World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1620
Shen Xiang then must look for Lu Qilian, now happen to from Mu Qianxiang here understood that some Lu Qilian recent situations, he just must closely examine, Mu Qianxiang actually closely examines Dongfang Jing, why said that Shen Xiang is so bad. Shen Xiang has hit a meaningful glance to Dongfang Jing, who knows that Dongfang Jing probably had not actually understood, immediately peeped she to say at the matter that the night puddle takes a bath Shen Xiang in the past, at that time also deceived her saying that he is a good person! Brother is really not a good thing.” Mu Qianxiang tenderly snorted and said, initially she in that forbidden land, Shen Xiang only said that he has a wife, but she discovered finally that are many with the Shen Xiang relationship ambiguous female, in Hundred Flowers Palace that she is at has several to be good with Shen Xiang relationship. Shen Lingling and Dongfang Jing covering mouth chuckle, Shen Xiang is looking at their two ill-humoredly. Qianxiang, your was Master closing up recently?” Shen Xiang asked. No, but she is quite busy these days, she said that she must cultivate massive herbs, our Hundred Flowers Palace currently has two very outstanding female alchemy masters!” Mu Qianxiang said. At this time Xue Xianxian does not know where braved, happily said with a smile: That two female alchemy masters who you said that is Qianqian and Sister Xiangyue!” Yes! Are you very familiar?” Mu Qianxiang knows that Xue Xianxian knows them, but probably is very evidently familiar. Xue Xianxian stared Shen Xiang, said: You asked that this little rascal, Sister Xiangyue is his female slave, he is Sister Xiangyue Young Martial Uncle.” Saw a Xue Xianxian face jealousy, Mu Qianxiang to understand. Xianxian, aren't you and Sister Meng'er together? How did suddenly come?” Shen Xiang hastily said with a smile, wants to tear topic, Xue Xianxian knows that his black history were too many, he does not think that the big image fell before these younger sisters shatter. Xue Xianxian said with a smile tenderly: Sister Meng'er makes me visit you, do not let you deceive little sister, I come evidently very promptly!”

Shen Xiang let go, said: Good, I am big rascal!” Dongfang Jing happily said with a smile: Isn't little rascal? Sister Xianxian Sister Meng'er such shouted your!” Brother little rascal!” Shen Lingling also chuckle. Brother rascal, no wonder the Youlan elder sister frequently such shouted you.” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile. Xue Xianxian said with a smile: Was good, your Brother rascal is good, at least very much loves you, even if he does not come back, will always find the way to make many things to eat to you.” Mu Qianxiang approves of this, so long as with Shen Xiang together, she can always eat the delicious thing. Brother, you asked a moment ago my Master matter, can you look for her?” Mu Qianxiang asked. „It is not, I ask that we somewhat were once contradictory, her father came back, I worried that she will look for my trouble, therefore wants to find a time to ask her to chat.” Shen Xiang said. Shen Xiang pretends to be Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor and Hundred Flowers Palace does right, this is the well-known matter, but Mu Qianxiang very clear Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian relationship, not so was truly good before, but Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi come back after that Saint Territory, had very big transformation to the Shen Xiang's manner. My this goes back to ask her.” Mu Qianxiang said. Does not use, I have not planned to see her temporarily, isn't she now very busy?” Shen Xiang hastily is drawing Mu Qianxiang.

Xue Xianxian saw probably anything comes, she has not thought of Shen Xiang and some Flower Empress also illegibile relationship. Right Xianxian, have you also received the Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit blood these days?” Shen Xiang asked. Has, every other a period of time has, is not you delivers?” Xue Xianxian looked at Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling: Jing Jing (quietly) and Ling Ling have to use, don't you know?” Strange, I also receive, I also think that is the brother delivers!” Mu Qianxiang said. Shen Xiang frowned: How long are you receive one time?” His that Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit has only given Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, they also on Saint Territory. Every month one time, but we could not consume, therefore has also given some Big Sister Long, before was only each month three drops, but recently was each month ten drops.” Xue Xianxian said: Isn't you delivers? Who can be delivers?” One month ten drops! This quantity may be many, Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit can only cause 2-3 drops of this every month, even if Yao Shumei Mu Jialan they give Xue Xianxian in secret them, every month maintains this quantity, they have three Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit, gave Xue Xianxian them, Mu Jialan they three female have not resulted in has used, let alone they must give Lu Qilian some. Shen Xiang said: My Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit has given others, now delivers the god the Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit blood to be to you Mu Jialan their three, I have not guessed that wrong words, Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit in their hand should reproduce much!” Shen Xiang just came Heaven World, help Mu Jialan they rob four Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit, Xue Xianxian early have hearing to this matter, she has not thought that for many years has delivered the rabbit the blood to their unexpectedly chapter of matter Mu Jialan they, they have issued a warrant for arrest, these days joins Hundred Flowers Palace to come back from Demon Heaven. No wonder Master will insist on developing Hundred Flowers Palace, gives up inheriting Suppressing Devil Temple, if Jialan their three have massive Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit, this really has very big help to the Hundred Flowers Palace sisters, this way, our fleshly body will become more and more formidable.” Mu Qianxiang said: Master so is no wonder good to their three.” I and Sister Meng'er depended upon these Jade Rabbit blood, quick must practice Heavenly Saint Body!” The Xue Xianxian nod said: Was only a pity that the Jade Rabbit blood man has more than enough, will change the woman.”

Shen Xiang at present one bright, reason that he thinks Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit will reproduce, possibly because of Lu Qilian Life Slaughtering Technique! Xue Xianxian also said a moment ago, when was recently this Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit blood are many. Does not know that what situation she did grasp to Life Slaughtering Technique?” Shen Xiang even more longs for one can like Lu Qilian fierce. I must go back to practice the sword, Sword Emperor is not good to work as.” Some Mu Qianxiang not giving up and Shen Lingling they hug say goodbye, finally has kissed the Shen Xiang's face, left the Ice Dragon mountain village. Afterward Xue Xianxian also returns to mountain side , to continue to draw up the blueprints of these Seven Saint Dragons swords with Liu Meng'er. In the evening, Shen Xiang watches the sunset in the summit and Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling, they also planned to look at the star, but below hears the Long Huishan shout, making them get down immediately, has probably the important matter. Made a long story short, I exited investigate an important matter, I understood that five Heaven territory had the progressive step movement, these time perhaps not only in view of Evil Dragon Burial Ground, but aimed at entire Emperor Heaven and world of Nine Heaven.” Long Huishan expression serious saying: „A recent important matter, is Night Demon Underworld inside Punishing Demon Summit turns black.” Therefore we think that has suppressed Night Demon Underworld Punishing Demon Summit to fall to the enemy, inside Night Devil will have quickly the motion, carries on the crazy slaughter to world of Nine Heaven.”