World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1626

Bai Ziqian is Sister Bai Youyou's, she told me.” Shen Xiang has not wanted to disclose that now any point has about their matters. This Lu Qilian ambition is truly big, like past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, scraped together the world hero, helped his achievement imperial undertaking, but Lu Qilian only received the female, if in the future she really has become, in new a number of Great Emperor, she definitely has a higher power and influence. Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian mentioned the matter of demon emperor, another goal, was he wants to find the demon emperor, delivered to front of persons head and Divine Soul of demon emperor Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. You in demon emperor where? Initially she caused heavy losses, but definitely has not died!” Shen Xiang said: If this woman resurrect, I dare saying that from now on surely is your number one match.” Lu Qilian knits the brows: Demon emperor uses her technique of peerless unparalleled attracting, confuses many expert, some Great Emperor are hard to escape by luck, therefore she collected various massive rare treasure and fierce cultivation technique at that time, even if her severe wound, but these hundred thousand years, she definitely restores, and strength is stronger.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Therefore you must make your father pay attention, the demon emperor stares at this type specially formidable man, moreover is hard to conquer.” Lu Qilian said with a sneer: What this is careful is you, did you also feel all right to say others?” My woman are many, but is not they attracts my, but is between I and them builds up the trust relationship, does not believe you now on the darkness during eclipse, I will bump will not bump your.” Shen Xiang very self-confident saying: Can charm my woman not born!” Lu Qilian thinks otherwise, still said with a sneer: This you have made a mistake, the demon emperor fierce place is not appealing by the beautiful appearance, but by her unique charm, she is the men and women sweeps the decks, initially was planted the female in her hands to be equally many.” Shen Xiang is indignant immediately: This woman really damn, oneself were a woman, but also disaster that many females, gave me to be good, must kill her!” Lu Qilian seriously said: You not by her disturbance, but you ensure your Subduing Dragon Sect inside friend doesn't attract? Your these females, in the demon emperor eyes, they are most high grade prey.”

Therefore, I planned that gets so far as your here them, making you train the resistivities in their this aspect well.” Shen Xiang sighed, he truly compares to be worried about this, this demon emperor affirmed that now knew Emperor Heaven, perhaps has successfully attracted one large quantities of person to help her work. Lu Qilian said: You felt relieved that I am not am a vegetarian, I study very thoroughly to the demon emperor, now I am only in the strength compared with her.” Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian discussed the secret, while concise elixir, they, although has had as incompatible as fire and water appearance, but chatted also to chat for several days. Shen Xiang, I later certainly become Flower Empress, you? Should your present strength, very close Emperor Level, you have to think the later direction?” Lu Qilian asked. My later direction was alchemy, Heaven Slaughtering Technique I grasps completely entire, but I mainly practice Life Slaughtering Technique now, you should know that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique was flexible, the different person energy use different effects came, therefore after me, utilizes Life Slaughtering Technique not to be different from you.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, this is the direction that in his heart already arranged. By your alchemy talent, this direction is correct! In the past can obtain the emperor politely called the number is Dan Emperor. You later perhaps can also become an emperor revere Lu Qilian to approve of regarding Shen Xiang this direction, and favors very much. Shen Xiang smiled: Is only the emperor Venerable?” Lu Qilian lightly smiled: Then you are what kind of? Does the emperor revere insufficiently also?” „Isn't become god good? The Infernal Demon Emperor matter you should also hear, that fellow is a god, the god of Hell, no matter you are any emperor revere, must kneel before these gods.” Shen Xiang indifferently said, has Godhead him, the emperor Venerable truly is too for him poor. Lu Qilian sighed: Gods...... Place that nine imperial capitals yearn, but Fifth of Nine Emperors is very difficult to touch that level, my father for become god, gave up all in the past, but is unable to enter the Gods world finally, is unable through the inspection of Gods, what is most important is unable condense Godhead!”

Gods is also the mortal evolves, therefore do not lose confidence, no matter when the time comes how difficult, you walk in that direction, regardless of result how, but will at least not regret.” Shen Xiang said. Lu Qilian nodded, recalled in the past woman time, she has not thought will have today this strength, this step by step walks. Shen Xiang has been able condense in a double-hour to leave five drops of elixir. With 20 dropping liquid fusions separately how we give a try the effect.” Shen Xiang said: I continue large quantities of high level herbs now, I must attack Saint pill!” Pill Saint are miserable in Emperor Heaven, this is also Lu Qilian most lacks, if Shen Xiang can succeed, she must make Shen Xiang help her refine Saint pill, Shen Xiang will definitely not reject. Then I put down me temporarily, I help you concise many elixir!” Lu Qilian took a deep breath: Carelessly do not waste.” Shen Xiang nodded with a smile: Cannot!” Lu Qilian pours into a jade bowl 20 drops of elixir that Shen Xiang hands over, then but actually goes in her ten drops, 40 drops of elixir almost fuse the same place in the flash, turns into one drop, is mysterious. Is two large bowls, perhaps will melt one drop.” Shen Xiang exclaims: Compresses there fiercely, quality is very definitely high!” The Lu Qilian nod said: This drop, should be able to make half Sacred Level spirit herb long entire!”

Shen Xiang hastily puts out a silver-white beat heart, this is the heart of the Buddha fruit, Long Xueyi has wanted to taste. With this trying!” Shen Xiang gives Lu Qilian the heart of the Buddha fruit, making Lu Qilian exclaim in surprise again and again. Where do you get so far as?” Lu Qilian somewhat does not give up cutting in half. Jiang Sheng gives to me, is Divine Craftsman!” Shen Xiang urged: A bit faster cuts away, if can duplicate, I deliver you one.” Good!” Lu Qilian puts out a sharp short sword, the heart of the Buddha fruit incision that will beat, can have this heart of the Buddha fruit, later gives her the time, she can duplicate massively. Lu Qilian is trickling elixir that to the incision half heart of the Buddha fruit she and Shen Xiang fuse, sees only the margin place of that half heart of the Buddha fruit, fast growth other half. Has succeeded, but one side also has!” Shen Xiang takes remaining 20 drops of elixir, gives Lu Qilian: It seems like we must use 40 drops of elixir separately, can duplicate Sacred Level herbs.”