World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1634

The Highest Saint Gate person will appear in this, moreover they come to Shen Xiang, with the knee wants to know that is good deed that the azure Frog King of that whole face villainous smile did a moment ago. Does not need to be worried that they do not dare create a mess on this saint tree.” Hong Xia to Shen Xiang sound transmission, making Shen Xiang not get rid. Hong Xia and Ji Ling already change appearance, the azure Frog King but who that waits and sees on the wooden tower to Highest Saint Gate sound transmission, points out change appearance Hong Xia and Ji Ling. Has such matter, the Old Li board of that wooden tower does not have what to indicate that resembles him to expect to be the same, this causes Hong Xia and in the Ji Ling heart angry. It seems like that Old Li board has moved to the rich monetary reward!” Shen Xiang to two female sound transmission, follows calmly in them behind, they very calm walks toward that transmission region. The purpose in coming of this group of people are very obvious, they just obtained sound transmission of azure Frog King, knows that at present that two females are Hong Xia and Ji Ling, 20-30 people go forward on hastily, they surrounds Shen Xiang. „Do you want to do?” Hong Xia said solemnly: You did not fear that offends Hawk Emperor?” Youth sinister smile that Highest Saint Gate that leads: Piece of work will not alarm Hawk Emperor, can you also raise what storm to be inadequate?” Ji Ling and Hong Xia are very strong, but Highest Saint Gate that group of people think, so long as can hold them instantaneously, does not let make the too big noise, will not alarm this tree saint tree overlord. Shen Xiang has rubbed the fist, said with a sneer: You very much fear Hawk Emperor evidently, such being the case, our fight in which both sides perish, makes that Hawk Emperor!” Hong Xia and Ji Ling heard a Shen Xiang such saying, immediately one not good premonitions! Highest Saint Gate these people feel Shen Xiang's unceasing use intermittent terror the pressure, in the heart are also greatly startle, they have not thought that Hong Xia and Ji Ling these two females, unexpectedly can such quickly find a formidable helper!

Shen Xiang's Divine sea unceasingly, intermittent Divine Power turns into burning hot incomparable hot Divine Power along with his intention turbulently! Takes him quickly!” Highest Saint Gate that youth leader shouted with amazement. Has Godhead Shen Xiang, strength that releases is unusual, Highest Saint Gate these expert are also the talented deities, very clear that strength fearful place, but if not prevent the Shen Xiang's words, by him at this time that wild flame Divine Power, definitely excitedly in Hawk Emperor of saint tree peak. Highest Saint Gate audiences expert offers a sacrifice to saint weapon magic treasure, just must attack the Shen Xiang's time, saw only Shen Xiang's body suddenly to blow out flame, vanish from sight. When people heart startled, not far away suddenly wells up a very burning hot air wave, turns the head to look, sees only on that wooden tower the fuel gas raging flame, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has attacked that wooden tower first! The Old Li board of wooden tower originally also in to rejoice in other people's misfortune, but actually the whole face startled anger, hastily fires into by the raging fire combustion wooden tower at this time, this tower is his painstaking care. This branch has about 100,000 people, seeing the wooden tower because of encountering the attack burns, in abundance calls out in alarm runs away, old man shouted: Hawk Emperor most disliked others to use here hot, then had been finished, ran away quickly!” The Highest Saint Gate person sees the situation not to be right, hastily flies to run away, when they just lifted the footsteps, boundless pressure suddenly covers, making them be similar to shoulders ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) great mountain half, was pressed instantaneously kneels to lie in the ground. Do not want to walk, was you must get rid to grasp a moment ago our, if Hawk Emperor appeared, must some people be responsible for this matter.” The Shen Xiang ice-cold sound conveys, simultaneously follows a hot group to fly to fall. That hot group pounds among Highest Saint Gate that group of people, this unexpectedly is one by the person who the Saint Fire combustion must struggle to call out! By the person of Saint Fire burning down, is that azure Frog King!

Shen Xiang use space strength, round trip is only flash's matter, his whole face ice-cold looks at that azure Frog King: Do not think that we do not know is you calls these fellows!” „............ The Old Li board, saves me quickly...... Saves me quickly, you have to inform............” That azure Frog King loud voice severe howl. The flame that Shen Xiang puts is very strong Saint Fire, but burns instantaneously that wooden tower, at this time the thick smoke is billowing, ascends unceasingly the upper air, the branch that some distant place people occupy sees here situation, immediately is panic-stricken extremely, sets on fire on this saint tree, radically is the behavior of courting death. Hong Xia and Ji Ling has tarried, on the one hand they were given to blow by Shen Xiang that strength, moreover is in their hearts is afraid, even forgot that urged Shen Xiang a bit faster leaves here. Shen Xiang fierce staring to the Old Li board of distant place, grasps void, the arm shuttle space, holds that Old Li board, is away from a big section distance, will grasp, afterward vigorous throwing to the azure Frog King of ground tumbling, in the mouth spouts big group flame, strikes to the Old Li board. The Old Li board is also burnt down by that terror Saint Fire that Shen Xiang releases, was neighing to tumble. This is you courts death, could not complain about me!” Shen Xiang that is full of the killing intent sound, making Highest Saint Gate these expert feel that an ice of penetrating to the bone is cold, although they are Saint Immortal, the invisible barometric pressure of but now actually by Shen Xiang being released pressing cannot move. Shen Xiang moves toward a middle age, said with a sneer: You are Highest Saint Gate? Relax, I will not massacre your, but gives you a lesson.” The words finish, his rapid waving, sees only that middle age to call out pitifully, the complexion becomes pale incomparable, in the Shen Xiang hand are many a grain of golden light shining round bead, this was that middle age in Heaven Dan that dantian condense came out, unexpectedly is grasped instantaneously! That middle age does not have the scar, his Heaven Dan probably was separated to take the thing equally grasping spatially!

This was Shen Xiang has used space strength, Law of Space profound bead that he fused before will show the true might along with his strength. Shen Xiang receives that Heaven Dan, then looks to Highest Saint Gate other people, his swift and fierce ice-cold look, making Highest Saint Gate that crowd of expert whole bodies tremble, before already not, that power and prestige, some fear and despairs. Heaven Dan was grasped, quite Yu Fei, only if there is a good Saint pill, words that otherwise must restore, needs many high level Immortal Dan, can be restored to health after the long-term practice! You return to Highest Saint Gate, told your Dean, if a bit faster did not abolish to their posting a reward, one day I will extinguish entire Highest Saint Gate.” Shen Xiang both hands suddenly fast waves, sees only that crowd of Highest Saint Gate person to call out pitifully one after another, he on the according to extremely quick speed, pulled out a moment ago separately Heaven Dan in that crowd of human body, regarding these expert, this dying is more brutal. Hong Xia and Ji Ling had been frightened the fragrant perspiration to be dripping by the Shen Xiang's method, they as if thought that their Heaven Dan momentarily will be grasped by Shen Xiang, but in their hearts actually inexplicable excitements, they all alone, now did not fear that was bullied by others again. When Shen Xiang must to that azure Frog King and Old Li board fight, a grating cry eats delicacies be similar to the thunderclap explodes to come generally, that sharp grating howl, making the person heart think that had been hit by any thing maliciously, is uncomfortable. Really is this fellow, this borrows the big bird of my Heavenly Dragon sword!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Today must make him also come back the Heavenly Dragon sword, otherwise pulls out the light his bird wool.” Hears this sound, everyone knows that Hawk Emperor appeared, many not the person who comes the transmission to leave, the desperate mood that an end approaches, they are worried about Hawk Emperor to get angry, one and solves them.