World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1632
The front bough has a very tiny crack, seems like the natural formation, looks like very tiny in the distant place, but looked recently, even if were a big dragon worms one's way into has more than enough to spare. Shen Xiang thought faintly this tree saint tree Divine Tree in very close Legend, he did not have this to be so huge in that Earth Core Divine Tree that earth core meets, the aura that but these two trees lend, making him feel very similar. In bough that [say / way] giant crack, many people pass and out at this time, including partially is Shapeshift Saint Beast, but humanity are more than Saint Beast, this makes people think somewhat strangely, this Saint Beast mountain range inside humanity are more than beasts. Hong Xia and Ji Ling was familiar with here, they are bringing Shen Xiang light vehicle route ripe entry bough that huge transmission plaza. Here Teleportation Formation is free, because here energy originates from this saint tree completely, this point makes Shen Xiang think very good, must know after many big influences control a region, with stealing openly to be the same in the transmission fee that place charges. Shen Xiang they arrive on a thick branch through Teleportation Formation, on this branch is a small city, 100,000 people of this, the straight branch on slanting grows probably, then can see the end, among this thick branches is a spacious avenue, by the avenue, although the construction has the massive constructions, but still gives people a very spaciously very steady feeling. This saint tree the branch on second crown has, but is not in each can construct the city, every other 1st Stage distance can have the city. This branch are evidently many!” Shen Xiang whispered, can see the construction of end, but that very long branch, does not look to the end. This stubby branch is stable, if we want to purchase herbs, must find a person first here.” Hong Xia to Shen Xiang sound transmission, at this time she and Ji Ling becomes very vigilant, they change appearance, they have been issuing a warrant for arrest now, even if in this Saint Beast mountain range, if exposed status, will have troublesome. Shen Xiang present thoughts on that highest crown, because there has Beast Emperor, the Long Xueyi's Heavenly Dragon sword may very much there, now Long Xueyi has displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to investigate. If on wanting the top layer, how does need to do?” Shen Xiang to Ji Ling and Hong Xia sound transmission, making two female tender bodies tremble.

That is the Hawk Emperor nest, on Legend that is the result place, ties is Sacred Fruit, do you think you to be able relaxed coming up? Only if that Hawk Emperor invited, otherwise do not think!” Hong Xia said. Relax, I ask!” Shen Xiang sees two females that to be worried that then smiled , to continue to follow in two female, moves toward five story-high the wooden tower. Here construction stipulation can only use the blockhead, other materials do not permit. Hawk Emperor? Should right, the fellow be a hawk......” Long Xueyi said: In impression, the fellow is very rarely seen Green Feather Hawk.” Green feather, this is truly rare!” Shen Xiang asked: What did you investigate?” Could not investigate, uppermost natural barrier was too strong, is hard to break through, if were you uses the space to shuttle back and forth, should.” Long Xueyi said. Plan that now Shen Xiang has not moved, because Long Xueyi did not know about that Green Feather Hawk very much, cannot affirm that Heavenly Dragon sword also in that Green Feather Hawk, in the words, that Green Feather Hawk possibly wants to repudiate a debt, then attacks brutally. Therefore, before has not investigated is clear, Shen Xiang will not take risk. His present strength is not weak, if to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, is more fearful, even if faces Beast Emperor, cannot hit, maintains life. To, has then given us that's alright, if must fight anything, you come!” Ji Ling to Shen Xiang sound transmission.

At this time before they arrived at that wooden tower gate, Shen Xiang nodded, then follows in two females behind, steps into the gate, in that instantaneous, several formidable aura that they pass through the gate raid immediately, back and forth is investigating on them, this is because their strengths are quite strong, therefore has caused in the tower the attention of some formidable protectors. In two honored guests requests personally!” old man walks with a smile, very polite said to Hong Xia and Ji Ling that but Shen Xiang is also only one accompanies in his eyes, because looked from the aura that Hong Xia and Ji Ling is formidable. The status of female was not high, can be so formidable, explained that the comparison has the status, even if the man, obtains is trained by the big influence with emphasis, is difficult Hong Xia and Ji Ling their this strengths. Hong Xia and Ji Ling slight bow, then moves toward sliding door, bringing Shen Xiang to go to a luxurious living room. Please wait a bit, the big storekeeper will arrive quickly.” That old man said that waved, hints two seductive young girls they to pour tea to pour water to Shen Xiang, then leaves the living room. Shen Xiang has sized up these two charming young girls, discovered that they behind root hair soft and thick snow white tail, he one wants to know that this is two foxes, is no wonder young, is long that charmingly. Quick, the big storekeeper in that old man mouth came, unexpectedly is youngster, this youngster wears the snow white clothing, makes a long braid to hang in the front, in addition his delicate and pretty fair face, making the person have an misconception, thinks that he is a female. Big storekeeper unexpectedly of this tower is one female and male youngster that is difficult to distinguish, in the Shen Xiang heart is quite surprised, but Hong Xia and Ji Ling has not thought anything. youngster and other two fox female booing tea, then light shouted: You get down!” After the fox female leaves, that youngster light smiles to Hong Xia and Ji Ling, that smiling face is somewhat deceitful, making in the Shen Xiang heart not be feeling well.

At this time that youngster looks at Shen Xiang, the knitting the brows head of: „Haven't you gotten down?” Ji Ling coldly snorted: Qing Wang, my person has not been one's turn you to direct!” Sees Ji Ling this manner, in the youngster heart of that named Qing Wang gets angry, facial expression slightly one cold: You, since asks me to discuss the business, at least must respect me, can't use own appearance?” Shen Xiang saw, Hong Xia and Ji Ling understanding this Qing Wang, and some enmity! We are not look your, we are look for here boss, you is a storekeeper, what to be rampant?” Ji Ling suddenly fire Qi, making Shen Xiang somewhat puzzled, but always calm Hong Xia, unexpectedly does not prevent Ji Ling. Long Xueyi said with a smile: This Qing Wang is a big frog, the strength is a little, but truly does not have anything to be quite rampant!” Hong Xia tranquil saying: This is thousands of jin (0.5 kg) saint stone business, you quickly go to call your bosses!” Thousands of jin (0.5 kg) saint stone is a big number, even if the powerful big storekeeper, cannot take responsibility! Snort, do not think that was safe in the Saint Beast mountain range, do not think that a little saint stone is supercilious, is waiting to me!” Qing Wang said with clenched jaws that then brings to leave this living room angrily.