World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1649
Aunt Feng, if I see your true appearance, I will be what kind of?” Shen Xiang is curious: You should not harm me!” Feng Yujie said with a smile: I will certainly not harm you, if you see my appearance now, depending on your Divine Dao cultivation base, the consequence will not be serious, when is you restrains at most my type attracts strength, the mind certainly will cause heavy losses.” If I don't restrain your attracting?” Shen Xiang also asked. Your words, I do not know. If other men, I said anything, they listen to anything, in their inner worlds, I am their gods, was controlled by me completely, will turn into the good-for-nothing, only listens to me to direct.” Feng Yujie suddenly arrives at Shen Xiang behind, flushes air near the Shen Xiang ear gently, happily said with a smile: „Does if wanted give a try?” Shen Xiang fierce rebounding, maintains the 1st Stage distance with her, his face alarmed and afraid facial expression, said: evil art that where you study? This was also too weird!” Sees Shen Xiang that to be afraid now, Feng Yujie giggle smiles tenderly: This is others inherent abilities, I may anything not study.” Shen Xiang said: I heard that demon emperor confuses the woman is very fierce!” Feng Yujie nodded, said resolutely: Right, in the past Meiyao and Youyou were almost controlled by her.” Then demon emperor is male or female?” Is the female, does not fear to tell you, I and she were the same day were born, we have lived a period of time.” Feng Yujie sighed one, look is complex, it seems like relationship of she and demon emperor is not ordinary.

„Are you sisters?” The demon emperor and Feng Yujie have this special ability, moreover is born on the same day, Shen Xiang will have this one to ask. „It is not the sisters, we were not born like the normal person, I only remember that I stayed in crystal was very near, when I in inside adolescence was a little girl, broke that crystal ball, arrived in this world, demon emperor she also on the same day, but bred her is not crystal ball, but was a black ball.” Your development processes are not ordinary, jumps from the stone.” Shen Xiang he he smiles: Your origin True God secret.” Feng Yujie white his eyes: Was good, why you should do, I a lot are now busy.” Um, helping me pay attention next seven above Immortal Medicine, can the words, should better help me buy first.” Shen Xiang said: I went to the open country to try one's luck, look to find wild Immortal Medicine.” Leaves God Feather Sect, Shen Xiang does not know where goes to seek for wild Immortal Medicine, has to ask around that then goes to Saint Territory one to compare the danger(ous) place with one group of people, named Nine Spirits Heaven Sea. Nine Spirits Heaven Sea is actually an very giant lake in inland, even if Saint Immortal speedily flies, takes more than ten years to cross, therefore was called the sea, thus it can be seen, this Saint Territory is also huge, probably does not have the boundary to be the same. In this Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, in some formidable water the giant beast, as well as every large or small islands, it is said in Nine Spirits Heaven Sea have many also not discovered islands, because on these islands year to year does not have humanity to step, therefore above grows rarely and preciously, moreover year very high Immortal Medicine, seeks the saint medicine instance also to have in inside. Shen Xiang arrives at a Nine Spirits Heaven Sea small town, he stands in the shore, looks at boundless Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, intermittent cool light breeze blows, puts on the face, making people think very comfortably, his satisfied sitting on a stone, is enjoying the sea breeze caresses lightly.

dragon brat, you said how I can resist Feng Yujie that type to attract? If not handle her, I do not want to cope with the demon emperor.” This is the lump in Shen Xiang heart, since continuously he thinks that his anti- attraction is good, but since sees Feng Yujie that portrait, he not so was self-confident. I think before means of coping, seals up own vision, but afterward I think that thought this does not have any use, because of Feng Yujie this inherent attracting strength, penetrates to your soul directly, even if did not look that can seep to your spirit.” Long Xueyi said: Currently speaking, any means have not resisted her strength of attracting.” You now and her strength differs very in a big way, although you have formed Godhead, but your cultivation base is not very profound, especially the Divine Dao aspect, was inferior that Feng Yujie this living many years of old spirit, you are later formidable, she and strength of demon emperor attracting is perhaps invalid to you.” Before Shen Xiang, somewhat is depressed, after listening to Long Xueyi these words, he knows now only then a method , to promote own strength, was been higher by own cultivation base, making own Divine Soul more formidable. I refined Saint pill, my cultivation base can catch up quickly.” In the Shen Xiang heart is encouraging itself secretly, then looks at the front that boundless sea, loudly shouted, the direct impact arrives at the upper air, speedily flies on the sea and air, seeks these to live the Immortal Medicine islands. Disembark near islands definitely had been sought, Shen Xiang saw that will not descend, he must look for a construction to have the islands of city now, goes to above to inquire some news, perhaps will have the harvest of accident. He flew for more than ten days, sees quite big islands, above has a small city, does not have Teleportation Formation, but actually gathers much in the person of Nine Spirits Heaven Sea treasure hunt, many powerful Saint Immortal.

Nine Spirits Heaven Sea is a giant treasure house, should have many in saint stone mineral lode that under the deep sea hides, should have that big influence to exist in Nine Spirits Heaven Sea.” Long Xueyi said: „The hand of Highest Saint Gate should already extend to here comes.” Shen Xiang enters the city, here seeks for Heaven and Earth Treasure everywhere, hunts and kills the rare sea beast the person, dares to come Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, person who has the courage, enters Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, means that half treadonned into the coffin, sometimes flew in the upper air, will meet some formidable flight giant beasts, very bad risk. Therefore in this urban person, has a valiant imposing manner! Shen Xiang here walked slightly quite a while, had a general understanding to Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, for example on this city, some will issue that some monetary reward duties, hunted and killed the sea beast, sought for deep sea mineral lode, sought for islands Immortal Medicine wait / etc., these were large amount post a reward. With such that Long Xueyi said that truly several super big influences in Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, separately controls four sea areas, now Shen Xiang is Western Sea, the Western Sea overlord is the god Tao gate, it is said strength and present Highest Saint Gate quite, works for Infernal Demon Emperor, but was actually not governed by Highest Saint Gate.