World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1629
Leng Youlan is very clear at this time own condition, cannot they explore with Shen Xiang, she unfolds the face to smile, the nod said: My perfect fusion supreme Dragon Vein, when the time comes I become very formidable!” Shen Xiang has patted her shoulder, encourages saying: You well diligently, I deliver you and Master go back!” In nearby Huang Jintian, has been considering anything. „Do you want to go to Saint Territory? I must go with you, cat still there, I can ask him to hunt and kill Saint Beast together.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: Leads me to go together!” Shen Xiang returns to the Ice Dragon mountain village Leng Youlan, at this time Huang Jintian and Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring, before he had gone to Saint Territory, had the space to induce to Saint Territory, therefore he does not need to go to Saint Territory through that transmission stage again. After arriving at Saint Territory, Shen Xiang across that matter light screen, puts Huang Jintian, he can seek for cat, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi are enter the Saint Territory middle day, goes to antique Sacred City. Initially he in antique Sacred City, had become friends with two strength very strong female expert, but he does not know that now Ji Ling and Hong Xia that house that still bought in initially them. I remember that their two both have the personal enemy, so long as antique Sacred City had not been handled by that Highest Saint Gate, they should not have any matter.” Long Xueyi said that she in Hidden Jade Ring leisurely, although her present strength was very strong, but she is very lazy, can lie down time does not sit absolutely. Shen Xiang started to induce him initially the space when antique Sacred City to fluctuate, so long as induced to there space, he can use the strength of shuttle Law of Space in the past, this was not difficult to achieve regarding him. Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou in God Feather Sect, even if Highest Saint Gate has controlled antique Sacred City, I think that they should help Ji Ling they.” Shen Xiang all around space fluctuated, he sought that piece of space that antique Sacred City is, he does not shuttle back and forth to antique Sacred City in directly, but in an antique Sacred City stretch of open land, some distance antique Sacred City also distances, he is worried to approach antique Sacred City, will be discovered by inside expert, makes the unnecessary trouble. Outside antique Sacred City is very safe, because many expert by hunting and killing Saint Beast earn saint stone, Saint Beast comes this place root book is delivers. Shen Xiang across a stretch of open land, enters antique Sacred City, goes to the Heavenly Saint area, a day strongest area, but he just entered antique Sacred City, actually hears a bad news! He has not thought that left this Saint Territory shortly, had such matter, entire antique Sacred City unexpectedly was controlled by Highest Saint Gate, but likely was God Feather Sect this influence, at this time does not dare to talk too much, because that Highest Saint Gate was really too strong, because the super big influences resisted, finally suffered to extinguish. What's the matter? We leave also not long, moreover at that time the Highest Saint Gate strength did not have formidable to be so right.” Shen Xiang is unreadable, in the present Heavenly Saint area larger part place turned into Highest Saint Gate.

The Long Xueyi sound is serious: If I buy to guess wrong, should Highest Saint Gate win over by Infernal Demon Emperor, if can summon that this Saint Territory massive expert attack Emperor Heaven, tut tut, the consequence is inconceivable.” This Infernal Demon Emperor is really a malignant tumor!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth to scold. A bit faster goes to God Feather Sect to look for Feng Yujie, look can know that Hong Xia and whereabouts of Ji Ling, Highest Saint Gate has controlled antique Sacred City, their two definitely are hard to hide here.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang goes to God Feather Sect immediately, received his was initially that elder, after recognizing him, hastily led him to look for Feng Yujie. Feng Yujie that before has closed up, governed entire God Feather Sect at this time personally, because now entire Saint Territory becomes very not peaceful. Is God Feather Sect Dean, is Pill Saint, the Feng Yujie strength does not allow to look down upon, at this time and Highest Saint Gate does not have what conflicts of interest, therefore Highest Saint Gate also dares to go to God Feather Sect, will otherwise be the mutually wounded aspect. Feng Yujie was the same with before, wears the simple clothes, although her appearance was average, but her graces that makings were very attractive, she saw Shen Xiang to arrive, saying with a smile: Such quickly came back......” Just said that Feng Yujie smiling face suddenly vanished, knits the brows to look at Shen Xiang, on the face is bringing surprised, because Shen Xiang this time strength made her feel very surprised, initially Shen Xiang left, melted Sacred Realm, but she actually somewhat could not completely understand Shen Xiang now. Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou?” Shen Xiang are not many with her smalltalk, hurriedly said: I want to see them.” Feng Yujie said: They just ate up Saint Returning Pill that I refine, builds up the efficacy also to need a period of time, you cannot see them now.” Shen Xiang nodded, this can understand that he also asked: Now antique Sacred City was controlled by Highest Saint Gate, before Highest Saint Gate, has chased down two females......” Feng Yujie had guessed correctly probably Shen Xiang will ask this, she puts out a jade box, said: This is they leaves your, inside should have their clues.” Shen Xiang hastily received the jade box, opens looks, is a map, turns on the map, he looks is confused, because he did not know about this Saint Territory. They where?” Shen Xiang hands in front of the map Feng Yujie, said: I am not familiar with here.” They have been far away from antique Sacred City evidently, this is at present also not by the Highest Saint Gate control region, the named Saint Beast mountain range, some inside also many formidable humanity, inside has several strength very strong Beast Emperor, Highest Saint Gate has not dared to act unreasonably to there, on the map marks, should be Immortal's cave that they are.” Feng Yujie said: Here has Teleportation Formation, can the direct transmission in the past, you go to be best to that place is low-key.”

Aunt Feng, when Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou can they wake up probably?” Shen Xiang asked. My these two daughters, if can recover completely, when the time comes their strengths definitely rise suddenly, I need to guide at the same time, therefore cannot determine when they can complete, it is estimated that within ten years.” Aunt Feng said. In ten years! Shen Xiang can understand that after all that is the repair remains many years of injury, in addition promotes the strength, but he thought that was too long. „Does Aunt Feng, you know the Infernal Demon Emperor matter? You thought that Highest Saint Gate and Infernal Demon Emperor do have connection?” This is Long Xueyi makes Shen Xiang ask. „Do you also know the Infernal Demon Emperor matter? To be honest, Infernal Demon Emperor has also looked for me, pledges very rich condition, making me his subordinate, but I rejected.” Feng Yujie heaved a deep sigh: Although to the present my God Feather Sect nothing, but I thought that Infernal Demon Emperor will not let off my.” Said besides Highest Saint Gate, were Big Shot of many influence bought by Infernal Demon Emperor?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to say. Right, because the Infernal Demon Emperor condition is rich, first is the soul Indestructible words, Eternal Life undying, will then be some precious Sacred Level herbs that he will provide, as well as some saint weapon, you must know that Hell inside saint weapon will be fierce, was Infernal Demon Emperor controls large quantities of dead refiner expert to build.” Feng Yujie said: Perhaps he can also cause Divine Weapon to come.” Shen Xiang said: A while ago several Heaven territory attacked Emperor Heaven, but afterward had not succeeded, because the Emperor Heaven present strength is not weak, the words that hits, these Heaven territory cannot ask for any advantage, but if this Saint Territory joins, that difficultly said!” Feng Yujie sighed: This I also heard that Emperor Heaven just the rebirth, had so formidable strength to be also good, gives some Emperor Heaven time again, these Heaven territory definitely do not dare to speak the last words with Emperor Heaven.” Present Emperor Heaven, can multiply the air/Qi of Sacred Spirit, was much fiercer than past Emperor Heaven. Aunt Feng, if Infernal Demon Emperor must to your fight, you migrate Emperor Heaven God Feather Sect.” Shen Xiang said: Can resist the Infernal Demon Emperor influence there us together.” I considered that after all that is Emperor Heaven, was not easy from here complete tranisferring in the past.” Feng Yujie suddenly said with a smile: You should not be will plan to win over me!” Naturally is not, is only cooperation!” Shen Xiang smiled: I look for Hong Xia first they, after coming back, must consult your some alchemy matters.” Oh? your alchemy technique is so special, I could not direct you.” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said: You should do not challenge me, after I defeat, ridicules me again?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Has about high level pill builds up the law, for example eight 9th level Immortal Dan, even is Saint pill.”

Heard a Shen Xiang such saying, Feng Yujie immediately understands that Shen Xiang came to here not only to look at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, but also the plan attacked Pill Saint here, the Shen Xiang that short time can attack Pill Saint, she was not very accidental. Shen Xiang arrives at the Saint Beast mountain range through God Feather Sect Teleportation Formation, God Feather Sect and Saint Beast mountain range has close commercial relation, therefore several Teleportation Formation lead to the Saint Beast mountain range. After arriving at the Saint Beast mountain range, he emits Divine Soul to walk randomly in the upper air, examines the topography, compared Ji Ling and Hong Xia leaves his map, quick found one to live in the great mountain of person specially, had every large or small Immortal's cave above, Ji Ling and Hong Xia in inside in which one. Shen Xiang illuminated the map, quick found their Immortal's cave, he was sounding that Stone Gate of cave entrance, was waiting for opening the door. Shortly, Stone Gate slowly opens, presents a beautiful female, is Ji Ling, but Shen Xiang now is change appearance, she sees a stranger, immediately is vigilant. Small Ling'er, is I!” Shen Xiang hastily gives Ji Ling sound transmission: Your change appearance one does not open the door!” Seeing is Shen Xiang, Ji Ling hastily draws him, then closes. Really is you! How do you come such quickly?” Ji Ling excited asking, holds Shen Xiang to jump. ----- These days the body is very bad, therefore planned that recuperates for several days to have a look, later possibly renews few or does not renew, all looked that the health of body decides. The physical condition is not really good, doctor said that my pressure is too big, must relax the reduced pressure, the body is the qualification of revolution, therefore I have to recuperate to return the body well, affects the renewal also to ask everybody to forgive, is deeply grateful!