World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1621
Punishing Demon Summit in the Shen Xiang's impression should be invincible existence, that white pure and holy light glow that the entire giant mountain peak, sends out, lets the heart of his awe until now, now unexpectedly all turns into the black. Knows why Punishing Demon Summit will be grow darked?” Shen Xiang frowned, he wants to look for Bai Yaowei and Lu Zhen asks the situation, they come out from Punishing Demon Summit. „It is not clear, in brief has now closed Teleportation Formation of many world of Nine Heaven to Emperor Heaven, preventing Night Devil to invade here, only then Teleportation Formation of many big influence interior constructions are still using, in Nine Heavens, these big influences has big sphere of influence, if Night Devil goes crazy, definitely also will make them lose seriously.” Long Huishan said: When now not clear Night Demon Underworld that crowd of Night Devil will erupt.” Shen Xiang had realized that Infernal Demon Emperor knows the plan fail of that five Heaven territory Great Emperor, had not launched the large-scale war, will therefore make Night Demon Underworld inside Night Devil send out at this time. Night Demon Underworld Night Devil, has is controlled by Devil Emperor partially, but they actually probably must collaborate with five big Heaven territory, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat not think clearly, Infernal Demon Emperor has wanted to grasp these Night Devil. We had not determined that five big Heaven territory whether really and Night Devil collaborates, at present is only we were guessing, because before them, has collaborated one time.” Long Huishan has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Before outside Evil Dragon Burial Ground had massive Night Devil, is five big Heaven territory looks. Um, you investigate investigation again, Night Demon Underworld are suppressed by Punishing Demon Summit, Punishing Demon Summit turns into the black now, did not mean that was eliminated, if Night Devil leaves Night Demon Underworld, disperses is very difficult to control in world of Nine Heaven, will cause the damage to the big influence.” Shen Xiang said: When the time comes should counter-attack together!” The Long Huishan nod said: Head who after a period of time, Suppressing Devil Temple's Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable will convene the major influences, should discusses this matter matter.” „The elders in clan were coming neat, I must go to chat with them now.” After Long Huishan walks, Dongfang Jing sighed lightly: Must fight, I do not like.” I am also!” Shen Lingling said said.

Relax, will when the time comes not make you go on stage, here was responsible for refiner that's alright.” Xue Xianxian said with a smile: Kills this matter I not to like, but Youlan and Qianxiang should like.” Liu Meng'er arrives at side Shen Xiang, said in a soft voice: You , if there is matter, first goes busily.” „It is not busy, accompanies your several days to walk again.” Shen Xiang smiling of lets. Shen Xiang accompanies Xue Xianxian in the Ice Dragon mountain village their several days, returned to Heavenly Dragon Territory. Such quickly came back, aren't many accompanies their a period of time?” Saying with a smile of Long Xueyi ambiguous: Looked like you passed for these days very merrily!” Long Xueyi wrinkled the nose, said with a smile: Xianxian and Meng'er fragrance is heaviest...... Was this handled by you to master and apprentice?” Shen Xiang has not rambled on that many with her, said: Punishing Demon Summit turns black, Night Demon Underworld that place is very unstable, couldn't Infernal Demon Emperor control that place?” „Did Punishing Demon Summit grow dark?” Long Xueyi some cannot believe: Punishing Demon Summit should very fiercely, grow darked explained that there was been filthy by formidable Evil Devil strength!” In Night Demon Underworld that has a gap, runs away the resentment that to be caught spirit very much difficultly from inside, Infernal Demon Emperor cannot leave Hell, therefore he cannot manage that place, but his Hell Demon Guards under actually, these Hell Demon Guards are very fierce.” Hell Demon Guards is very fierce, but is also hard the formidable resentment that tames these to run away to work, especially after practice, becomes more formidable, some are not inferior to some Emperor Level expert.” Shen Xiang asked: Said that Night Demon Underworld and five big Heaven territory won't join up?”

Long Xueyi thinks that shakes the head saying: Is uncertain, so long as there is an enough benefit obligation, governs Night Demon Underworld these devils definitely to want. Qi Shi, White Tiger resurrect, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable so is also fierce, if five Heaven territory want to cope is not easy, let alone also has your Subduing Dragon Sect, is not small to their threats.” Now didn't there have what sound?” Did not have, I fixed time will ask the eldest sister to ask about the situation.” Shen Xiang said: Now I must look for Lu Qilian, making her teach the practice attainment of Life Slaughtering Technique to give me, asks her while convenient, looks to know some situations.” Shen Xiang with previous time is the same, only looks for Lu Qilian with wisp of Divine Soul, this quite good going quietly, will not be discovered by others, if open and aboveboard going early Lu Qilian, will be quite troublesome, what he compares the worry is Lu Qilian does not see him. Protects Hundred Flowers Palace formation restriction quite to be fierce, Shen Xiang that wisp of Divine Soul gently moved to dissipate, but he then used space power, penetrated these formation and restriction, entered Hundred Flowers Palace by own Divine Soul with ease. But just entered Hundred Flowers Palace shortly, he induces to one very strong spiritual strength, this is Lu Qilian, he was discovered. Sister Qilian, is I, shows mercy!” Shen Xiang hastily following that spiritual strength sound transmission in the past, wisp of Divine Soul was destroyed completely, that will consume his many Divine Power, can avoid being certainly best. Each time covertly! You not in the Ice Dragon mountain village? Comes dead personally?” In the Shen Xiang's mind broadcasts the Lu Qilian tenderly snorted sound. I in Heavenly Dragon Territory! I think like this very well, does not need to meet can exchange!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Your Divine Dao cultivation base promotes very quickly, this discovered me.” Lu Qilian silent moment, she clear promote that quick reason, this is the Shen Xiang's merit, but cultivated Spirit Gathering Technique with her at that time, making relationship that she and Shen Xiang see only very subtle, that spirit blends, making her be hard to distinguish clearly the actual situation, enabling her to have the complex sentiment that one type is hard to say to Shen Xiang. This is your merit!” Lu Qilian sighed one lightly: You are feared that I don't see you?”

Shen Xiang truly was worried that he initially forcefully and Lu Qilian cultivated Spirit Gathering Technique. Sees Shen Xiang not to reply that Lu Qilian also asked: You think that I am hating you?” Right!” Shen Xiang replied. Lu Qilian sighed one: What matter asks me to have?” I, when study Life Slaughtering Technique meets many difficulties, in a short time my comprehend is airtight, therefore wants to come to seek for advice to you.” Shen Xiang said. Enters my Divine sea!” Lu Qilian complied with straightforward, Shen Xiang to help very her many times, has saved her and Xiao Lizhi life, so long as Shen Xiang start to talk sought help from her, how even if she hated Shen Xiang again, she will not reject. Shen Xiang with his wisp of Divine Soul, is small and weak, like this enters Lu Qilian Divine sea, will make Lu Qilian feel relieved very much.