World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1619
Liu Meng'er sees a Shen Xiang person to come back, hastily asked: Xinyue? She not with your together?” Dongfang Jing has not seen own paternal aunt, somewhat worried. This......” Shen Xiang told them the process of matter from beginning to end, stirred up Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er blames him. „Does your feeling at ease let her there?” Xue Xianxian tenderly snorted and said: Too danger(ous), her strength is not very strong, Heaven territory that place is so fearful!” „, Quickly goes back to look for her, had the accident, how do you transfer to Jing'er?” Liu Meng'er has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang is resigned-looking: Is she makes me come back, she said that was worried you said that she turns to run I, I had also said that must stay there to accompany her, but her insisting on makes me come back.” Shen Xiang looked at Dongfang Jing, discovered that the Dongfang Jing look flashes, probably knows something. Jing Jing (quietly), what do you know?” Shen Xiang asked. I...... I cannot say.” Dongfang Jing is very pure, does not excel at have lied, at this time is afraid to say a word, moreover she thought that must conceal the matter that Shen Xiang wants to know, for her is awkward. Sees Dongfang Jing that fine face full is melancholy and awkward, Shen Xiang smiled, is caressing her head: Cannot say let alone, No problem!” Jing'er, can you tell us, is she there safe?” Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue sentiment is very good, moreover she from Long Huishan there learned that in Heaven territory is terrorist, therefore she is worried about Dongfang Xinyue very much. Paternal aunt she will not have matter, you feel relieved.” Dongfang Jing said.

Um, Sister Xinyue here, your Brother rascal did not come back now, we rest for several days, temporarily not refiner.” Xue Xianxian smiled, touches the face of Dongfang Jing, regarding this younger sister, she also likes. Although Xue Xianxian said that but she and Liu Meng'er are very busy, is analyzing that five Saint Sword and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade above spirit pattern anxiously, moreover they do not let Shen Lingling and Dongfang Jing participation, lets them and Shen Xiang gathers well, they did not matter actually, in recent years, so long as knows Shen Xiang to be all right, was enough regarding them, let alone now can also see Shen Xiang. mountain side of that mountain in the Ice Dragon mountain village, Liu Meng'er they occupy is the place of refiner, but on the mountain also the small manors, Shen Xiang now kids around to play above with Shen Lingling and Dongfang Jing, Shen Xiang also will occasionally boast, said some him among the stories with these Great Emperor. Played tired, Shen Xiang put out some fruit juice to drink to two younger sisters, at this time they rested to chat in a pavilion, actually suddenly felt one very strong Sword Qi. When Shen Xiang is vigilant, Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling cheer: Was the younger sister comes!” The younger sister in their mouth, is Mu Qianxiang! Mu Qianxiang is youngest one, their eldest sisters are Long Huishan, the sister are Leng Youlan, the third child are Dongfang Jing, Shen Lingling are the fourth child, Mu Qianxiang are littlest. Mu Qianxiang obtains the inheritance of Sword Emperor, therefore Shen Xiang responded at this time. Brother, looks at the sword!” Hears Mu Qianxiang drinks tenderly, Shen Xiang puts out a hand to grasp, then pinches to soft white hands, Mu Qianxiang arrived around him, sticks out one's tongue happily said with a smile to him: If I have the sword, can definitely chop your pinch of hair.” Wild girl, meets kills, you and Youlan together words, it is estimated that did not have were tranquil on several days.” Shen Xiang ridicules saying that is twisting her jade face, pulls a meat. Mu Qianxiang looks like fine gentle, to person a gentle virtuous feeling, however in her look actually often is flashing the mischievous ray, moreover plays rough, like a wild girl of crazy, is beyond one female in supple infield! But Leng Youlan is inside and outside so is valiant aggressively. Sister and younger sister fight frequently, sometimes projects on the evening from the morning, Sister Xianxian and Sister Meng'er cannot convince them, finally only then the eldest sister gets rid to stop them.” Shen Lingling said with a smile tenderly.

Xiao Ling, we have a period of time to disappear, have come on several moves.” Mu Qianxiang has pinched the small face of Shen Lingling, mischievous saying with a smile. Shen Lingling sees Mu Qianxiang such to ask that hastily and Dongfang Jing hide in Shen Xiang's behind, it seems like these two little girl, frequently is Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang trainer object. Looks for the elder brother, the elder brother he is quite fierce, we and you cannot cross several moves.” Dongfang Jing said with a smile. Mu Qianxiang curled the lip: That is considers as finished, I and brother hit unable to cross several moves, including my Master acknowledged that was not his match.” But my Master father can definitely win him.” Her Master father, is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, cannot win Shen Xiang is the strange event. Younger sister, did you come? Your previous time did not say that what congress plans to attend, specially compared with sword?” Shen Lingling asked that then put out Shen Xiang to her fruit juice, gave Mu Qianxiang. Mu Qianxiang sits, works on several fruits on Serbia to own mouth, at this time Shen Xiang thought that this Mu Qianxiang appetite is the same with Long Xueyi, initially he brought Mu Qianxiang to go out of that Saint Beast Ancient Domain forbidden land, leads her to eat everywhere crazily. Eldest sister said that she had the important matter to do, passed by Hundred Flowers Palace, told my brother on the quiet here, therefore I came.” During the Mu Qianxiang speeches, eliminated that several Immortal Fruit, Shen Lingling and Dongfang Jing has been unalarmed by strange sights, they smile secretly, because they know that Shen Xiang needs to put out the things of many eating to satisfy the Mu Qianxiang appetite. That anything I do not have the interest compared with sword congress, but Master insists on me participating, moreover old Palace Master also wants to have a look at my sword technique.” But Mu Qianxiang sighed: Old Palace Master said that Sword Emperor possibly will not reappear Nine Heavens, therefore future Sword Emperor, perhaps is I.”

Dongfang Jing said immediately pleasantly surprised: Said after me, had a Sister Sword Emperor, later I exited not to need that to worry that will be bullied.” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile: Now nobody dares to bully you!” Shen Xiang asked: Old Palace Master now in Hundred Flowers Palace?” No, he in Suppressing Devil Temple, but comes Hundred Flowers Palace to direct us to practice the town devil art method frequently.” Mu Qianxiang said: Now Xiao Lizhi was received by him for the apprentice, from now on Suppressing Devil Temple is Xiao Lizhi will possibly govern, my Master is continues to develop her Hundred Flowers Palace.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Xiao Lizhi governs Suppressing Devil Temple, when the time comes I mix Temple Protector to come ding-dong, does not know that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable can take back my these Suppressing Devil magic treasure!” Mu Qianxiang tenderly snorted and said: Brother, you should do not bully Xiao Lizhi...... She had said probably you sexually harass her frequently.” Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling look at Shen Xiang with a strange look immediately, Dongfang Jing say with a smile in a low voice: Elder brother is that bad.” cough cough...... that did not call to sexually harass, I was only and she crack a joke!” Shen Xiang has coughed several, he has not thought that Dongfang Jing still remembers initially with the matter that he met, recalled that Shen Xiang truly thought own some were insincere.