World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1635
The appearance of Hawk Emperor, makes flustered, Hong Xia and Ji Ling responded at this time that sound transmission gave Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang a bit faster leave. You walk first, now also with enough time, my here also a little matter!” Instead is Shen Xiang urged that they a bit faster leave. Hong Xia and Ji Ling hesitant, seeing the Shen Xiang's appearance like cracking a joke, then hastily rushes to the transmission region, by the Shen Xiang present strength, does not need them to be worried about anything, even if cannot hit Hawk Emperor, can maintain life. Strong winds follow a very strong pressure, from airborne enormous and powerful covers, even if Shen Xiang also has not the small pressure. The strong winds present time, here is burning the flame blew out, sees only one to wear the black face man of black feather robe to descend slowly from above, that powerful pressure sends out from him. This male that eyes are very sharp, are similar to a falcon, he looks, thought one likely are prey such, feeling that whatever one type butchers. Right, is this fellow, he is Green Feather Hawk, now wears the black Chinese-style gown? Did this fellow black oneself?” Long Xueyi had determined that in the past borrowed the big bird of her Heavenly Dragon sword, is this Hawk Emperor at present. Hawk Emperor looked at all around, looks to lying down in the ground pain ** the person, where seeing Shen Xiang not to have the scared look station, he knows that was whose here fight, what making in his heart quite surprised was, Heaven Dan of ground these people were taken, but the body went not to have what scar. „Don't you know here custom?” Hawk Emperor looks at Shen Xiang, ice-cold sound is bringing very obvious murderous aura, could see that he is angry at this time, because some unexpectedly people disregard his dignity. Shen Xiang said: I am also forced to do, is they first to my fight, you do not believe to ask them, comes across this matter, can't I revolt? Your issue, you as the master of this tree, I come to here unable to obtain the safe guarantee, this cannot blame me!”

Highest Saint Gate these people saw Hawk Emperor to be so angry, in the heart chuckles to oneself secretly, thinking Shen Xiang must have bad luck, who knows that Shen Xiang's is courageous is above their imagination, unexpectedly said this wild words to come, person who these were fleeing this place, was startled to stop by the Shen Xiang's words, suspected one misunderstood! Hawk Emperor frowned, because Shen Xiang said not the Tyrannical principle, if he, he certainly will also revolt, this situation, whose bird anything custom, preserves is in itself Wang Dao (The Way of King), but some people dare here fight, truly to be his responsibility, this is he manages improper. You only need to reply me, is you threatens him first!” Hawk Emperor sweeps indifferently, looks to Highest Saint Gate that group of people, then like the hawk eye, looked at that group of people to forget including the pain. We followed orders to handle affairs......” a person just to reply, that black feather Chinese-style gown that Hawk Emperor wore, suddenly projected a black feather, flew to the person who replied a moment ago, after seeing only that person the black feather hit, instantaneously turns into pile of black powder. Sees this, other Highest Saint Gate people desperately to arrive at the valley, immediately all over the body lives coldly, the fear spreads the whole body, that feeling ratio dies for them also uncomfortably. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: They are the Highest Saint Gate people, they truly are follow orders to handle affairs, but is small, your solemn does Hawk Emperor, what meaning kill this small to have? They dare to cause trouble in your domain, because they think that their Highest Saint Gate is much more formidable than you!” Shen Xiang these words clarify are giving Highest Saint Gate to draw the hatred, so long as not deaf can listen, but he also said is the truth, Hawk Emperor this status, will cope with these little things only from falling the sale price, should go to Highest Saint Gate to ask for an explanation to be right. You are only a humanity, you think at most I will lead by the nose by you?” Hawk Emperor is somewhat angry, Shen Xiang one after another words, probably are instructing him to be the same. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am not necessary according to do, but you who I said as here master, others come to your this place to cause trouble, you eradicate several to be young, cannot here to feel at ease, but Highest Saint Gate will therefore also despise your.”

Hawk Emperor sneers: This matter is not no need you saying that I also know, although you are forced to get rid, the custom that but I set is everyone cannot in my domain fight, your not only fight, but also has set on fire, therefore you must subject to a penalty.” Hawk Emperor thinks Shen Xiang will fear, who knows Shen Xiang actually suddenly laughs. Before I subject to a penalty, I must ask for a thing!” Shen Xiang suddenly becomes earnest, Long Xueyi confirmed that in the past the Heavenly Dragon sword lent this Hawk Emperor. Do not be wordy, your best obediently to subject to a penalty, such I will keep your life.” The Hawk Emperor complexion becomes ice-cold. Heavenly Dragon sword also your here? I take for a friend!” Shen Xiang is not wordy, begs the Heavenly Dragon sword directly. Really, Hawk Emperor hears Heavenly Dragon sword these three characters, the complexion suddenly changes. „Is your friend also living?” The Hawk Emperor complexion is dignified , is very shocking, he has thought Long Xueyi died. Right, she is also living, the Heavenly Dragon sword lends you to be so long, now you should return.” Shen Xiang said. Hawk Emperor said with a sneer: Why I believe you, only if she appears!”

Just said that the Shen Xiang side lightened a white light, presented a long body handsome white clothing female, saw on this female face that handsome unparalleled appearance, the Hawk Emperor complexion became very ugly, although was separated by many years, but he still recognized Long Xueyi. I appeared, gives back to me the Heavenly Dragon sword quickly.” Long Xueyi puts out a hand, purses the lips slightly, obviously is somewhat discontented, because the Heavenly Dragon sword is so long in Hawk Emperor, she has owed obviously. Hawk Emperor has sized up Long Xueyi carefully, that pair eagle-eyed sends out a green multi-colored sunlight, sees his eyes green light coldly, the Long Xueyi complexion one. You are looking at my strength, if I am not too strong, didn't plan also?” Long Xueyi cold sound track. Hawk Emperor lightly smiled: Your Godhead really not, sorry, I have the matter today, another day will discuss this matter again!” Then, this Hawk Emperor turned into gust to vanish, stirred up Long Xueyi to be angry, loudly was exclaiming to Hawk Emperor: Dead Green Feather Hawk, your unexpectedly acts shamelessly! You are waiting to me, I give you three days of time, if my Heavenly Dragon sword, I do not reduce your this broken tree!” You, if can cut off, does as you please, but you, if cuts off, I do not need to return the Heavenly Dragon sword to you.” The Hawk Emperor words let the Long Xueyi short of breath, she displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, seeks the Hawk Emperor trail!