World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1650

The influence distribution of Saint Territory is very broad, Shen Xiang has not thought that here unexpectedly also hides one to be able side by side the Highest Saint Gate colossus, but this is only Nine Spirits Heaven Sea Western Sea, other also three sea areas, even if no Western Sea god Tao gate to be formidable, which definitely also almost goes! Infernal Demon Emperor, if controls in this Saint Territory big influence, if starts great war, attacks world of Nine Heaven, can definitely be one struggles hard.” Long Xueyi sighed: Hoping world of Nine Heaven can a bit faster become formidable, in recent years, world of Nine Heaven cannot obtain anything to develop, but these endless Heaven territory actually develop that quickly.” Shen Xiang said: Emperor Heaven the air/Qi of Sacred Spirit every day is strengthening now, can surpass these endless Heaven territory not long, decides to be able to train many expert to come out, but this need some time.” This islands were too small, Shen Xiang did not have what harvest, now he inquired that here in Western Sea person quite many islands, that was the god Tao gate headquarters, was giant islands, above has more than ten million people, the name appeals to heaven Tao island. Shen Xiang has used more than ten days of time, arrives at the day of Tao island, are really many in this above person, there are much makes a long stay in this place. Naturally, from Nine Spirits Heaven Sea each islands, as well as the hunters in other Saint Territory land places are most. He just since the above city of this day Tao island, heard some people in discussing a strange matter, moreover on this day in Tao island is covering very tension-filled atmosphere probably. In the city gate bulletin fence, many people gather looked here some issues posts a reward anything. Recently Western Sea presented many old fellow, is the Saint Venerate ranks, these arbitrary Saint Monarch, are frightened now does not dare to put the fart.” old man said with a smile. What situation is this? Did Highest Saint Gate project on here to come? The god Tao gate is not had announced they do give loyalty to Infernal Demon Emperor? Highest Saint Gate dares to hit to come to here, did not fear that Infernal Demon Emperor does blame?” Man surprised asking. In this Saint Territory, passed the incarnation nine revolutions to become Saint Immortal, above Saint Immortal is Saint Monarch, but Saint Venerate is this Saint Territory topest existence, for example Feng Yujie and Highest Saint Gate Dean, Hawk Emperor and Fox Emperor this expert, is the Saint Venerate strength.

If divides according to the strength, Shen Xiang now is also only Saint Monarch, is stronger than many Saint Immortal, but also does not have Saint Venerate to be so formidable. Now Saint Venerate converges Western Sea, Shen Xiang hears also somewhat anticipated that will soon perform the major drama that here. „It is not, heard that they are hunt and kill a person, but issue this posting a reward Infernal Demon Emperor.” That old man words make Shen Xiang surprised, Infernal Demon Emperor issues to post a reward, must kill a person, moreover in Western Sea, this person is any background, unexpectedly makes Infernal Demon Emperor so wage a war, sends out is expert of Saint Venerate rank. In the Shen Xiang heart was guessing that old man also said: This person is very fierce, before had made Saint Beast mountain range saint tree greatly, almost reduces Hawk Emperor lair, moreover kills a Infernal Demon Emperor Hell king, this person is to prevent Infernal Demon Emperor controls the Saint Territory biggest stumbling obstacle, therefore Infernal Demon Emperor does not hesitate to probably remove him.” Shen Xiang has shocked, Infernal Demon Emperor posts a reward the person who strikes to kill, unexpectedly is he! Old Senior, you come Western Sea also to kill that person?” Shen Xiang asked that he saw that old man was talented, was Saint Monarch. Naturally is not, that is the Saint Venerate dry matter, I am only try one's luck, moreover this matter many Saint Monarch know, so long as can kill that person, can obtain Godhead that Infernal Demon Emperor grants.” That old man shakes the head smiles: Was only a pity that I am Saint Monarch, therefore cannot from Hell Demon Envoy there learn position that person of institute is.” Here looked the person who bulletin has been shocked instantaneously, Infernal Demon Emperor unexpectedly puts out Godhead to take the reward, no wonder that many Saint Venerate send out!

Shen Xiang secret took a deep breath, his present situation very danger(ous). Old Senior, that is Hell Demon Envoy so fierce? unexpectedly knows place that person is.” Shen Xiang to the ability that oneself go into hiding is very self-confident, but that old man said resembles Hell Demon Envoy to know that his exact location is the same. Be honest with you, I came from Southern Sea with our Dean, Dean said that Infernal Demon Emperor has used very big price, in that person high and low a curse, can know the position that at any time he was , then told Hell Demon Envoy the position, Hell Demon Envoy told Saint Venerate again!” That old man said. At this time male startled shouted: Southern Sea? Old Senior you come from Southern Sea Saint Sword Sect?” That's right! that old man smiled. In the Shen Xiang heart cursed, he has not thought that this Infernal Demon Emperor will take so seriously him, paid the big price to get down not a well-known curse to him, then put out Godhead to take the monetary reward, was massacres him! Long Xueyi said: This and past Qi Shi was similar, but Infernal Demon Emperor started to be quite late at that time, you still remember that can't see Earth's Core Clan of Sun? Is that very strong Iron Lion Divine Army and Duan Family? They had gotten down the curse by Infernal Demon Emperor.” Shen Xiang said: „Can't he directly with cursing Will kill me?” Naturally cannot, if possible, you already die, although there is this curse, but is not suitable to use on you! The curse also selects the person, but this is also good, but was discovered the whereabouts, later he cannot anything curse under your body.” Long Xueyi said.

„Does this fellow achieve? Is away from a space with me, and has not seen me, can under the incantation to me, too be directly odd.” Shen Xiang some do not believe. He can curse to you, explained that he hated you to certain degree, this is also one of the important conditions under cursing, only when his hate to certain time, he can use the curse.” Long Xueyi said: In the past Iron Lion Divine Army and Duan Family, but destroys his plan again and again, will therefore be cursed by below.” Shen Xiang criticizes saying: Real despicable!” Long Xueyi said with a smile: You calculate good, is not some tosses about person's curse awfully, under that Infernal Demon Emperor cursed must pay very big price, as for was any price I do not know.” Now was hunted and killed by troop Saint Venerate, Shen Xiang arrives at the extreme depressed, although he has Godhead, there is Long Xueyi in the side, but faces troop Saint Venerate, share that he only then flees. Has not played in the city, Shen Xiang goes out of town on hastily, speedily flies toward the deep sea, he was not worried but actually that after all he fused Law of Space profound bead, if meets danger(ous), he can flee fast, even leaves Saint Territory. Why Shen Xiang the understanding in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens will kill Hell to go now, Infernal Demon Emperor by oneself is a god, really goes too far, now also plans world of Nine Heaven and endless Heaven territory slaughters!