World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1631
Shen Xiang gives Hong Xia and Ji Ling saint stone surely, these 10 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone regarding Hong Xia and Ji Ling are not a small number, but high level Immortal Medicine that wants the purchase price to rise also can only be reluctant, making them also feel that has not the small pressure, because this easily cannot achieve, although in the market condition is this price, but that is valuably does not have the city. Just went out of Immortal's cave in Hong Xia and Ji Ling, closes Stone Gate time, the Shen Xiang suddenly shuttle space appears side them, moreover man who turns into an ordinary appearance. I and you go together, you are quite broad in path aspect, but distinguishes herbs you to be possible compared with me.” Shen Xiang was worried actually they will have an accident, now high level Immortal Medicine is controlled by Highest Saint Gate, the price rises several times even is ten times, therefore many people will not get rid to purchase now, if some people purchase, definitely will bring to the attention. Hong Xia and Ji Ling is certainly glad the Shen Xiang accompaniment, Highest Saint Gate, although will not cause trouble in this Saint Beast mountain range, but must create obstacles for them, has Shen Xiang and they go together, they do not have anything to be good to fear. In this Saint Beast mountain range also some cities, but not like human these, generally the opening cutting cave in a mountain, or on some great trees, we must go to a great tree now, it is said this is in the Saint Beast mountain range a biggest old tree, is saint tree, above can accommodate several million people does not appear crowded.” Ji Ling walks, while briefed the situation of this Saint Beast mountain range to Shen Xiang. Hong Xia adds: It is said this saint tree master is a big hawk, is Saint Territory one of the ten big Beast Emperor.” Shen Xiang looks to the front, wants to have a look at that huge saint tree, was actually tunnelled the vision by a big piece of mountain, is hard to see in the great tree of distant place, let alone at this time has the light fog to float in the air. Long Xueyi suddenly said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: Here has a White Dragon sword, originally Heavenly Dragon sword also here, but was borrowed in the past, the fellow probably is a big bird, he initially had told me, he came from Saint Territory.”

Shen Xiang has not felt surprised, Long Xueyi can borrow including Godhead this type of that precious thing, lends others not to have anything to make much ado about nothing the Heavenly Dragon sword. Goes to confirm to there is he, does not know that fellow can give back to me.” Long Xueyi said: „The fellow is not very good to cope.” I miss the Heavenly Dragon sword and White Dragon sword now can the collection uneven Seven Saint Dragons sword, did the words say this Seven Saint Dragons sword what's the matter?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not know that in brief in the past my White Dragon sword was among suddenly appeared side me, then the White Dragon sword directed me to seek for the Heavenly Dragon sword again, other six dragons were at that time same as me, in the dragon swords by their hand was directed to seek for the Heavenly Dragon sword, bumping together of our very much coincidence, finally the Heavenly Dragon sword was also snatched by me, I became Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor.” Long Xueyi mentioned this matter, unusual haughty. Shen Xiang scolded lowly: Thing unexpectedly that obtains with great difficulty lends others casually!” Long Xueyi low snort|hum said: Others casually do not borrow, the fellow and I trades with big pile of Sacred Fruit, if I run into you earlier, I being disinclined bird he, you think that I do not love dearly these good things!” Shen Xiang already guessed correctly that she is because gluttonous borrows the Heavenly Dragon sword, but now he and Long Xueyi's strength is good, must receive should the Heavenly Dragon sword not to be the difficult matter. Was uneven the Seven Saint Dragons sword collection, does not know that will be what kind of?” Shen Xiang is curious. I also want to know, in the past our six dragons met, not only competed for the Heavenly Dragon sword, but also wants to rob Saint Sword of other dragons completely, but has not succeeded, I only know that finally Azure Dragon gave the Old Jiang head his Azure Dragon sword.” Long Xueyi said.

Shen Xiang when enters Emperor's Tomb, defeats one to turn into his Spirit Body, obtains the Azure Dragon sword! After great mountain that crossed more than ten reaching to the sky, Shen Xiang they saw that ancient saint tree finally, stood looks in the great mountain top, that huge green crown, was similar to a green vault of heaven, was covering big lands, the above branches and leaves were splendid, the green rosy cloud sparkle, likely was innumerable glittering the light glow emerald. Shen Xiang stands in the crown of mountain, here is above the clouds, the cloud layer also to the middle of great mountain, this mountain is very high, but that tree is higher, that crown like was supported the zenith by the thick bough. Shen Xiang they, even if above the summit, must gain ground to look up to that as if to pass through the starry sky the crown. Quite high!” After Shen Xiang has gawked, exclaims. All people on that crown? We fly!” Shen Xiang just said that Ji Ling and Hong Xia hold on him on hastily, was worried that he flies. Hong Xia anxiously said: Cannot fly, to come up only to be able through bough internal Teleportation Formation . Moreover the crown that most top, this tree altogether three crowns, we most can only go to that.” Ji Ling said: Middle that crown under cloud layer, we descended the mountain to see.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Good strange tree!”

The bough of this great tree is similar to lives to be the same at the most, the branch of constitution crown is thick incomparable, each branch is similar to a great river like that is thick. After descending the mountain, Shen Xiang really saw in the bottommost two crowns, minimum probably several thousand zhang (3.33 m) high, middle that in fog partly visible. Why can't go to uppermost that?” Shen Xiang asked. Because of that Beast Emperor above, there is his nest, if goes rashly, will be killed.” Ji Ling said that at this time she and Hong Xia closely is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm, was worried that Shen Xiang will fly, because of Shen Xiang at this time that face fearless facial expression, making them not feel relieved very much. Approaches that saint tree time, Shen Xiang discovered that this tree unexpectedly has the transparent barrier that forms naturally, will protect the entire tree not to be destroyed. Naturally, if carries on destruction in the interior, by the superintendent penalty of this tree. Under this saint tree definitely has many good things.” Long Xueyi was whispering: „The biggest one possibility, is below has quality very high saint stone mineral lode. No wonder in the past that fellow that many Sacred Fruit gave me the time, the brow does not wrinkle, early knows that I made him give in the past.” If there is not met Shen Xiang, Long Xueyi definitely will keep thinking about this tree above Sacred Fruit, now cultivates Life Slaughtering Technique Shen Xiang, can cause many Sacred Fruit to come fast, she is also disinclined to make Sacred Fruit. Bottom of the giant bough, thick tree roots from the ground bulge, making on the earth present canyons, is only a tree root sway in the ground, must be higher than compared with ordinary on, several tree roots spread across, form many Grand Canyon, is very magnificent.