World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1618
world of Nine Heaven was being surrounded by endless Heaven territory, Holy Water Heaven Territory is, but does not have what idea to world of Nine Heaven, like that five Heaven territory, inside Great Emperor had not sold to Infernal Demon Emperor the soul. You depend on this, can judge the Vermilion Bird beast Venerable in inside?” Shen Xiang thought that some are not reasonable: „Can we enter Holy Water Heaven Territory?” I went in that's alright, in you only need to help me to go in smoothly, enter me to look after your, the Vermilion Bird bloodlines that I cultivated had a problem, only then Vermilion Bird can help me solve.” Dongfang Xinyue said: „If I comes, to enter Holy Water Heaven Territory from that source, will not be easy.” Shen Xiang said: „Is this good? You went to too danger(ous), I accompanied you to go!” Dongfang Xinyue shook the head: „, You accompanied Meng'er they, knows that I turned you, they will say my.” „It is not good, can I make you go to that place risk? You have not gone to these Heaven territory, inside Saint Beast are many.” Shen Xiang is very firm: Or we go back now, notified them, they will definitely agree.” Does not use, I rescue quickly, felt relieved!” Dongfang Xinyue suddenly honk mouth: Master, asked you, made me go, asked you!” Dongfang Xinyue holds the Shen Xiang's arm to act like a spoiled brat, seeing this appearance, Shen Xiang to sigh one, lowered the head to hold her wing celtis mouth, closely hugged her in the bosom, shouldered that fragrant tongue, twined to stir to make with it. Sees Shen Xiang to kiss her on own initiative, on the Dongfang Xinyue face full is the happy color, kisses on own initiative with Shen Xiang, she as if waited to be very long, jerky she appears somewhat thick crazy...... The sand storm stopped, their two lips separates, Dongfang Xinyue beautiful eyes fills the tender feelings and charming, saying with a smile of giggle: Master, when I come back, I take care you again well...... With the Xiangyue same place.” In the Shen Xiang heart, these two charming outstandingly beautiful female slave because of were good to him at this time, making him somewhat unable to bear. These you are taking, arrives there to be certainly careful!” Shen Xiang puts out a jade bottle: This is one bottle of Green Jade Root pill, this is Jade Dragon Flower, this jade token, inside has my wisp of Divine Soul, meets danger(ous), can practice with me promptly, when the time comes I will rescue as soon as possible your.”

The Dongfang Xinyue double cheek blushes, is somewhat excited, she has not thought of Shen Xiang to her many good things. Words that I arrive at uselessly, I come back to give back to you.” Dongfang Xinyue very happy accepts these things, she can feel Shen Xiang at this time to her thick concern. Kisses again, waited to want.” Dongfang Xinyue narrows the eyes to focus, pursed the lips slightly, making Shen Xiang want to stop but cannot, hastily collects the mouth...... They left the cave, moves toward front that huge sand hill. How do you plan to go in?” Shen Xiang asked: What had to plan?” Dongfang Xinyue said: Directly enters sand hill to cause not the small trouble, we go from the great river.” Walks!” Shen Xiang draws Dongfang Xinyue, Earth Shrinking Step is treading, simultaneously uses the space step, several sub- arrive at a fluent very anxious great river, wells up forward crazily, wanting the adverse current that the wave of great river blots out the sky to enter the source not to be easy. Current of water is very anxious!” Dongfang Xinyue looked that to that huge sand hill roared unceasingly, but river water, has exclaimed in surprise one. Does not need to fear that gives me!” Shen Xiang laughed, hugs Dongfang Xinyue to plunge into the river, after entering submarine, he had not been washed away by the river water, this is because he uses space power, produces a space guard shield, carries on the strength isolation of space, making him not be affected by the current of water. The following darkness, Dongfang Xinyue is hugging the Shen Xiang's tiger waist single-handed, puts out a grain of night light bead, looked at all around.

„The vitality that in these water contains is not many, was absorbed by Vermilion Bird?” Dongfang Xinyue knits the brows: Creates around this is a death Qi heavy desert, perhaps is in the source has a very strong suction, is in devour life strength.” Shen Xiang also discovers this, this was just the water that braves from Holy Water Heaven Territory, the life aura is very weak, does not have including air/Qi of Sacred Spirit, probably was filtered has been same. „Our goes.” Shen Xiang is holding Dongfang Xinyue, several strides in water, quick enters in sand hill, although cannot see, but Shen Xiang induces with Divine Power obtains, has one deeply not to see the bottom in front the black hole, is not the thorough underground that type, but is there has a space big mouth, the water clashes from there. With such of Dongfang Xinyue guess, the water of this great river came from another space, for many years has been so, Emperor Heaven most water diversion from here. Makes me go in!” Dongfang Xinyue wants to work loose Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually dies to rigidly adhere to her: I lead you to go, then I come out again.” Before was reaching an agreement makes Dongfang Xinyue go, but arrived here, seeing the entrance so bad risk, Shen Xiang not to dare to make Dongfang Xinyue alone go. Can control space strength Shen Xiang, enters these Heaven territory is safely most convenient, he plunges into that entrance, after carrying on several spaces shuttle back and forth, arrives in waters, here distance water surface is very near, light glow can shine here. „Is this Holy Water Heaven Territory? You look there!” Dongfang Xinyue and Shen Xiang in energy shield, isolate outside water. Shen Xiang looked that to direction that Dongfang Xinyue refers, has giant black hole there, the massive water continually are welling up. Was widely separated by this place to say again!” Shen Xiang feels a weak suction, if not he isolates the space, perhaps they already were attracted. Several spaces shuttle back and forth, Shen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue arrived at the ashore finally, here is only an island, all around is the vast water.

Imagines with me almost everywhere is the water, has not thought that also will have an island.” Shen Xiang sits in the shore, throws a stone to the distant place. Paternal aunt, you practice fire, in this place your really very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang said. You go back quickly, I deal with really come, I am finding the way to seek for Vermilion Bird, I give a try can induce her existence with my Vermilion Bird bloodlines.” Dongfang Xinyue sits on a stone, closes one's eyes. Shen Xiang walks, has kissed her mouth, said: You are more careful!” Knows!” Dongfang Xinyue opens the eye, to the Shen Xiang charmingly angry [say / way]. Shen Xiang sighed, the direct shuttle space returns to the Ice Dragon mountain village, so long as he went to Heaven territory, in the subconscious will have the marvelous induction to that space, will not use next time the re-recording position, can shuttle back and forth through the induction. After going back, the sky has shone, several females woke up, in the hall looks that Shen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue leave their news.