chatted slowly, I also had the matter to go busily.” Long Huishan waved, went out of mountain side. Dongfang Xinyue beautiful eyes has a smile, coquettish look such as silk looks at Shen Xiang, although she has not spoken, however her look makes the Shen Xiang mind shiver. Shen Xiang very long had not seen this outstandingly beautiful female slave, she with Hua Xiangyue together, graceful she, seductive appearance came up in great numbers and from all sides frequently, becomes more attractive. Shen Xiang enters a stone chamber with several females, here is their small halls, fragrance pleasant, refined comfortable, they year to year here refiner, this mountain became their residences, although is very simple, but makes people think very comfortably.