World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1633
Sees the azure Frog King to depart angrily, Shen Xiang shakes the head to smile: „This fellow big tone, I said that what enmity you and he do have? This goods look like are not too disappointing!” In Ji Ling beautiful eyes flashes through anger, snort|hum said: Do not look at this is the little rascal head, actually he is only the Japanese rhodea frog . Moreover the men and women sweep the decks, before he looked like is truly good, but afterward we know that he was one as false as the extreme fellow, almost by his cheating.” actually is this, it seems like after he you see through, breathless, careful point fellow.” Shen Xiang did not fear that azure Frog King, he worried that fellow copes with Ji Ling and Hong Xia with the cruel method. Um, heard that fellow with poisonous is fierce, shady move are many, we frequently guard against him in this Saint Beast mountain range. However does not use extremely in the worry, he does not dare to use these fierce toxins on this saint tree, was discovered that but capital crime.” Hong Xia smiled, sip scented tea. Qing Wang leaves shortly, walks one looks like very kind grey clothes old man, on his face is having the gentle smile, making one think very kind, is hard to have the heart of guarding, this old man is here boss. Two have waited for a long time, heard that you bring many saint stone, needs anything to be direct start to talk, I will help you get so far as far as possible.” Before this old man, has done business with Hong Xia Ji Ling, they were purchasing herbs at that time. „The Old Li board, our time comes to purchase six Yuan day Chinese olive, how long do you need to help us probably get so far as?” Hong Xia asked. Six Yuan Heaven Dan is in six Immortal Dan is quite expensive, has auxiliary turns into Holy Power Immortal Dan True Qi fast, receives Sacred Realm very much ** the member affection of transferring, has very big market, so long as there is this pill, melts the Sacred Realm nine revolutions of member, loses everything, will get rid to purchase, because this is helpful to them becoming Saint Immortal! That Old Li board does not know that they take six Yuan azure dried fruit anything, looked his smiles deceitful shameless, knows that the price will not lower. Before that azure Frog King was not the good thing, this Old Li board also asked him to be the big storekeeper, thus it can be seen, this Old Li board was not the good thing, therefore Shen Xiang not, because Old Li board that face kind and had the favorable impression to him. I can get so far as,...... You should be very clear, these days Highest Saint Gate has controlled the high level Immortal Medicine channel, therefore price......” the Old Li board shows a face awkward facial expression.

Ji Ling said: You said a price directly!” 15 million jin (0.5 kg), this is worst that six Yuan day Chinese olive. Complete six Yuan day Chinese olive needs 20 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone!” Hears the Old Li board to start out such price to come, Hong Xia and Ji Ling tightly frowns. Hong Xia aspirated lightly, said: This thing actually is also only several million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, now complete, unexpectedly rises dramatically to 20 million jin (0.5 kg)!” Hasn't been short?” The Old Li board shakes the head saying: You go to other places to ask that is also same, has not resulted is short!” Sees this Old Li board manner to be so firm, Shen Xiang knows leeway that this had not discussed that but Ji Ling and Hong Xia present situation are very sensitive, run the words of too many place, finally definitely meets exposed. Shen Xiang gives Hong Xia and Ji Ling sound transmission immediately: You give a try, buys that to be worst with the lowest price.” Hong Xia asked: Buys badly? Doesn't this have the issue?” „, Worst how alchemy?” Ji Ling said: We visit other places again!” Bought that's alright, I had the means!” Shen Xiang said: Worst six Yuan day Chinese olive affirms nobody to want, can perhaps press below 10 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone!”

Shen Xiang planned to buy this most disappointing Immortal Medicine, elixir that Life Slaughtering Technique that because he cultivates comes out concise, can make being on the verge of death Immortal Medicine bring back to life. Hong Xia and Ji Ling some do not hope, in their eyes, this wastes saint stone. Sees them not to have start to talk, Shen Xiang to say to that Old Li board: 5 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, sold to us that most disappointing six Yuan day Chinese olive.” The Old Li board is the same with that azure Frog King, thinks that Shen Xiang is only one accompanies, has not thought that he can take responsibility this matter! This you, you are chatting! Before the present Immortal Medicine price is not, that price, even if the most disappointing six Yuan day Chinese olive, that Highest Saint Gate the price control very much high, you should be very clear, Highest Saint Gate by own strength, has incorporated many to sell the high level Immortal Medicine shop specially......” Shen Xiang said to Hong Xia and Ji Ling: Then we walk, goes to other place to have a look......” Hong Xia and Ji Ling is just about to set out, that Old Li board hastily shouted: Sits down, I also did not say leeway that has not discussed that 8 million jin (0.5 kg) is saint stone what kind of? Worst six Yuan day Chinese olive also from Highest Saint Gate there inventory......” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Before worst six Yuan day Chinese olive definitely is very long, leaves behind, because the preservation will not work as becomes very disappointing, the price that at that time you stocked with goods was very definitely low, to 5 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone you, is very sincere price, no matter before place, now, in any event you cannot sell this price.” Ji Ling sees Shen Xiang to want that disappointing six Yuan day Chinese olive, then tenderly said with a smile: „, The fool like us are not many, you did not sell, we walked!” „The Old Li board, said goodbye, has the opportunity to cooperate again!” Hong Xia said that then moves toward the gate of living room. Ji Ling and Shen Xiang in Hong Xia behind, to entrance time, with the Shen Xiang expectation is the same, that Old Li board really stops by calling them.

Ok, sold to you, oh......” that Old Li board puts out a jade box, he opens the box: You have a look first, bought not to regret that's alright, when the time comes I did not return goods.” These six Yuan day Chinese olives look like wrinkled, without life Qi/angry, the fruit that probably seasons, is truly disappointing. If not Shen Xiang is determined to buy, Hong Xia and Ji Ling Immortal Fruit like this, Hong Xia do not have to put out 5 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone now, buys this barely alive six Yuan day Chinese olive. After buying six Yuan day Chinese olive, Shen Xiang their hastily leaves this tower, goes out of the front door time, the Shen Xiang dissociation outside wisp of Divine Soul saw that azure Frog King looks at their backs on above three quietly, the corners of the mouth also hangs is wiping to sneer. This fellow......” Shen Xiang sees azure Frog King that deceitful facial expression, then hastily gives Hong Xia and Ji Ling sound transmission: We had to trouble, I suspected that azure Frog King has been doing any good deed in secret.” Does not need to be worried, on this saint tree, even if there is a trouble, is not greatly troublesome.” Hong Xia not anxious, she had guessed correctly that azure Frog King will have any action, this in her and Ji Ling is expected. Really, when Shen Xiang they soon arrive at the transmission field of this branch root, a troop person appears in immediately transmitting plaza, threatening, understood at a glance that is the Highest Saint Gate person.