World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1647

In Shen Xiang's shop completely empty, they have four people, saw that likely do not open the appearance of large-scale pills shop, after the people see, one types the feeling that to be deceived, they think that sells six Yuan azure pill's shop, should upscale be very right. Puts out six Yuan azure pill directly is the best proof, Shen Xiang puts out a transparent crystal box, inside puts six Yuan azure pill who grains of azure light are sparkling, so long as is the person of being able to judge the quality of goods, from the Immortal Dan above gloss how can see the nature. Sees that dozens grains of six Yuan azure pill, the people are peaceful immediately. Now the anxiety in people heart cleaned, now they are worried is the issue of purchase, the person who because comes has several thousand, six Yuan azure pill has 45 grains. Person these many, how do you plan to sell?” A man asked. This Shen Xiang already thought that the person who comes has 4,000-5,000, truly but must buy possibly has several hundred people, even are less. Truly the friend who needs to purchase six Yuan azure pill please raise hand.” Shen Xiang shouted. Really, with is the same, only then more than 200 people that he guessed raised hand, then he made Long Xueyi send a wooden sign to these people, Long Xueyi uses her Divine Power to carve a serial number in providing above. Shen Xiang has referred to a big cylinder, said: I will put out a bead from inside each time, inside will have a serial number, everybody when the time comes can in a wooden sign to match, the serial number be the same with the good book of that bead I pull out, can purchase a grain of six Yuan azure pill, a 20 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone grain.” Friend who has not bought , should not be discouraged, here also has several other thousand grains of low level Immortal Dan, when the time comes in the hand has the friend of wooden sign, first can purchase.” The people do not have what significance, now high level pill is very rare, although Highest Saint Gate there can purchase, but the price compared with Shen Xiang here expensive one time, if can buy here, can save 20 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone. Shen Xiang inserts in the hand that cylinder bead, stresses one casually, the people can see in that transparent bead to have the serial number that red light sparkles, is 120.

Hehe, the luck is good, first is I!” A chubby middle age said with a smile, raised hand high the wooden sign, pushed from the crowd. Shen Xiang takes out a grain of six Yuan azure pill to put in a jade bottle, that fat middle age also gives Shen Xiang storage pouch, inside thinks of 20 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, this is equal to a small mineral lode saint stone output. Afterward Shen Xiang works fast, quick sells 35 grains. Nine!” Shen Xiang takes out a grain of bead, shouted. old man raises hand high the wooden sign, time, Long Xueyi shouted: You did not use.” A Long Xueyi such saying, Shen Xiang immediately understands that this old man definitely is Highest Saint Gate! Why?” That old man anger asked: „Should you not plan to sell?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: You are Highest Saint Gate?” Such asked that the people are far away from that old man immediately, in this Saint Territory, runs into the Highest Saint Gate person, everybody will keep at a respectful distance, although the surface did not say anything, but heart actually very repugnant Highest Saint Gate, because the people promote the strength dependent pills, now is much more expensive , because Highest Saint Gate creates difficulties. Right, am I Highest Saint Gate that am also what kind of?” That old man complexion ice-cold: „Should you do not act shamelessly?” Shen Xiang said: I am only a small alchemy master, but I actually do not fear your Highest Saint Gate, my today's low price sells six Yuan azure pill, a reason to protest your Highest Saint Gate lifts that high the pills price, therefore we will not sell to your this people this convenient Immortal Dan, we do not welcome you!”

Now the people understand why some people such low prices will sell six Yuan azure pill, and has the support of Flame City, actually to protest Highest Saint Gate! In the people heart commended secretly, but also was actually worried for Shen Xiang that this is blatantly provocative Highest Saint Gate, depending on Highest Saint Gate at the height of power imposing manner, so is provoked after now, definitely will not give up. „Becoming invalid on the 9 th!” Shen Xiang pinches the bad that bead. That old man is angry, his Highest Saint Gate runs amuck now Saint Territory, now so is actually looked down on. You, since acts shamelessly, that does not blame me not to reason with, gives you again an opportunity, does not buy six Yuan azure pill for me, consequence ownself suffer.” That old man cold sound said that killing intent on face is obvious, the double fist pinches closely, has made the preparation that momentarily gets rid. The Shen Xiang facial expression is solemn, that ice-cold sound is also bringing intense killing intent: I had said a moment ago, did not sell to the Highest Saint Gate person, if you dare to cause trouble here, consequence ownself suffer!” Feels murderous aura that their surges upward, the people disperse in abundance, leave a big piece of space, simultaneously completes the affected defense. Dies to me.” That old man loudly shouted, greatly strengthened pressure spread all around, stone brick of street beats all day, this might scared, understands at a glance is in Highest Saint Gate the extraordinary character. Highest Saint Gate that is used to arbitrarily, because frequently some minor matter facing the street murders, this person so is provoked by Shen Xiang now, fight that is not the strange event. The people also immerse in that old man threatening might fear, Shen Xiang left same place, by extremely quick speed shuttle space, arrives at the old man side instantaneously. That old man just waved, wants to separate chops a Shen Xiang palm spatially, who knows that the Shen Xiang's speed is fast so terroristly, before he did not have the move, has launched the attack.

Dares to cause trouble here, no wonder I.” During the Shen Xiang speeches, a pair of armored hand crazy fierce impact, erupts dozens fists instantaneously, hits on that old man, erupts the sad boom. Shen Xiang reserved aura, but used Divine Power to add on his physical strength again, made his pair of meat fist might infinite, in addition left that extremely quick speed of fist, the space is almost torn, produces the unstable ripple. That old man was hit by the Shen Xiang's crazy fist instantaneously, the body has not flown with enough time, split open, has exploded piece of blood-colored Qi mist, even if so, Shen Xiang that fist energy also has strong fallout, passes through the ground, making half Flame City therefore shake the moment. The people were deterred by this, dumbstruck, kills the blood fog a formidable Highest Saint Gate old man bang instantaneously! Smells that blood fog fishy smell that the space fills, the people hit one to tremble, send the cool back to seep out the intermittent cold sweat! Made everybody wait, we continued!” Shen Xiang to people lightly smiled, then continues to capture the bead, extracts the serial number. Here also hides several Highest Saint Gate people, now has been daunted, does not dare to have any action, is worried to be discovered that with a moment ago that old man same fate. Long Xueyi has been staring at that several Highest Saint Gate person, this is to prevent them subpoenas to Highest Saint Gate, but that old man strength was not weak a moment ago, the words that he died, Highest Saint Gate definitely immediately knows.