World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1628
Lu Qilian places palm that grain of bead, the light pressed delicate eyebrows, carefully observe, at this time she is quite excited, because this concentrates the solid elixir, is definitely unusual, this is she and Shen Xiang wadding have entangled quite a while fresh thing. Sister Qilian, this can thing use? According to your experience, how can the effect?” Shen Xiang does not understand to this, but he knows this bead very fierce that's it. Lu Qilian exclaims: Inconceivable, has not thought that with this way fusion, will be really fiercer, is the Life Slaughtering Technique final deep meaning the Yin-Yang coincides?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This is natural, extension of life, is so.” Lu Qilian nodded, she also thinks, she cultivated Life Slaughtering Technique before time, has not thought this issue, she has not thought that bumps into with Shen Xiang, unexpectedly discovers the Life Slaughtering Technique biggest mystery. „The effect of this bead how?” Shen Xiang is curious: What wants to try? This was not the liquid, cannot drip into herbs!” Lu Qilian said: According to energy that I feel, I thought that at least can duplicate five heart of the Buddha fruits!” You with trough water, then release the air/Qi of saint stone inside Sacred Spirit, integrates in the water, making that water turn into the water of Sacred Spirit.” Lu Qilian said: This method I have tried, is one of the fast duplication massive herbs methods.” Shen Xiang puts out a jade system the square shape box, is so big with the wash bowl, puts out a jade bottle, pours the water of some Sacred Spirit toward inside. „The water of these Sacred Spirit are I obtains in Saint Territory, can use directly?” Shen Xiang asked. Ok!” Lu Qilian put out Shen Xiang to give her heart of the Buddha fruit a moment ago, even slivered six, put in that to be filled in the box of water of Sacred Spirit. Shen Xiang knows that Lu Qilian must make anything, somewhat excited saying: „Can you soak this bead in the water melt?” Right!” Lu Qilian puts in that grain of spirit bead the water, the spirit bead enters in the water, induces is slivered six heart of the Buddha fruits to that then starts to release a silver multi-colored sunlight, the spirit bead gradually is changing is also small, these silver multi-colored sunlight emerge on these heart of the Buddha fruit fragment respectively. In an instant time, in that jade box six heart of the Buddha fruit pulp, unexpectedly quick fast-growth grows the part that other lack, making that six fruit pulp turn into six heart of the Buddha fruits! Before they used elixir to fuse, thought quickly, but now the speed of that spirit bead duplication is more terrifying, they used six double-hour, caused five heart of the Buddha fruits! Lu Qilian hastily fishes from the water that six heart of the Buddha fruits, afterward cuts in half a heart of the Buddha fruit, throws into the water. That two halves heart of the Buddha fruit quickly turned into two, actually is in the students energy of that cicatrization has not consumed.

Gives you, after these water, can use repeatedly!” Six heart of the Buddha fruits that Lu Qilian duplicating put in a jade box, then gives Shen Xiang. „Don't you want?” Shen Xiang receives, looks that Sixth Brother splash is beating the heart of the Buddha fruit, he has exclaimed in surprise one. I temporarily have no need now, I need time, can concise elixir duplicate.” Lu Qilian said in a soft voice: Then...... Our also does if wanted continue?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally must continue, this can save many time, we carry on for ten days to cause 20, enough I used to be very long.” Consecutively for ten days.” Lu Qilian Youyou sighed, double cheek micro red, said in a soft voice: Good! However every day can only concise, other time we do respectively own, such, is not quite day in day out good.” They planned to take a break, but does not think tired, they display Life Slaughtering Technique together time, not only can drive out their weariness, probably can also bring the practice to them the advantage, looks like double cultivation such. Ten days later, in the Shen Xiang hand has 15 grains of that type of beads, along with the utilization gradually quantity of Shen Xiang to Life Slaughtering Technique, he and Lu Qilian cultivates Life Slaughtering Technique only to use three double-hour to be concise that type of bead. However makes Shen Xiang think that he biggest harvest is with relationship that Lu Qilian sees only, although each other has not said that but they are very clear, their emotional bases have consolidated here. When do you go to Heavenly Dragon Territory?” Lu Qilian asked that her not clear Shen Xiang went to Heavenly Dragon Territory to do, but that definitely had the important matter. And other goes!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle: Doesn't give up me?” Does not have, you go to the Heavenly Dragon Territory words, best is separates a period of time to return to Emperor Heaven to have a look, the present circumstance wind and cloud not measured.” Lu Qilian said. Shen Xiang puts out several jade boxes, inside thinks of Blood Dragon Ginseng and Tianshan Sacred Fruit, Phoenix Fruit and Blood Exquisite Fruit separately. Sacred Lotus Seed should you have?” Shen Xiang said: You hurry to duplicate one these, later you have free time also to duplicate to be many some come out.” Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang suddenly to put out these many Sacred Level herbs, has not been surprised, but in the heart had exclaimed in surprise secretly, with is really same, Shen Xiang that she guessed already grasped many Sacred Level herbs. These ten days, after Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian together concise spirit bead, many time were concise elixir, Shen Xiang concise elixir have given her, making her fuse, this can be quicker. Shen Xiang said: I may go to one that Saint Territory, there has huge antique Sacred City, I can get so far as my deficient high level Immortal Medicine there, hopes I come back, is Pill Saint!”

Lu Qilian duplicates these Sacred Level herbs, nodded to Shen Xiang: You, here give certainly me, after a period of time I go to the Ice Dragon mountain village to look for Xue Xianxian they to chat, teaches some methods of technique of resistance demon emperor attracting.” Um, like this I have felt relieved, thank you!” Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian hugged: You are also careful, you should also be top-quality of demon emperor let prey.” Lu Qilian beautiful smile: You think that she can hunt to obtain me?” Naturally cannot!” Shen Xiang has kissed her red lip, said with a smile: Because you had hunted for by me!” Shen Xiang said that the body integrates behind in the space of that fluctuation gradually, vanish from sight. Returns to Heavenly Dragon Territory, Long Xueyi to close one's eyes the practice, she must use this piece of strange snow-capped mountain now strength, causes supreme Dragon Vein to apportion Leng Youlan, this can let Leng Youlan's strength advanced by leaps and bounds. Shen Xiang lies down in this bright comfortable stone chamber, is stroking under that soft rug gently, before and Lu Qilian lay down that the wadding entangled in the stall, cannot help but again appeared before him. Smiled dissolutely, what misdemeanor is thinking?” Long Xueyi smiles, plunges Shen Xiang, lies on his body, is smelling on him randomly. „Do you do? Several days do not see, turned into the puppy!” Shen Xiang is whipping her buttocks: Do not smell, did you turn into Heavenly Dog Great Emperor to be inadequate?” Bah!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Your woman was too fragrant heavy, whose I want to take a look am, this fragrance penetrated your skin, it seems like your Lu Qilian this Heavenly Flower Empress develops well!” Was jealous? Isn't you make me eat her?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, has pinched Long Xueyi that abundant chest. Long Xueyi pats his hand vigorously, somewhat excited asking: „Did you eat her really?” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, said: Did not have, but she is the meat on my block, is only the time issue.” Youlan? All day goes to hunt and kill Saint Beast?” Shen Xiang asked. That old insane innertube she treasured hunt to take risk, she here in any case was also bored, with that old lunatic exiting extension also good.” Long Xueyi said: You look for Lu Qilian, is more intimate, other harvests besides and her?” Shen Xiang is pinching her face, said with a smile: Naturally has, moreover is very big harvest!”

He puts out a jade box, inside has six heart of the Buddha fruits of beats, he takes two, said: This is I and Lu Qilian makes, her has not wanted, therefore after you, must thank her.” „, Such quickly causes that many, achieves?” Long Xueyi holds that jade box in the bosom, has worked on a heart of the Buddha fruit to chew, making Shen Xiang think somewhat strangely, resembles Long Xueyi to eat the heart to be the same. Is double cultivation......” Shen Xiang puts out 15 grains of that type of beads, then matter from all sides told Long Xueyi. Long Xueyi exclaims: Life Slaughtering Technique really marvelous infinite!” Was right, don't you request to carry on a deeper level with her double cultivation? The body and mind blends, the results that of Divine Soul union, when the time comes produces were definitely more terrorist, have wasted a good opportunity!” That is not the time, I have this idea, but I and her together time, can feel that her idea, she has not wanted to have that matter at that time with me.” Shen Xiang said. You, how many heart of the Buddha fruits I have made to you actually now, when do you make that supreme Dragon Vein? I want a bit faster to go to Saint Territory, goes to there to have a look at Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou.” Long Xueyi said: Was quick, I ate these four heart of the Buddha fruits, quick can make, I also very much thought them.” Long Xueyi this was quick, making Shen Xiang wait for enough a half year, but he has not been idling these days, his concise elixir, duplicated massive Saint Beast Fruit and Heavenly Dragon pill's herbs, making him refine the immortal successfully five and immortal six Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill. „Is this supreme Dragon Vein?” Shen Xiang looks in the Long Xueyi hand that is similar to sends the silk general white silk thread, carefully looked that looks like a dragon very much. Naturally, this is Godhead same thing, after Youlan, does not have the accident, has perfect condition supreme Dragon Vein is the affirmation.” Long Xueyi very self-confident saying: Youlan, opens the mouth,......” Leng Youlan listens to the Long Xueyi's words very much, after opening the mouth, Long Xueyi puts in that supreme Dragon Vein her mouth, supreme Dragon Vein intelligential is the same, enters in the Leng Youlan's mouth, making Leng Youlan explode in that instantaneous entire body lightens a white multi-colored sunlight. Fused successfully, but also needed a period of time gradually to adapt.” Long Xueyi is smiling, has patted the Leng Youlan's shoulder, asked: What now has to feel?” The Leng Youlan knitting the brows head, shakes the head saying: Could not say that feeling, probably this that Dragon Vein was not obedient.” This was right, this does not have the reason of complete conjunction, you stay a period of time in the Ice Dragon mountain village, making these Old Ice dragons help you, I and your brother must go to one to compare the danger(ous) place.” Long Xueyi said.