World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1617

Dongfang Xinyue puts out a map, this is the Emperor Heaven map, Shen Xiang one looks. You have a look at these three paper above routes, looks like with this map above route very much?” Dongfang Xinyue somewhat excited saying. Shen Xiang carefully looked that really looks like very much, moreover is the waterways, is some river current rivers, before being very long, existed, therefore until now has not changed. Although also misses three, but I think place that finally expressed that should be the source of this great river.” Dongfang Xinyue jade finger places on the map on a desert. Shen Xiang said: I have not gone to this place, but I had heard there is mysterious, is a source of great river, but there is bleak. The range of which influence is there?” This place is called sand Demon Territory now, desert inside has Sand Yao, but the overall strength is not much, is the quantity are quite many, moreover there constructs many Sand City, are also many in inside humanity, the source in sand Demon Clan forbidden land, we must sneak inside, then enters in the source one to find out.” Dongfang Xinyue said: I can also complete, if you can accompany me to go well!” Dongfang Xinyue hopes very much Shen Xiang can go with her, purses the lips slightly, is swinging the Shen Xiang's arm. Before dawn can come back?” Shen Xiang looked at Liu Meng'er and door of Xue Xianxian that room. Does not come back, they will not be jealous, I am your female slave, is very normal with your together, they already did not mind.” Dongfang Xinyue has smiling of profound meaning. Good, we keep a news first here.” Shen Xiang puts out a jade symbol to give Dongfang Xinyue, letting her the process record of matter above, if they do not come back, Liu Meng'er they also know that what happened. After Dongfang Xinyue completes, then makes Shen Xiang transform an appearance, but she also carries on simple change appearance, making her seem like not conspicuous. I plan to accompany your several days well, then goes to be busy at other matters, had better be able a bit faster come back.” Shen Xiang was being drawn by Dongfang Xinyue, went out of this cave. You, although does not come back to look for them frequently, but they can understand that your situation, they will not blame your.” Dongfang Xinyue puts out jade token, passes through many barrier entrances, arrives at one fully is in Teleportation Formation plaza. This is Teleportation Formation that the Ice Dragon mountain village constructs, through this Teleportation Formation, Dongfang Xinyue and Shen Xiang arrived at the day sand city in sand Demon Territory. Just arrived here, Shen Xiang frowned, because here blew the sand storm, everywhere was the blown sand, in the dark night, appeared more depressing.

On this day Sand Chengtai was crude, unexpectedly did not have large formation to protect the city, whatever the sand storm wreaked havoc.” Shen Xiang was complaining. Dongfang Xinyue knew about here probably very much that draws the Shen Xiang half step to move toward an inn, the inn that at this time the distance dawn also several double-hour, at the same night opens the door are not many. Here environment, although terrible, here Heaven and Earth Treasure are very many, especially the refiner high grade material, has appeared including the Sacred Level refiner material, I come to here to purchase the material frequently.” Dongfang Xinyue said with a smile: This sand storm is gap, quick will stop.” I let Xiao Lizhi and my Master to the refiner material that you bring, did you use up?” Shen Xiang asked: „If no, I find way to help you make more, all day come out to seek for the material, strange laborious.” „It is not laborious, collects the rare and precious material, this is also a pleasure!” Sticking out one's tongue of Dongfang Xinyue exactly skin: Is only the crystal stones aspect will be quite sometimes scarce.” Your refiner materials were quite high, are used to refine saint weapon sacred tool to be most appropriate, but does not need that many saint weapon now, moreover refined to use energy very much, only then needed time will refine, therefore also had many cannot use up.” Dongfang Xinyue is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm, very intimate and Shen Xiang sits in the inn, waited for the sand storm in the past. Shen Xiang has pinched her face, said with a smile: If Xiangyue because of were also good, fragrance double moons, your this is really matches to female slave certainly.” Possibly because of the reason of that master and servant contract, we very much has wanted with you.” Dongfang Xinyue by Shen Xiang's, gentle voice said. Or I help you untie!” Shen Xiang said: „Is master and servant contract thing in the way to you very much?” Does not want, like this is good, has this marvelous implication with your soul, I think very good.” Dongfang Xinyue said with a smile lightly: „Different with your other women.” The sand storm stopped, Dongfang Xinyue brings Shen Xiang to go out of town, moves toward the sand Demon Clan domain, looks from afar that can discover the front has many high mountain. These kill the monster to build little with sand, like is the termite mountain thing, experiences many years to construct, is firm, moreover inside these passage also constitute many spirit pattern, enabling these sand hill to have the natural defensive power, is mysterious, my previous and Meng'er enters in their these sand hill, learns many things.” Dongfang Xinyue said. Dongfang Xinyue and Liu Meng'er's relationship is good, the sentiment with the sisters, together studies various spirit pattern formation frequently, as well as refiner, with Xue Xianxian is also same, at this time Dongfang Xinyue also melts the Saint shortly, is not unusual, but she is wise in the formation refiner attainments. Shen Xiang is grasping Dongfang Xinyue that soft white hands, emits Divine Power to investigate her body, after Dongfang Xinyue induces, knitting the brows head, but has not actually resisted, she and Shen Xiang have the master and servant contract, cannot have one to defy to Shen Xiang.

What do you look in my within the body?” Dongfang Xinyue asked. Anything, I had not thought that you and Jing Jing (quietly) should not be so small and weak.” Shen Xiang said that Dongfang family in the past and Vermilion Bird had close relationship, therefore as Dongfang family descendant, should not be weak, Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er present strength goes far beyond their two. Vermilion Bird was cut to kill by White Tiger, afterward White Tiger also died, but the rebirth, properly speaking expert of Vermilion Bird this rank, should also be able the rebirth to be right! Jing Jing (quietly) that stupid girl is very pure, has not gone all out to practice, the strength is not very strong, this is very normal, but you in the past and Sister Meng'er was the considerable strength, but actually falls behind her many now, therefore I thought somewhat strangely, you will not mind that I nosed your body.” Shen Xiang also said. Dongfang Xinyue lowers the head, obviously was considering that if wanted told Shen Xiang something. Shen Xiang kisses her red lip, said with a smile: If this is your secret, you can not need to tell me!” Dongfang Xinyue nodded: You are my master, I should not have any secret to be right to you, I will tell you, waited to come back from this place to say again that I thought this place was related with me!” Or we walks while said that your Dongfang family and Vermilion Bird have some relationship, I know that this matter, Vermilion Bird was cut to kill by going crazy White Tiger in the past, now White Tiger resurrect, Vermilion Bird should also in Nine Heavens.” Shen Xiang said. You know are really many!” Dongfang Xinyue said in a soft voice that is bringing Shen Xiang, walks in some quite secret short mountain, float, avoids stepping on as far as possible on the sand, in order to avoid alarms Sand Yao. Shen Xiang follows in Dongfang Xinyue behind, to ask in a low voice: You and in Jing Jing (quietly), one is the Vermilion Bird rebirth?” Dongfang Xinyue pū chī smiles: Naturally is not, if Vermilion Bird is reincarnated, we should is very right, we have the bloodlines of Vermilion Bird, our ancestors obtain regarding as important of Vermilion Bird, therefore Vermilion Bird grants our ancestor grain of Vermilion Bird blood pill, therefore our within the body has the bloodlines of Vermilion Bird, making us enjoy infinitely.” Then, you should not, only then this strength!” Shen Xiang said that Dongfang Jing not desirably pursues formidable, but her present strength is also many people can not hold a candle, therefore the talent is good. What's wrong? Do you shut out me to be small and weak?” Intentionally facial expression that Dongfang Xinyue reveals a hidden bitterness. Naturally is not.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

During the speeches, they arrived at huge sand hill, this mountain is not high, the region that but covers is very broad, is similar to -and-a-half dome-shaped in the ground, endures ratio several giant cities. This is the sand Demon Clan alert strictest place.” Dongfang Xinyue said. I heard the fluent sound, the source of that great river in this.” Shen Xiang suddenly is also curious, this is the source of that great river, here should a piece of fine spring day be right, but actually all day the blown sand walks the stone, life Qi/angry does not have, so is in all directions withered. Dongfang Xinyue and Shen Xiang hide in a small rocky mountain inside cave, her suddenly shouted: Sand storm must come!” Dongfang Xinyue just said that Shen Xiang sees outside the cave a suddenly fuzziness, front that huge sand hill, unexpectedly is the source of sand storm, this was really too strange, the inexhaustible sand, spurted from inside, but why was a source of great river? Here sand storm is fierce, should better not to approach, I heard that these sand is a sand monster emperor spurt, can sensation great river source all, some people approach is discovered by him, we should better not to alarm him.” Dongfang Xinyue knew about these that obviously has done very full investigation. Xinyue, said that while the present your reason, I did not have again your within the body discovery dantian a moment ago, you should not be will practice Divine Dao, integrated in the dantian Divine sea.” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally is not, I practice the Vermilion Bird bloodlines, after I and Jing Jing (quietly) enter the Saint, repairs, on the old book in clan has mentioned, therefore our dantians integrate in the bloodlines, our practice ways are quite unusual, is starting to be slow, once the bloodlines stabilize, we can advanced by leaps and bounds.” Dongfang Xinyue haughty smiles: I perhaps will be when the time comes fiercer than you.” Actually Vermilion Bird was only fleshly body will destroy in the past, her Divine Soul still, you cultivated Divine Dao, should know did not have fleshly body, Divine Soul also in the words, do not need to carry on the reincarnation rebirth, only needed to remould fleshly body that's alright.” Then she now?” Shen Xiang curious asking. Does not know that I thought she should in Holy Water Heaven Territory, after this is also I and Jing Jing (quietly) practice the Vermilion Bird bloodlines, some memory inheritance that successively presents.” Dongfang Xinyue said: At present the source of this great river, I thought is very likely enters the Holy Water Heaven Territory entrance, although Vermilion Bird is fire attribute Saint Beast, but she needs massive life strength, the water is the source of myriad things, therefore I thought that she may very much in inside!”