World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1642

Shen Xiang waited for several days, Ji Ling and Hong Xia wakes up finally, they have duplicated Shen Xiang's Fire Spirit, but also needs to absorb the massive energies, carries on a practice again, can have Shen Xiang that type of fierce flame. You where, so long as told me to go to sell six Yuan azure pill that's alright.” Shen Xiang said: You continue to practice in inside, outside now is very unsafe.” Hong Xia said: In antique Sacred City nearby city, named Flame City, the one who governs this city is a very formidable influence, continuously and Highest Saint Gate does right.” This influence is a very tasteful bloodline family, if the birth did not have the Fire Spirit juniors, will get rid, cannot become the core member of family, their bloodlines inheritance were very strong, almost all descendants had Fire Spirit.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: Said that Yan clan is one with the fire very formidable aristocratic family, does not know that they are good to speak.” Ji Ling said: „The Yan clan people are good, but the temperament flushed a point, if you spoke with them well, they were very polite to you, although some Yan clan also many outstanding alchemy masters, but they also purchased high level Immortal Dan, moreover they were very rich, sold to them to be most appropriate six Yuan azure pill.” Hong Xia and Ji Ling knew Shen Xiang that heaven defying elixir, therefore they firmer were determined with Shen Xiang's at this time that later they will not rush about for high level pill. Shen Xiang arrives at antique Sacred City, this antique Sacred City originally by several big influence controls, but now basically by Highest Saint Gate controlling, God Feather Sect, although also establishes here, but 1 : 00 right to speak does not have now, God Feather Sect to avoid having the conflict with Highest Saint Gate, does not compete for the authority here, now God Feather Sect only wants to develop stably. Strolled in antique Sacred City, Shen Xiang had understood that Highest Saint Gate these days trend, was the unceasing expansion influence, recruiting massive expert to join, this was easier to take Emperor Heaven, controlled world of Nine Heaven. Let is not only Highest Saint Gate that Shen Xiang is worried, other that several Heaven territory, particularly Heavenly Dragon Territory! When the time comes Highest Saint Gate leads Saint Territory formidable strength, unites several other Heaven territory again, depends on Emperor Heaven that several Emperor Level expert, perhaps is hard to contend, world of Nine Heaven also because this will fight life uttery misery, the casualty will be innumerable.

...... Shen Xiang arrives at the transmission area, manages Teleportation Formation old man to inquire to one: Where transmits to Flame City Teleportation Formation?” That old man somewhat strange looks at Shen Xiang: Goes to Flame City? You do not know that Flame City is sealed now?” Shen Xiang truly does not know, will otherwise not come: Can say with me that I do not know this matter.” old man said: Mainly is Highest Saint Gate and several big influences prepares to force Yan clan to submit, led to Flame City Teleportation Formation to close, later everybody wanted Flame City, can only walk to go, this was Highest Saint Gate to the warning of Flame City! It seems like between Flame City and Highest Saint Gate must have a war!” How long did this matter have?” Shen Xiang also asked that in the heart was thinking anything. One month, but Highest Saint Gate is not strong to Flame City, in a short time great war will not erupt, if they can reach an agreement, can perhaps avoid fighting.” That old man said. Shen Xiang transmits to an entrance, leaves antique Sacred City, goes to Flame City! Hong Xia has told Shen Xiang, Yan clan itself does not produce herbs, from other influence purchases, at this time these influences basically was controlled by Highest Saint Gate, Immortal Medicine that therefore Yan clan purchases at this time, price also very high. If Shen Xiang goes to Flame City to sell six Yuan azure pill , not good to raise too high the price, now he thought that Flame City Yan clan is good, at least dares to contend with Highest Saint Gate, if later must cope with Highest Saint Gate, the fierce allies are not a misdemeanor.

It seems like I cannot consider only now am earning saint stone, should becomes friends with while this opportunity and Yan clan.” Shen Xiang told Long Xueyi them the idea in heart. Hong Xia said: Yan clan and God Feather Sect relationship is very ordinary, usually little has the communication, words that but you must reconcile them now, is not too difficult, because their situations are similar.” Ji Ling said: Highest Saint Gate, once has enough strength, will be when the time comes reckless, eradicates to threaten their influence, this can make them control Saint Territory stably, then attacks world of Nine Heaven.” Long Xueyi their three people approve of Shen Xiang and Yan clan become friends with, this makes Shen Xiang quicken pace to go to Flame City. Although Flame City near antique Sacred City, but is not near, is only because Flame City is the distance antique Sacred City recent city, was said Shen Xiang has not gone to Flame City, cannot determine the distance, not good one time to shuttle back and forth there, can only the 1st Stage section distance shuttle back and forth. Even if this, he has also used two days of time, if other people , more than ten days. Sealed off Teleportation Formation by Highest Saint Gate, making many people want to go to the Flame City person to be inconvenient, has very tremendous influence to the development of Flame City! Shen Xiang arrives in Flame City, here empty, before Hong Xia and Ji Ling, had said this is a very lively city, but now actually becomes so. Yan clan is very definitely angry, does not know how they will plan to do, submit Highest Saint Gate, revolts against Highest Saint Gate?” Hong Xia said: Goes to Yan clan to have a look.” After Flame City Highest Saint Gate seals off, many people here worried that Highest Saint Gate will hit, for was not brought disaster, has to move from here.

The Yan clan front door opens wide, the guard of guarding a gate is valiant, where the straight formidable station, has the imposing manner, even if Flame City is empty at this time, but these guards have not actually received anything to affect, this has given the Shen Xiang very good impression. Shen Xiang stands in that solemn silence front door, inquired a guard: I want to find the Yan clan person to discuss the business, can help me notify?” That guard puts out subpoenas jade token to subpoena together, soon after humpbacked old man slowly walk, the whole face smile inquired Shen Xiang: What business can discuss? Is buys or sells?” Shen Xiang said: My six Yuan azure pill a little, does not know on hand your here does receive?” Humpbacked old man hears some people to sell six Yuan azure pill, is somewhat surprised, said: Now six Yuan azure pill quite scarce Immortal Dan, if uses well, can perhaps make the hominization Saint successful, this pill we receive certainly! You determined that can sell?” Shen Xiang nodded: I determined!” In requests personally!” Shen Xiang goes to a hall with humpbacked old man, that humpbacked old man makes Shen Xiang wait first here, he called the Yan clan high level to discuss that he was only here steward, this matter could not have taken responsibility. This Yan clan family tradition is really good, comes, sees these bodyguards, the strength is good, has the sense of discipline very much.” Shen Xiang praised: It seems like this Yan clan is not the aristocratic family that type casual can submit.”