World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1622
Under the hauling of Lu Qilian, Shen Xiang only thought one arrive at colored sea, in Lu Qilian Divine sea also cultivates a little world, at this time he arrives at a type of completely colorful glen, glen all around mountain full is the beautiful brilliant flower. Lu Qilian Divine Soul sits in glen on puddle white Lotus Flower, wears the white women's clothing, as if merges into one organic whole with that giant bailian, looks like pure and holy, but is only beautiful. Your Divine sea is really attractive.” Shen Xiang praised: Really Divine sea of everyone is different, has big relationship with her mind!” My previous time obtains many inspirations in your Divine sea, in addition cultivates with you...... Therefore hinders I many years of bottleneck on the breakthrough all of a sudden, advanced by leaps and bounds, concentrates own Divine sea world.” Lu Qilian moo the light is gentle, the voice is gentle, looks completely relaxed, before not, that type arrogant elegantly beautiful. A while ago, has formidable existence her true experience to this between Heaven and Earth, her father's strength, made her feel the awe, but was once smaller and weaker than her Shen Xiang, at this time has surpassed her. Regarding Shen Xiang this time strength, she hits in heart to awe, because Shen Xiang initially very weak time, had saved her, kills by poison Saint Beast, therefore present Shen Xiang is immeasurably deep. Lu Qilian gently flutters from that Zhu giant bailian to Shen Xiang: Your true Divine Soul also in Heavenly Dragon Territory?” Um, my present isn't Divine Soul good?” Shen Xiang looks that Lu Qilian that the beautiful facial features that has to smile pale, although this time Lu Qilian already not that arrogance, but she still gives people pure and holy but inviolable feeling. Lu Qilian smiles: You were fearing that my this small Divine sea world can't accommodate you?” Afterward her said resolutely: „The practice attainment of Life Slaughtering Technique, your this wisp of Divine Soul is hard to hold all of a sudden.” Why Shen Xiang does not know, facing this time Lu Qilian, some suddenly pressures. Good, my this makes my Divine Soul come!” Shen Xiang said: First makes me exit, determination of fix.”

fleshly body also together comes......” fleshly body?” Shen Xiang indulges in flights of fancy immediately. Do not let one's thoughts wander!” Lu Qilian spat one tenderly: Hurry up!” Shen Xiang leaves Lu Qilian Divine sea, at this time he in the Lu Qilian room, this is one constructs deeply the following secret room. Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang to open the eye, some forehead unexpectedly sweat, then hastily asked: How? Was maltreated by Flower Empress?” Shen Xiang deeply has attracted several tones: Maltreats my words, I may be more comfortable, but this woman is much better, but also let my fleshly body in the past!” Long Xueyi is excited immediately: „Is this lets permit by the body to you? It is not good, I must go with you, look at you to receive this female slave with own eyes!” Do not pull, but her father Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, my this is courts death.” Shen Xiang shook the head: Do not let one's thoughts wander, she possibly wants to instruct my concise these elixir.” All day back and forth runs, is really tired!” Shen Xiang opens space passage, arrives in the Lu Qilian room. Sees Shen Xiang to be so relaxed comes, Lu Qilian is somewhat surprised: Your control to the space imagines me is much fiercer, my father said that he cannot achieve your this degree.” On the same day Shen Xiang surmounts space to go to Heavenly Dragon Territory with that Dragon Emperor, lets many expert exclamation on the scene again and again.

„Did you fuse grain of Bead of Mysterious Laws? Has controlled Law of Space?” Lu Qilian remembers anything suddenly, very curious asking. This is the Shen Xiang's secret, who he has not told this matter, Lu Qilian unexpectedly has known! How do you know?” Shen Xiang said: I am very strong to the space control, you should not look!” Lu Qilian white his eyes, lowers the head to say in a soft voice: Previous time...... We practice together time, I induce to your many things.” Remembers cultivates Spirit Gathering Technique with Lu Qilian, truly can at that time exposed many things. We start, your Divine Soul enters in my Divine sea!” Lu Qilian arrives at the bedside, sits cross-legged above, seeing Shen Xiang to stand there is motionless, she urged: Hasn't come quickly?” Shen Xiang has gawked staring, walks also to sit on the bed, then closes the eye, releases Divine Soul, enters the Lu Qilian Divine sea world, arrives in that glen. Your Divine Soul was also formidable!” Lu Qilian can very clear feeling, this time Divine sea world shiver, because Shen Xiang's Divine sea was really too strong. Shen Xiang constrains Divine Soul strength immediately, he obtained Godhead, Divine Soul naturally becomes very terrifying. Only then in this manner, can make you quickly obtain me to practice the attainment of Life Slaughtering Technique, can make you utilize fast!” Lu Qilian said that her Divine Soul forehead projects a white light, infiltrates in the Shen Xiang's forehead, then said in a soft voice: Do not resist, I as far as possible share with you my memory and thought that if smooth, you can have me to grasp Life Slaughtering Technique all fast.” Thank you!” Shen Xiang is grateful, he knows that Lu Qilian such sacrifice were also many, because this was equal to hides something in heart oneself be outspoken opens wide to Shen Xiang.

Among Shen Xiang suddenly as if knows that Lu Qilian is thinking anything, but Lu Qilian to own thought control very well, appears very tranquil. At this time, appeared with Life Slaughtering Technique related thing suddenly in the Shen Xiang's mind, seemed same as his memory fusion. Shen Xiang saw a very attractive little girl, is looking distressed to a cliff, that cliff initially Shen Xiang studied the Life Slaughtering Technique place, that little girl very obviously was Lu Qilian in childhood. All memories between these Lu Qilian and Life Slaughtering Technique, this can make Shen Xiang sense deeply is thorougher! These memories in the Shen Xiang's mind rapid flashing through, but Shen Xiang can actually feel clearly that little girl experienced very long time, from the little girl to the young girl of slim and graceful, finally adolescence is the maturity graceful bearing peerless beautiful woman, had been through repeatedly many years to sense to Life Slaughtering Technique. The massive memories integrate in the Shen Xiang's mind, that is Lu Qilian cultivates the experience of Life Slaughtering Technique after tens of thousands of years, only then two have formidable Divine Soul, can complete under the contact of Divine Soul short distance. Lu Qilian these memories, are arid tastelessly, but to behind, there is a 1st Stage memory to let Shen Xiang is very profound, is Lu Qilian and he, when Saint Territory kisses, at that time his Soul Creation Fluid and Lu Qilian elixir blended together, they revolved condense elixir cultivation technique. They kiss very long time, moreover afterward Lu Qilian unexpectedly has the thought that several times also want to attempt, this was read by Shen Xiang. Was good, can harvest many, looked your.” Lu Qilian face is somewhat ruddy, because she has not thought that oneself unexpectedly has not hidden that memory, making Shen Xiang see, that intense idea.