World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1627

A heart of the Buddha fruit, under these elixir that they fuse, quick turns into two. Gives you.” Shen Xiang very delighted gives a Lu Qilian heart of the Buddha fruit. Thanked!” Lu Qilian smiles to him gently, puts in a jade box to receive, said: My following start to condense practices elixir to you, how many do you want?” Shen Xiang thinks that said: 3000 drops, will your double-hour can the concise ten drops, a day carry on ten double-hour to have 100 drops, this need one month, very be laborious?” „It is not in the way, my longest one time, consecutively for a half year.” Lu Qilian said with a smile: Laborious one month, trades a heart of the Buddha fruit, this was worth.” Sees Lu Qilian to smile that delightfully, making Shen Xiang look looks at steadily. After Lu Qilian contacts Shen Xiang that fiery look, then receives the smiling face, obtains a heart of the Buddha fruit, her mood is truly extremely good. Sister Qilian...... I thought that has means that can perhaps make our elixir fiercer!” The Shen Xiang mind dodges, suddenly said. What means?” Lu Qilian knit the brows, she sees Shen Xiang that badly bad look, one not good premonitions. Shen Xiang scratches the head says with a smile gruffly: Still remembers our previous kissing time......” „It is not good!” Lu Qilian knows means that Shen Xiang said are anything, immediately rejects. Sister Qilian, other my really not bad thoughts...... I want to confirm the idea in my heart, your I know that the previous time our skill differs very in a big way, moreover I do not understand Life Slaughtering Technique, my these elixir and your have very wide difference, but is now different.” Shen Xiang righteousness words, a face is earnest.

Now I have practiced Life Slaughtering Technique, the strength and you am almost the same, when elixir fusion that we come out concise, that effect you also witnessed.” Lu Qilian can listen is very good, on her face somewhat angry, although the Shen Xiang's honeyed words sound to be very reasonable, but she always thought Shen Xiang wants open and aboveboard occupies her convenient. Such being the case, that is considers as finished.” Shen Xiang saw a Lu Qilian face not to prefer, sighed one. Although in the Lu Qilian surface does not prefer, but the innermost feelings want to try, previous Shen Xiang and she kisses, these unusual elixir that their same fortune merit, condense leaves make her injury rapidly restore to come, when makes her compare to taste and Shen Xiang wadding that entangles that feeling. Tries, but you must promise me, cannot touch my body randomly.” Lu Qilian has made a significant decision likely, she said later suddenly somewhat to regret, but somewhat anticipated, in the heart was contradictory. In Shen Xiang heart one happy, immediately nods to comply, to say with a smile: We come up in the bed!” Here that's alright!” Lu Qilian lightly snorted: A bit faster hasn't come?” Lu Qilian sits on a soft blanket, Shen Xiang past time, thought that here and on bed different, he sits before the Lu Qilian body, looks at that shy beautiful facial features. Relaxes, we have to try!” Shen Xiang laughed, grasps the Lu Qilian slender waist, let Lu Qilian cannot help but to his bosom by the past. Bastard!” Lu Qilian looks up Shen Xiang, just lowly scolded one, the wing celtis mouth is blocked by Shen Xiang, she felt that warming up the tongue penetrates in her mouth, Spirit Gathering Technique time, shyer has done, moreover at that time she regarding kissing was more skilled, in the heart has criticized several, then started to cater to Shen Xiang. From the beginning, their unexpectedly very tacit heat kisses, no one has raised revolves together the Life Slaughtering Technique matter, moreover they hugged tightly, Lu Qilian has been hugging the Shen Xiang's body on own initiative, they were kissing absorbed......

In the past for a long time, they have separated two lips, the Lu Qilian double cheek blush slightly, lower the head to gasp for breath gently, obviously she fell into a very stimulated condition a moment ago, she discovered that she was getting more and more weak to the Shen Xiang's resistivity. Shen Xiang is caressing her face lightly, said with a smile: Now starts, had played a moment ago enough, now can carry on relieved!” The Lu Qilian chest is fluctuating, the deep breath several tones, in the eye were having a facial expression vision, slight bow, this time she gained ground on own initiative, they at this time look like a pair of lover, bumping together that their two lips can not help, the tongue spits lightly, the wadding entangles to blend together. Shen Xiang has lain down, making Lu Qilian lie on his generous vigorous and healthy body, gives her sound transmission saying: Starts revolution Life Slaughtering Technique!” Um, you now are not skilled, I will coordinate your.” The Lu Qilian response said that they were satisfied before, at this time can so intimate together, in the heart delicious. In order to confirm cultivates the Life Slaughtering Technique effect to be whether better together, they have to receive that mood, together wholly-absorbed revolution Life Slaughtering Technique. Less than the moment, their bodies reappear a pale white multi-colored sunlight, on tip of tongue that their is complicated, slowly is concise a neat energy. Had the effect.” Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised to Lu Qilian sound transmission, this makes him hug Lu Qilian to be tighter. Earnest.” Lu Qilian urged in a soft voice: „The present is the critical moment!” Shen Xiang does not dare to move heedlessly, they like this are hugging, probably the deep sleep was the same, their white multi-colored sunlight were getting more and more rich, that was the air/Qi of massive Sacred Spirit fast is absorbed to create by them. They have continued for quite a while like this, these double-hour, they have not spoken, is this silently hugs is kissing, pours also ten shares to receive.

Five double-hour, how I had not felt that what thing is concise?” Shen Xiang gives Lu Qilian sound transmission: Sister Qilian, you?” Lu Qilian is somewhat surprised: No? I felt that was approaching the place of throat to be concise the thing to come . Moreover the solid, I thought that should be a grain of bead. Has felt strange, you how?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Because possibly you is a female, has a child anything's half female.” Lu Qilian hears this saying, has placed the white hands on Shen Xiang waist, made an effort to pinch slightly. Pinched the female of person regarding these, Shen Xiang was already used to it, but regarding Lu Qilian, he has counter-attacked, that was only big claw to move to the Lu Qilian waist under that abundant outstanding buttocks, made an effort to grasp slightly. Do not bump my body randomly.” Although Lu Qilian life Qi/angry, but also can only the sound transmission sweet and delicate voice berate, evidently is not very angry. Six double-hour, Lu Qilian has given Shen Xiang sound transmission: I felt that my concise that bead has formed, can finish!” Um, later has in any case is the opportunity.” Shen Xiang smiled, then they separate on own initiative. Lu Qilian steps to sit on the Shen Xiang's belly at this time, opens the wing celtis mouth slightly, saw only a grain of limpid transparent bead to flutter from her mouth, this was a transparent bead of grain of longan size.