World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1636

Hawk Emperor is confident to this saint tree, he wants to cut off is difficult, let alone other people, he do not think that who can cut off saint tree casually! Long Xueyi is angry at this time, this Hawk Emperor dares flagrant acting perversely, did not plan that gives back to her the Heavenly Dragon sword. I give you again an opportunity, does not give back to my words the Heavenly Dragon sword, consequence ownself suffer!” Long Xueyi gets angry shouted, on her the strength of that Heavenly Dragon, unceasingly spout with her anger, blows this middle crown crazily to shake, the people see this female to be so fearful, immediately flies to run away. Hawk Emperor has calculated very formidable existence in their eyes, but Hawk Emperor does not dare alone to face Long Xueyi now, must hide, obviously this handsome female is fearful. Hawk Emperor as side Beast Emperor, is equal to Emperor Level expert of humanity, he rather offends Long Xueyi this Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, is not willing to return the Heavenly Dragon sword, thus it can be seen, the Heavenly Dragon sword is very in his eyes precious. You have to plant to snatch, this follows my many years the sword, has the deep affection with me, I use has a close as flesh and blood feeling, is my, must blame to blame you being irresponsible, expired does not take.” The Hawk Emperor sound hands down from generation to generation from the sky, hearing Long Xueyi to be angrier. Your this did Green Feather Hawk, act shamelessly also holds true?” Long Xueyi's complexion suddenly becomes tranquil, could see that she had been enraged thoroughly, she looks to Shen Xiang, shouted: Cuts off this tree, I must have a look but actually in his eyes am the Heavenly Dragon sword treasure, is this tree treasure.” saint tree is thick, is much bigger than several great mountains, moreover grows that many years, like the iron, must cut off hardly is not very truly easy! But Shen Xiang thinks to accomplish, he nodded, I require time, moreover does not hope that was disturbed.” Sky over Long Xueyi expression with deep veneration, looks angrily, coldly said: Relax, I ensure he will not disturb you, moreover I must rob the Heavenly Dragon sword from his hand, I must make him know that acts shamelessly to me will have the serious consequence.”

Hawk Emperor knows that Shen Xiang is very fierce, how at this time he also wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to cut off his saint tree. Shen Xiang jump from the branch gets down directly, lands on the ground. When he just fell to the ground, several hawks eat delicacies from four sides transmit, this is the Hawk Emperor subordinate, usually is responsible for safeguarding this saint tree, the strength is very formidable, at this time was called to cope with Shen Xiang by Hawk Emperor, although this tree is very difficult to cut off, but Hawk Emperor actually does not want to cause anything to destroy to this tree, sending out some little brothers to prevent Shen Xiang. In above Long Xueyi, branches out wisp of Divine Soul to examine the Shen Xiang's situation, flies with the gentleman to the crown of saint tree most peak. Do not want to approach him, Longwang!” Shen Xiang also wants to get rid, but hears the Long Xueyi's sound to transmit, he knows one do not need to worry about these, Long Xueyi will help him solve. Hawk Emperor sends ten black great hawks, is strength very strong Saint Beast, they from the high-speed flight, who know the light net that in all directions suddenly appeared covers. The mesh wires of light nets are the tiny dragon mark compositions, looks like very fierce, spray coating intermittent Dragon Qi, sends out faint dragon roar, ties down these very formidable black Saint hawk stubbornly. Shen Xiang is looking at sky that several light nets, lightly smiled, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, pours into formidable Divine Power, making Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade increase rapidly, in the process of increasing, the knife sends out intermittent dazzling azure glow, the deafening dragon roar shakes saint tree these thick branches crazily to shake, boundless Azure Dragon blade Qi ascends airborne, enables to feel that in the branch above person a fear of being hard spoken language, leaves saint tree through Teleportation Formation in abundance. „Will Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, how appear here?” The Hawk Emperor shock said that seeing Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to get bigger and bigger, moreover that blade potential is bringing filling the heavens murderous aura, in the heart is surprised, his suddenly thought that imposing manner is familiar, but thinks somewhat strangely.

Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique? This is the killing of potential world!” Hawk Emperor has not thought that the Shen Xiang so deep conceal will not reveal, not only has of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Four Beast's Divine Weapons, but also has practiced Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. Stops quickly!” Hawk Emperor suddenly bellows, sends out an incisive long and loud cry, the sound wave turns into a very strong strength vigor, the direct impact ground, strikes to Shen Xiang. Heavenly Dragon cover!” Long Xueyi has guaranteed, will not make Shen Xiang be disturbed, seeing Hawk Emperor to get rid, she releases the strength of Heavenly Dragon, turns into a transparent big dragon, coils around Shen Xiang, forms a guard shield. That terrifying sound wave that Hawk Emperor releases, hits Long Xueyi's Heavenly Dragon to cover above, unexpectedly is rebounded, the rebound direction was controlled by Long Xueyi's, she controls sound wave strength that the imposing manner has not weakened, fires into the first crown, vanishes dozens thick branches instantaneously. These branches crash, is similar to mountain ranges like that bang falling in the ground, shakes the earth to shake, the billowing rumbled sound as if must shatter general the vault of heaven. At this time, Hawk Emperor knows one underestimated that Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang's strength, especially Long Xueyi, not having Godhead so to be intrepid, the hawk that unexpectedly can resist his terror easily ate delicacies! Green Feather Hawk, I found you!” When Long Xueyi while Hawk Emperor attacked Shen Xiang a moment ago, locks his position, afterward clashes on, arrives at the saint tree highest crown instantaneously, stands on a branch, with Hawk Emperor face-to-face. But at this time Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade becomes very long is very long, has been able to cut the saint tree thick bough horizontally.

Your treasure saint tree must cut off, don't you love dearly?” Long Xueyi asked that in her hand held white to carve the long sword of dragon, was her White Dragon sword. Snort, in any event, I will not give you Heavenly Dragon sword!” A Hawk Emperor face is firm, coldly said: You had to plant chop saint tree!” Long Xueyi clenched teeth, angrily said: Good, I did not want the Heavenly Dragon sword, I must capture alive you, suffer your thousands ten thousand years, wasn't a broken Heavenly Dragon sword? Does not want!” Sees Long Xueyi this time appearance, knows her to decide, in the Hawk Emperor heart was worried that immediately is calculating, for a Heavenly Dragon sword, saint tree did not have, will unable to do well itself also to be grasped to suffer, he thinks also to think to be unworthy. Stop, I give you Heavenly Dragon sword, under makes that fellow stop quickly!” Hawk Emperor thrilling avoids Long Xueyi that swift and violent sword, yelled. But Long Xueyi Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, this Green Feather Hawk, although dominates here, but faces this keeping aloof Heavenly Dragon, there is a very tremendous pressure, when let alone the Long Xueyi present strength had Godhead before was fiercer. Your this bastard, early can't this?” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted, hastily to Shen Xiang sound transmission, making him stop attacking.