World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1639
Shen Xiang refines high level Immortal Dan now, quite in walking stair, step by step stable forward peak. Has not thought that this pill can sell expensively.” Shen Xiang is pinching a grain of azure six Yuan azure pill, is such a grain of small meatball, can sell to 30 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone. This is the present rises the multiple prices, if the normal price, many People influences can afford.” Long Xueyi said: If you can sell several grains to exit, can definitely gain one greatly, this is that Highest Saint Gate merit.” Shen Xiang laughed, puts out a six Yuan day Chinese olive, prepares alchemy. He heard before Highest Saint Gate controls the pills price, has thanked Highest Saint Gate in the heart, if not Highest Saint Gate, present six Yuan azure pill cannot buy that high price. 19 six Yuan day Chinese olives, Shen Xiang must turn into Immortal Dan these Immortal Fruit completely, has a successful experience, can make him more relaxed. Before has not refined one type familiar, will not be easy, Shen Xiang had estimated that he wants a perfect refinement furnace pill, same requires 2-3 days. Came this to be very slow speed regarding him, but other Dan Immortal must refine a furnace six Yuan azure pill, at least also took more than ten days, most Dan Immortal took more than 1-2 months can refine a furnace, therefore his present speed is terrorist, this was the difference of God Refining Technique and Refining Simulation Technique. Shen Xiang refined the time of second furnace to be the same with before, was three days three nights, but this time he still did not have perfect built up a furnace pill to come, he had some small mistakes on the way, caused revelation many energies, finally can only concentrate two grains of six Yuan azure pill, if did not have the mistake, can leave the pill three grains. To a bit faster familiar refine six Yuan azure pill, Shen Xiang has not rested, has stayed in the secret room alchemy. Quick on past one month, he has used ten six Yuan day Chinese olives, altogether refines 25 grains of six Yuan day Chinese olives, regarding such achievement, he was satisfied. Now can exit to enjoy.” Shen Xiang badly badly smiles, goes out of the secret room, whenever before he he came out from the secret room, always has Ji Ling and Hong Xia these two beautiful women sympathizes to take care. But these time comes out, disappointing him, because Hong Xia and Ji Ling in closing up practice, he can only fight, put out the water of some Sacred Spirit, placed in the bathing pool, soaked itself well, eliminated the fatigue of long time accumulation, meanwhile can relax the mood.

Where do your six Yuan azure pill plan to sell?” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Sells completely, is very big saint stone, in this Saint Territory, the influence that can eat up completely are not many.” The Shen Xiang comfortable bubble in the bathing pool, he had also thought this issue before. I did not plan to sell to God Feather Sect, because was the acquaintance, was not good the high price, I planned to sell out, then with some receive in exchange for herbs that seven Immortal Dan needed.” Shen Xiang said. Feng Yujie is Pill Saint, in her God Feather Sect definitely stores up has these high level Immortal Medicine, they can definitely refine, not deficient six Yuan azure pill, in addition is an acquaintance, the price of that rising was not definitely good to sell to God Feather Sect. Only can wait for that two beautiful women to come out.” Shen Xiang walks from the bathing pool, wears the clothes, sits waited for in the hall patiently that he does not want to go to alchemy now, refines continuously for one month, he needs to relax the mood. Idles is all right to do, he displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, was strolled outside by own Divine Soul, has a look at all around environment. The present is dusk, he wants to have a look at the scenery of sunset, but his Divine Soul just left Immortal's cave, the discovery does not suit. How that many bats?” Shen Xiang knits the brows: These bats are not the ordinary bats! Before here did not have, moreover within the body had a very evil energy.” Long Xueyi said: I have a look!” She also displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, has a look that bat that Shen Xiang said. This bat should come out from Hell, named Hell Demon Bat, is a vampire bat.” Long Xueyi took a deep breath: If the quantity are many enough, the ordinary Human Immortal person meets, will be attracted turn into a human to do instantaneously.”

In addition, this Hell Demon Bat also ability, looks for missing persons! Not only through the appearance of person, but can also distinguish the aura of blood, generally these Hell Demon Bat can establish the relation with a master, will be controlled by that master.” Shen Xiang said: It seems like these Hell Demon Bat are used to seek our, this place everywhere is, does not know that is who puts? Has the means to prevent these things to investigate?” These things cannot investigate you, but Hong Xia and Ji Ling was difficult saying that these Hell Demon Bat in very far place, can smell the aura of blood!” Long Xueyi said: Possibly is that Hawk Emperor sends, may be Highest Saint Gate Dean.” They do not have the blood aura of that two girl, should not find them?” Shen Xiang said that he does not fear these Hell Demon Bat but actually. Was difficult saying that if were they have used or lived in the place, remainingly very weak blood aura, so long as the master induced obtains, can transmit to all Hell Demon Bat there.” Long Xueyi said: You are ready, was entangled by these Hell Demon Bat is not the good deed.” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's Divine Soul outside, day completely black time, their suddenly discovered that accumulation Hell Demon Bat here were getting more and more. Such quickly was discovered by them?” Shen Xiang puts out Suppressing Devil Mirror, copes with this type of evil thing with Suppressing Devil magic treasure is most effective. Long Xueyi said: You first awaken them, had been discovered by them, that several fierce fellow will come here not long.” Shen Xiang nodded, hastily knocks Hong Xia and Ji Ling door. Hong Xia and Ji Ling does not have choke-out pass/test, quick to wake, opens the door to see the Shen Xiang's complexion to be very serious, knows that has the matter to occur.

Outside has troop Hell Demon Bat, this type of thing like the dog, specifically is used to look for missing persons, we should be discovered that quick will have very strong fellow to catch up.” Shen Xiang made a long story short. Now what to do then we can?” Hong Xia asked that she and Ji Ling was not anxious, because they know that Shen Xiang had certainly the means solution. Shen Xiang smiled, said: Temporarily stays in my magic treasure, inside is very beautiful.” Hong Xia and Ji Ling does not have opinion, Shen Xiang then to put in Hidden Jade Ring them, has not avoided them in inside Long Xueyi, but is they boasts in inside. Before Hong Xia and Ji Ling goes, Shen Xiang wanted two drops of blood to them separately, he through space strength, places this Immortal's cave deep place that two drops of blood, then uses the space shuttle to leave Immortal's cave quietly. Shen Xiang has not been far away from here, he hides outside, who he wants to have a look is controls these Hell Demon Bat.