World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1651
Infernal Demon Emperor is unable to come world of Nine Heaven, the resources and that formidable strength that but he has through himself, cause him endless Heaven territory have tremendous influence in world of Nine Heaven and, intervenes these life world in a number of ways, was profited by oneself. Directly intervenes these world the Changyun extensions, Gods, not only does not punish him, prevents not to have, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart angry, he thought that Gods tolerates Infernal Demon Emperor to do intentionally, necessity that this Gods has not had. I will pay attention to all your around every time, so long as some people approach, in hundred li (0.5km) I can induce, especially these powerful fellows, I am easier to discover them.” Long Xueyi said. Words that too many Saint Venerate chase down, I can only run away temporarily. If 1-2, when the time comes you also get rid, must make them know that wants to kill me to trade Godhead not to be easy.” Shen Xiang coldly smiled, wishes one could currently to have a god Venerable the rank expert to appear, depending on him and Long Xueyi's strength, even if could not kill the opposite party, must make the opposite party eat the point to owe. Cursed Shen Xiang not to feel itself on to have any improper regarding Infernal Demon Emperor that not clear Infernal Demon Emperor grasped to his position clearly. The Shen Xiang flight in the Nine Spirits Heaven Sea sky, below is one piece **, he flew long time, had not found the life Qi/angry vigorous islands, death island that was some destroyed. Shen Xiang somewhat was anxious, pursued to the end and hit hard by one crowd of powerful Saint Venerate is not a relaxed matter, but passed now for more than ten days, does not have Saint Venerate to chase down, making the Shen Xiang's pressure smaller, can inquire about the growth Immortal Medicine islands with single-hearted devotion. However, when he just relaxed vigilantly, he and Long Xueyi suddenly induces to a very swift and fierce aura to raid, and somewhat familiar. „Did this aura from Saint Thunder Heaven Territory that new Thunder Emperor, other Heaven territory Saint Venerate also come probably?” Long Xueyi startled sound track: Only then his aura, should have his one, your does if wanted cope with him?” Thunder Emperor?” In the Shen Xiang mind reappears a formidable aggressive middle-aged person, initially he hit remnantly the Thunder Emperor son with Transforming Bone Devil Palm, now Infernal Demon Emperor posts a reward him with Godhead, Thunder Emperor can cut to kill him not to be strange. As Saint Thunder Heaven Territory first expert, governs Saint Thunder Heaven Territory Thunder Emperor, his strength perhaps be more formidable than other Saint Venerate expert.

Considers as finished, this fellow can find me, should be his speed is quite quick, it seems like Infernal Demon Emperor is clear regarding my position, if projects on half with him, suddenly emits Saint Venerate to come, is disadvantageous to me.” Shen Xiang said that uses space power, carries on shifts instantaneously, in an instant vanishes in this region. Shen Xiang now in the place, is remote to his position, he has estimated that even if Thunder Emperor this speed extremely quick Saint Venerate, takes several days to catch up with his here. These Heaven territory spaces like world of Nine Heaven these, here cannot the rumbling broken space, but space in instantaneously repair, even if powerful Saint Venerate, is very difficult like Shen Xiang, when the shuttle space is so easy, although Saint Venerate can the shuttle space, but the distance is not far, moreover locates is inaccurate. Shen Xiang fuses Law of Space profound bead, very familiar Law of Space, can use space strength easily, therefore he, when shuttle space, like a fish in water. This is not good, does not kill two this Saint Venerate, will make them think that I am afraid very much, I must make them know that my fierce is good.” Shen Xiang float in the air, is gripping tightly fist. Long Xueyi said: That looks for one to teach, can kill well!” Shen Xiang still in Western Sea, he continues to seek for these islands now, slows the tempo in the flight, since Infernal Demon Emperor is in control of his trend, then quick will have Saint Venerate to find his, generally can arrive in this nearby Saint Venerate most quickly. Past three days, Long Xueyi induced to some people approaches fast! Before that Thunder Emperor approached, Shen Xiang can also discover with Long Xueyi, but Shen Xiang actually could not have felt now that this made him feel very strange. „Haven't I induced? Did the fellow who this comes go into hiding?” Saying of Shen Xiang doubts.

Has? This fellow very crazy aura, that type of aura makes me very repugnant, such obvious aura your hasn't unexpectedly induced? How is this possible?” Long Xueyi is also the doubts: I do not want to induce, depends on this aura that vigor, I do not want to discover difficultly!” Shen Xiang has not moved, float in the air, waited for that kills his Saint Venerate. He had decided that does not hesitate at all costs, must make this chase down his Saint Venerate to be taught. Has not made him and others too long, that Saint Venerate arrived, is one wears the pretty man of white clothing, at the back of a long sword, two temples that hangs snow white. Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang cannot see his origin, but definitely is Saint Venerate. „Are you kill my?” Shen Xiang asked. Your news very quick! It seems like you know that chasing down command of Infernal Demon Emperor issue, my luck is good, can such quickly find you.” This male lightly smiled, then at a moderate pace takes the back long sword in the hand. „Are you Southern Sea Saint Sword Sect?” Shen Xiang also asked that he had not felt that anxious and fear, now his calm appearance, pouring makes that man feel somewhat accidentally. You should be first time see me, has not thought that your unexpectedly can recognize me.” Male lightly smiled: I am Saint Sword Sect Dean, Jiang Shijian!” Jiang Shijian? This name is actually very strange.” Shen Xiang touches the nose, then looks in the Jiang Shijian hand that seeming like very ordinary the long sword. Because fights with me and person, in ten swords, the opposite party does not die, loses.” Jiang Shijian still smiles, but the smiling face actually fills proud look.

Said that you haven't defeated?” Shen Xiang has felt opposite party that intense sword intent at this time, truly is one uses expert of sword. Before did not have, later, now is more impossible to defeat!” The long sword in Jiang Shijian fierce holding up hand, to the Shen Xiang's throat, but has not punctured. He meets Shen Xiang, fight, is not fearing Shen Xiang to run away anxiously, did not fear that other Saint Venerate come, could see that he is self-confident to himself. Shen Xiang smiled, has such arrogance with the person majority of sword. How does not know you compared with our world of Nine Heaven Sword Emperor.” Shen Xiang sees the opposite party not anxiously fight, he is not anxious, wants to enrage the opposite party. Your world of Nine Heaven Sword Emperor had already been missing, should die. But I now am Sword Emperor, later I will go to world of Nine Heaven, making them know that who true Sword Emperor is!” Jiang Shijian has laughed several, sees a Shen Xiang not fight the thought that then asked: „Do you want to run away?”