World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1623
Shen Xiang looks at Lu Qilian, the heart splash jumps, he has not thought that Flower Empress of this keeping aloof, in the heart unexpectedly has that thought to him, many makes him feel somewhat excitedly. The atmosphere is somewhat awkward, Lu Qilian puts aside head, whispered: You can leave my Divine sea, exits to give a try!” Their consciousness leave Divine sea, returns to the reality, Lu Qilian to avoid awkwardly, hastily goes down the bed: I also need enlarging quantity these days herbs, you practice well here, has anything's words, arrives at the martial arts room in next door to look for me.” Lu Qilian left this room, Shen Xiang some sitting of losing on the bed, he shook the head, no longer thinks between him and Lu Qilian the complex sentiment. little rascal, what kind of? Eats her not to have!” The Long Xueyi's sound is reverberating in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, Shen Xiang leaves Heaven territory time, leaves behind wisp of Divine Soul in Long Xueyi's Divine sea. What do you think?” Shen Xiang coldly snorted. „More than ten days, unexpectedly anything had not occurred!” Long Xueyi curled the lip: Really useless.” Shen Xiang pays no attention to her, reorganizes Lu Qilian to give his these practice attainments with single-hearted devotion, he and Lu Qilian unexpectedly has carried on for more than ten days! At this time he understanding to Life Slaughtering Technique is relaxed, before many difficulties, made him suddenly gain a thorough understanding at this time, can his revolution Life Slaughtering Technique, absorb the air/Qi of outside Sacred Spirit smoothly, in addition in his fleshly body and Divine sea strange strength fuses, concentrates gradually on the tongue elixir. „A double-hour drop, this was too slow!” Shen Xiang looks that drop is sending out light multi-colored sunlight elixir transparently, he does not know this elixir fiercely. Lu Qilian a double-hour can concentrate to come now, so long as she condense one month of elixir can duplicate Sacred Level herbs, this speed one startled makes Shen Xiang envy very much, but regarding the Long Xueyi's appetite, is too slow. Shen Xiang goes out of the room, is knocking the door of next door.

Comes in!” Lu Qilian light shouted. Shen Xiang pushes the door to go, fragrant greets the nostrils to raid, when this type fragrant lets Shen Xiang remembers previous and Lu Qilian kiss immediately, in her mouth these elixir are having this flower fragrance. elixir that Sister Qilian, you have a look, compared with your present what kind of?” Shen Xiang puts out a jade box, inside has elixir that drop of he just concise came out. Lu Qilian sits cross-legged to sit on the rug of ground, has several jade bottles before her body, inside is elixir that she comes out concise, one intermittent fragrant is fluttering from inside. And my was equally fierce, how long did you use to be concise a drop?” Lu Qilian very satisfied nod. „A double-hour!” Shen Xiang somewhat embarrassed saying, because he knows that the Lu Qilian speed is much faster than him. Good, so long as is slowly familiar, you quickly like me.” Lu Qilian drops elixir to give back to Shen Xiang that. Shen Xiang squats, takes up a jade bottle, looks elixir that Lu Qilian came out concise, asked: Why my not this fragrance? Have you eaten too many colored reasons? To be how fragrant!” Lu Qilian smiles: This is possibly related with my physique, will otherwise others call me for Flower Empress? elixir that you concise come out now my exactly the same, does not have what difference, is only the smell is different.” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I think am not, might as well have a look at our mix together!” Previous Shen Xiang with his Soul Creation Fluid and Lu Qilian fusion together, becomes leaves, is unreadable including Lu Qilian!

Lu Qilian nodded, what result she also wants to have a look to have, she received the jade box in Shen Xiang hand, drips into one to drop own elixir to inside, falls on Shen Xiang that drop. Two drops of unexpectedly fuse together rapidly, does not have what change, but Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian actually tightly frown! Because of two drops of elixir fusions, even if has not changed, that drop should also increase, at least is two drops of sum totals, before his elixir fusion of Soul Creation Fluid and Lu Qilian, not only had very big change, but also a drop will also increase. But now their two elixir together time, is strange! This is true fusion!” Shen Xiang said: Drips into drop of your elixir again.” Lu Qilian complies, but this drop is actually not able to integrate a moment ago in that drop, was repelled! Your regelation brings forth one drop, two drops your, two drops my, is look the same result.” Lu Qilian said that if fuses to have very big effect with Shen Xiang's elixir, she does not need that laborious all day stay here to be concise. Shen Xiang revolution Life Slaughtering Technique, start to condense practices immediately, a double-hour passes by, he caused drop of elixir, drips into that jade box, fuses together with that drop that beforehand Lu Qilian was repelled. At this time in that jade box had two drops to fuse separately, the Lu Qilian rocking jade box, lets these two drops of collision together, such that if really thinks with her, synthesized one drop, very fast nature! This probably two grains of rice collisions, then turn to melt one grain, but one grain such big! This time is four drops turns into one drop, although that waterdrop has not increased, but Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian know that these four drops have carried on the high compression, at this time the quality is high.

Shen Xiang said with a smile: I had said our elixir is different, is this Yin-Yang different reasons?” Lu Qilian knits the brows, rocks that jade box, carefully carefully observes that to drop elixir with Divine Power, said: Gives a try this thing has the big effect!” She puts out a piece of Jade Dragon Flower petal, must try with Jade Dragon Flower. „If only my elixir, generally needs 1000 drops, can make this flower petal turn into complete Jade Dragon Flower, is most maturity that there are ten flower petals.” Lu Qilian said. Shen Xiang said: Our then four drops, try with some low level herbs quite well!” Lu Qilian shakes the head saying: After fusion, is not only four drops, according to my speculation, the effect at least is actually 20-30 times, is equal to about 100 drops, if can cause a flower petal, showed that my speculation is correct.” In this regard, Lu Qilian has the rich experience, her female, establishes this formidable Hundred Flowers Palace by these elixir. Lu Qilian to is placing elixir that jade box inside flower petal drips into that four to unite, drops after the above, including the root of that flower petal by, is emitting a flower petal fast, really and such of Lu Qilian speculation, this makes the Lu Qilian whole face excited. Really is this, both of us collaborate, can let your seed germination not long.” In the Lu Qilian look full is the burning hot ray: You do not have a seed, after planting, can lead to Heaven territory? That Heaven territory type has filled the strange flowers different grass!” Initially Shen Xiang had given Lu Qilian that seed, afterward Lu Qilian gave back to him, but Lu Qilian had not forgotten.