World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1646
Shen Xiang received that grain of bead, pinches closely, he asked: What serious consequence will have?” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's foe is the demon emperor, if there is an opportunity, he will certainly help them this greatly Qiu Bao! Two situations \; first, she uses her charm to control you, making you her slave, two are she uses to pick Yang Buyin evil technique, all your strength suck dries, that is very terrifying, in the past several had the opportunity to aspire to seize the imperial throne expert, but she rested one to turn into the average person in the evening.” Feng Yujie mentioned this, was serious, at the same time was worrying in Hong Xia and Ji Ling heart, they do not hope that Shen Xiang planted in the demon emperor hand. Relax!” Shen Xiang thinks otherwise, says with a smile: I went to Flame City, after a period of time came back again, you studied alchemy well, later like Aunt Feng, was female Pill Saint.” Shen Xiang has patted two female shoulders, then leaves God Feather Sect, goes to Flame City. Flame City Yan Qi had looked for Feng Yujie, reached an agreement the matter of union, Shen Xiang arrived at Yan clan in secret, warmly was entertained, the Yan clan steward also brought Shen Xiang to arrive at that shop. Before Yan clan helped the matter that Shen Xiang propagandized has sold six Yuan azure pill, at this time Shen Xiang arrived at Flame City, confirmed after the time of selling, then spread the precise information. The news is Yan clan puts, definitely is the real effective news, even if the Flame City present situation is not very good, but continues six Yuan azure pill person or hastily rushes to Flame City. Now a pill is difficult to ask, even if there is saint stone to be hard to buy, especially high level Immortal Dan, therefore emerges the Flame City person to be many at this time, because here is going to sell 45 grains of six Yuan azure pill! In addition, Shen Xiang also puts out some low level Immortal Dan, making many people of coming not turn over to disappointedly, at least can snatch some convenient Immortal Dan. Shen Xiang has not opened sells, the street that shop is at was very lively. Shen Xiang wants to let Hong Xia and Ji Ling helps, but they study with Feng Yujie now , not good to call them, can only make Long Xueyi come out to help from Hidden Jade Ring.

Shen Xiang and Yan clan steward looks at the shop, determined that tomorrow will open sells, he will make that steward go back, he must stroll in Flame City. Flame City now only then a street is quite lively, he also can only walk here, in the evening, he just about to returns to the shop, suddenly glimpses two very familiar faces. One is skin dark colored youngster, another is the hair randomly chaotic bad old man! This is Huang Jintian and cat! Huang Jintian arrives at Saint Territory with Shen Xiang, alone looked for cat, Shen Xiang also thinks that Huang Jintian and cat will only hunt and kill Saint Beast in the open country, will not come the day. Huang Jintian and cat does not recognize Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang happen to lacks the helper now, Huang Jintian and cat present appears, happen to can help. Master!” Shen Xiang gives Huang Jintian sound transmission: How did you come?” Huang Jintian looks immediately to Shen Xiang, then has drawn the cat clothes, walks with cat. I know that sells the pills wealthy and powerful family is you, has not thought that found you quickly.” Huang Jintian said with a smile to Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang leads them to enter the shop. Has not thought that you become that fierce!” Cat is surprised, because previous time he meets the Shen Xiang's time, Shen Xiang may be weaker than him. Hehe, you came happen, helping me sell pill!” Shen Xiang puts out some jade bottles, then told them inside Immortal Dan to sell many prices, saint stone that sold to them.

Huang Jintian said with a smile: Knows that your this brat mixes very well, looks you really right!” Cat is taking two bottles of three Immortal Dan, inside has more than 3000 grains, each grain can sell many saint stone, saint stone that words that sells out completely, obtains makes cat be hard to imagine. Shen Xiang does not care that saint stone, he sells these low level Immortal Dan, to stimulate Highest Saint Gate. You when the time comes must remember, a person can only buy one grain, had better be able remember their aura, if the aura somewhat close do not sell to them, when the time comes you induce well, she will tell you.” Shen Xiang said that Long Xueyi appears in front of Huang Jintian and cat. Long Xueyi smiled to them, said: These pill cannot sell to Highest Saint Gate, I will when the time comes look carefully, person who purchase if there is Highest Saint Gate, I will remind your.” Huang Jintian and cat came here also more than ten days, had known about the situation in this place, especially Highest Saint Gate matter. Huang Jintian asked: Highest Saint Gate wins over that many influences, the disciple who and may not let their this gates bought, making the attached influence purchase that's alright, how when the time comes did you distinguish to obtain?” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Actually these low level Immortal Dan sell them not to have anything, but we must make Highest Saint Gate leave lose face, therefore once when the time comes has Highest Saint Gate the disciple to purchase, we directly face to face told them, these pill did not sell to Highest Saint Gate.” Huang Jintian laughed, understands the Long Xueyi's meaning: This is to let Highest Saint Gate is embarrassed!” Actually the Highest Saint Gate disciple must buy, but we will tell them, the words that must buy, must compared with others expensive ten times, although these fellows lift that high the pills price.” Shen Xiang said. You did not fear that Highest Saint Gate old fellow does come? Hits not to be good, Highest Saint Gate is very strong.” Cat said that he heard had two fierce Beast Emperor to ally Highest Saint Gate, that was famous Beast Emperor. Did not fear that Flame City is not a vegetarian, I am so noisy, Yan clan also supports.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Tonight sleeps well, tomorrow will perhaps have the frame to hit, I induced to several Highest Saint Gate old men stroll outside.”

Huang Jintian stretched oneself, has hit a yawn: Also good, I must ask for advice for serveral days the strength of person but actually.” Cat said: „Before I compare, was more formidable, I do not need to fear Celestial Beings now, I also want to try my strength.” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Do not take seriously, perhaps tomorrow you will not need to get rid.” This shop is very big, but is very spatial, Huang Jintian and cat looked for a luxurious room rest respectively, Shen Xiang is Long Xueyi together. A night quick on the past, dawn Shen Xiang their several people spunk up, arrive at the front door of shop, they induced to that group of people, majority are the strength is very strong, can rush to purchase the high level Immortal Dan person, naturally is not the ordinary generation. Shen Xiang opens the front door of shop, people shouts Shen Xiang a bit faster to sell six Yuan azure pill immediately. Six Yuan azure pill uses to Sacred Realm, at this time rushes to purchase is some strength strong old men is in the majority. Everybody came from far away, to rush to purchase six Yuan azure pill, but here has 45 grains!” The Shen Xiang clear and resonant voice said. „Does your six Yuan azure pill only sell 20 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone one grain? Is the quality good? But because we believe that Yan clan comes.” Person shouted.