World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1625
Lu Qilian acknowledged that Shen Xiang truly helps her gather many outstanding females, but she worried very much here will turn into the Shen Xiang's big harem, although Shen Xiang and these females are only friend relationship. Shen Xiang the concise elixir speed has promoted at this time, a double-hour can cause two drops, but also is well below Lu Qilian, her double-hour is ten drops, now Lu Qilian is duplicating massive Yu Immortal Pill herbs. These many herbs, your does Hundred Flowers Palace consume that quickly?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally, Qianqian and Xiangyue alchemy level was very high, has pill to be many, the speed is fast, the quality is high.” Lu Qilian knows that Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue Wu Qianqian's relationship is very good, because of alchemy technique of their two uses, looks like with Shen Xiang's very much. Shen Xiang surprisedly said: I slightly had initially directed Qianqian and Xiangyue, are they now so fierce?” My Hundred Flowers Palace is quite deficient the outstanding female alchemy master, do not injure them.” Lu Qilian looks at Shen Xiang with a severe look. Shen Xiang laughed: Xiangyue is my person, moreover my female slave, how will I injure her?” Animal!” Lu Qilian low snort|hum said. You lack the outstanding female alchemy master, I help you look, happen to my candidate, moreover she and Qianqian Xiangyue relationship is very good, the person is also good-looking, the foundation is solid.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Big Palace Master, do you receive her?” Lu Qilian knits the brows: Has this female alchemy master? Can I not know? Who she is, is in Nine Heavens?” She is low-key, but you must look for her, must first find Yan Zilan, I give you one set of secret marks, you indicate everywhere, can relate to her, then makes her call her sisters to join Hundred Flowers Palace, said that was I says.” Shen Xiang said: Yan Zilan actually in the Ice Dragon mountain village, but she exited to travel recently, Sister Zilan is very fierce, is one starts to practice the Divine Dao god to cultivate very much long time ago.”

I have heard her, but had not sought her.” Lu Qilian nodded, regarding these outstanding females, she wants to win over her Hundred Flowers Palace, before Yan Zilan is very long, is famous Zilan Immortal Woman, before she also tried several times to win over Yan Zilan, but Yan Zilan turned down. But now Shen Xiang a few words, can convince Yan Zilan, she has to acknowledge that Shen Xiang deals with the woman to have one set very much. Lu Qilian asked: That outstanding female alchemy master? Names?” Shen Xiang said: She is called Du Yanyao, her grandfather is called Du Hai, is high level Dan Immortal that wanders everywhere, now and Li Tianjun was equally fierce. Person who relax, I recommend will not be wrong.” I know her and your matter.” Lu Qilian sighed, initially Shen Xiang at the Sacred Dan World matter, slightly inquired that also good can inquire. Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: Knows that I was fierce, later you may probably help me take care of them!” Lu Qilian snort|hum two, said: You so are really fierce , helping me look several outstanding females, I will feel grateful your.” You said that so long as there are their whereabouts, I help you coax them to Hundred Flowers Palace come.” Shen Xiang very self-confident saying. Bai Youyou, Su Meiyao and Bai Ziqian, Jade Immortal Woman, they are many years ago becoming famous females, the strength and potential are giant, initially their several had made many Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering matters, but has actually been missing for many years, Bai Ziqian that recently presented that because uses Devil Decaying Death Qi to issue a warrant for arrest everywhere.” Lu Qilian said: I sought their many years, even if were Bai Ziqian I also dares to receive.” Bai Ziqian also uses Devil Decaying Death Qi, but that was very early beforehand matter, at that time Shen Xiang had not been born, therefore Lu Qilian has not contacted with Bai Ziqian's Shen Xiang's Devil Decaying Death Qi.

Shen Xiang has not thought that Lu Qilian unexpectedly keeps thinking about these four women to be so long, he said with a smile: Two I have handled, Ji Meixian is Jade Immortal Woman!” What? Really is she, no wonder I always felt that her style is so familiar!” Lu Qilian surprisedly said: „?” Bai Ziqian, I introduced that her your mother there went, she with Grandma Lu, later I sees her now, I think that I sweet talked several, she will definitely join Hundred Flowers Palace, Sister Qinlian also used the toxin, although they have not met, but quick becomes the friend.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Lu Qilian took a deep breath, the Shen Xiang dry important matter, lets in her heart secretly is very surprised, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly has contacted Ji Meixian and Bai Ziqian this formidable female very much long time ago, matter that her suddenly very curious Shen Xiang and between them has. Concrete you asked Ji Meixian, this involved she quite many secrets, has not obtained her agreement, I cannot say.” Shen Xiang said. Lu Qilian nodded: She is Jade Immortal Woman, I want to know that now her secret, I cannot ask, since I want to win over her, I naturally trust her, Hundred Flowers Palace has her joining, I was very happy.” Is Bai Ziqian somewhat is troublesome, she after is a succuba, but she and my mother together, should be better, I feared that she does not approve me.” Her younger sister Lu Qinlian Primordial Strange Poison is Shen Xiang gives, now she knows that on Bai Ziqian definitely has many Shen Xiang's Primordial Strange Poison, she has to acknowledge that Shen Xiang wins over the will of the people the method, very natural to thing that some others most need. Naturally she does not know that Shen Xiang is natural to Bai Ziqian , because Bai Ziqian is Sister Bai Youyou's. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, how many do you know about them?” Shen Xiang asked that the female who these two changed her destiny, respected Lu Qilian, therefore Shen Xiang to repay them, will give the Hundred Flowers Palace biggest help.

Lu Qilian shakes the head saying: Understands not many, in the past they were chased down by the personal enemy, have been injured, I had given shelter to their a period of time, but they are worried to implicate me, therefore walked, during that time I was closing up, therefore has not contacted with them, therefore I now some regrets.” Shen Xiang said: How many do you to knowing their personal enemies have? Do you dare to accept them easily?” Lu Qilian coldly said: Bai Youyou, although is one generation of succubas, but she and Su Meiyao together, they have also done many good deeds, their moral behavior are very good, therefore I appreciate them, so long as they join Hundred Flowers Palace, chases down their people, is my personal enemy, I will eradicate them reckless.” This time Lu Qilian, had that Great Emperor imposing manner, Shen Xiang also thinks that in the past this emperor potential was abrasioned, now looks like, but she has restrained, if some day she had formidable the enough strength, this imposing manner will reappear on her. Shen Xiang said: If you prepare to give shelter to them, then prepares for coping with demon emperor, the demon emperor is they biggest foe.” You to their matter very understanding!” Lu Qilian said: „Are you also looking for them?”