World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1638

The high level Immortal Dan type are quite few, especially above six Immortal Dan, each first-order has 1-2 types, for example six Immortal Dan quite common was six Yuan azure pill. The high level Immortal Dan flexibility is very strong, this must look at the alchemy master generally, according to the experience and ability of alchemy master, they can use some rare Immortal Medicine matching, builds up some useful Immortal Dan, is homemade. Because high level Immortal Medicine is few, can therefore the mutual tie-in sale carry on alchemy, Immortal Dan that builds up, the use also according to matching of alchemy master decided that this tests the ability of alchemy master. Naturally, if there are many six Yuan day Chinese olives, six Dan Immortal not will try some nobody to practice the home remedy. Currently Shen Xiang has many six Yuan day Chinese olives, if he can build up a large quantities of six Yuan azure pill, will have very big impact on Saint Territory, especially these pills professions. The Shen Xiang's alchemy experience is very rich, he according to the characteristics of six Yuan day Chinese olive, can know probably one must use any degree the flame. Six Yuan azure pill with six Yuan day Chinese olive then refined into, but this is only Shen Xiang's builds up the law, if other alchemy masters refines, to guarantee to refine successfully, will also increase some auxiliary herbs, that is also very big expenses, auxiliary herbs of use wants year over ten thousand years of that. Shen Xiang alchemy time, because cultivates the Life Slaughtering Technique reason, he can pour into includes the energy of that elixir characteristics, can treat as auxiliary herbs to use. Six Yuan day Chinese olive was being burnt down by Shen Xiang's Saint Fire in pill furnace, not long, the Immortal Fruit surface on split open, the azure energy that the interior spout, after moving Saint Fire, unexpectedly burns down, making in pill furnace present two types of flame, one type is his Saint Fire, moreover is the azure fire of six Yuan day Chinese olive. What's the matter? These six Yuan day Chinese olive internal energy unexpectedly can burn down!”

Shen Xiang is very surprised, but according to his judgment, if to these azure flame combustion, will consume the light Immortal Fruit internal energy again, his hastily emits Divine Power, seeps to the azure fire, seeks for these flammable energies, then mixes in some Divine Power, changes these energies the characteristics, prevents to burn once again. After the control, Shen Xiang relaxed, but in a while, that split open Immortal Fruit spouts an energy once more, this time the flame that is the azure purple occurred simultaneously appears in pill furnace! Came, these six Yuan day Chinese olives what's the matter? Is the flame does, how to have that many color flame!” Shen Xiang controlled with the method. Long Xueyi said: Six Yuan day Chinese olive is this, this type of fruit can turn into Holy Power True Qi, will therefore produce six types of color flame, these flame are Saint Fire, but the might is very small and is very unusual, can therefore build up to turn into Holy Power True Qi in a very gentle way.” Shen Xiang thinks that no longer controls the unusual flame that these reveal, but releases a guard shield in pill furnace, wraps together these flame completely, even if the energy combustion, however the final energy will not dissipate, throughout was gathered together. Now Shen Xiang must do is the acceleration builds up six Yuan day Chinese olive, lets six Yuan day Chinese olive under burning of flame builds up, the quality becomes higher, passes through again compresses highly, can make this Immortal Fruit achieve itself many time of effects. Immortal Fruit takes 20 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, if a grain of pill, the price at least must turn one time, is 40 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, we sell 30 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, quick can sell.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: You, so long as builds up several 20 grains, sells out completely, many saint stone!” This regarding Shen Xiang is not any difficult matter, but Hong Xia and Ji Ling does not think that they do not know Shen Xiang cultivates Life Slaughtering Technique condense elixir to have heaven defying how, they thought that Shen Xiang can refine one grain to gain one greatly.

The Shen Xiang present goal to attack Saint pill, then while convenient gains selects saint stone! „It is not good!” The progress also calculates smooth Shen Xiang, suddenly frowned, the forehead sweated, sees only Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to vibrate fiercely. Shen Xiang hastily opens Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace furnace lid, sees only the colorful flame spout from inside, bringing a thick medicine to be fragrant. Swallows that flame quickly!” Shen Xiang to Long Xueyi shouted. Long Xueyi appears in the secret room immediately, 2-3 absorb that six color flame, then returns to Hidden Jade Ring, inquired: What's the matter? Was defeated?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Only can be failure half, I have not expected six Yuan day Chinese olive internal flame to be so fierce, in I must build up completely the instance, the flame that suddenly erupts was too strong, making me be caught off guard, has to release comes out, otherwise must be defeated.” Said that you can also continue now?” Long Xueyi said with a smile: You, if gives me to taste one first, perhaps will not have such matter.” Shen Xiang sighed: Also can continue, but can only concentrate a grain of pill, if not drain these, three grains of six Yuan azure pill definitely do not have the issue.”

A six Yuan day Chinese olive can build up three grains of pill, is very good, at least many alchemy masters in this Saint Territory cannot achieve. Leaves pill quantity to be many, this is Shen Xiang is most adept, more to high level pill, more manifests the advantage in this aspect, even if he did not understand heaven defying elixir that condense that type duplicates herbs, depends on him to leave pill quantity aspect, can make him like a fish in water. When Shen Xiang alchemy, outside had an important matter, but that is also expected in Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's, is Hawk Emperor announces with the Highest Saint Gate union, although said that but Saint Territory other Big Shot know that Hawk Emperor complies with these Hell Demon Envoy, hires oneself Infernal Demon Emperor. Highest Saint Gate has powerful Beast Emperor to join, making Highest Saint Gate more formidable, many by the strong presence of Highest Saint Gate annexation, had not had very tremendous pressure at this moment, because of their very clear Highest Saint Gate ambition, if no formidable strength to prevent Highest Saint Gate, Highest Saint Gate sooner or later will dominate entire Saint Territory, then leads Saint Territory to capture world of Nine Heaven. Highest Saint Gate Dean also the undying heart , to continue to seek for Ji Ling and Hong Xia at this time, because the Ji Ling understanding has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Shen Xiang, but Hong Xia has Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit. Three days three nights pass by, Shen Xiang thinks most is only day of time can build up six Yuan azure pill, but when the refinement, actually comes across many issues, he processes carefully, requires a lot of time, suddenly on past three days. These three days of harvests are not small, at least he successfully refines a grain of six Yuan azure pill, has not wasted six Yuan day Chinese olive.