World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1653
Jiang Shijian so was ridiculed by Shen Xiang, immediately is angry, shouted angrily, held the sword to get angry rush over toward Shen Xiang, the body spurted to be thin intermittent scary murderous aura, then having on gap cutting dragon Divine Sword, was baleful aura soars to the heavens, black Qi was steaming. Shen Xiang sees this, sneers several, then at this time unceasingly spout black baleful aura fierce cutting dragon Divine Sword, seeps to the sea water, blacking big piece, understood at a glance that is very evil baleful aura. Really, makes transaction not to have the good end with Infernal Demon Emperor, in your hand this has the sword on with strong baleful aura.” Shen Xiang also thinks must struggle hard, who knows that the opposite party actually caught this evil baleful aura at this time, regarding cultivating Suppressing Devil divine art him, this time Jiang Shijian was too good to cope. Can kill your that's alright.” Jiang Shijian eyes is red, Sword Qi becomes fills hostility extremely wild, this enters the evil omen. Shen Xiang suspected that cutting dragon Divine Sword was Infernal Demon Emperor once used, inside definitely hid massive Infernal Demon Emperor evil strength, at this time felt evil that in the heart of Jiang Shijian hid, thought that was trampled the dignity Jiang Shijian only to strive for cutting by Shen Xiang to kill Shen Xiang wholeheartedly, the mind falls into enemy hands, by that cutting dragon Divine Sword the evil strength seepage. You now this condition, is more impossible to kill me!” Shen Xiang laughs several, Jiang Shijian has divided a sword, Sword Force is very overbearing, is bringing together black Qi mist, is surging the sea level by the sea water of blacking. On Shen Xiang presents golden Holy Light, then cutting dragon Divine Sword chops to chop in the light that on him just presented covers above, this is the energy guard shield that Suppressing Devil Qi Formation forms, is containing Shen Xiang formidable Suppressing Devil Divine Power, fills evil cutting dragon Divine Sword, crazy fierce dividing above, unexpectedly was shot to open. Fights a battle to force a quick decision.” Long Xueyi to Shen Xiang sound transmission, because she now and Shen Xiang is consuming the energy every time, but chases down his expert to be many. Jiang Shijian sees oneself this sword not only does not have any effect, instead was also shot to open, in the heart is angry, by Sword Dao in him who Southern Sea runs amuck, the violent force strikes, unexpectedly cannot offend somebody in the slightest. The so obvious disparity, making the Jiang Shijian rave get up, body black Qi spout, as if by crazy demon of black flame combustion.

Shen Xiang has not thought that cuts dragon Divine Sword to be so fierce, such with ease makes Saint Venerate turn so, turns into Evil Devil, if Jiang Shijian does not need this cutting dragon Divine Sword, perhaps he must struggle hard one to take him. Goes to Hell to see your lord!” Shen Xiang puts out Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, will throw, turns into the hill to be generally huge, golden light sparkles, the Saint glistens the item, such as the day falls the meteor, the pressure lifts Jiang Shijian that the sword punctures to that. The evil strength explodes cutting dragon Divine Sword that spurts, punctures in Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal that firm seal surface, was ground by that sacred strength directly, turns into several sections. Cuts that instantaneous, Jiang Shijian suddenly that dragon Divine Sword ruins was more sober, but late, that has actually cut in the dragon Divine Sword sword of evil strength in the instance that destroys, all floods into the Jiang Shijian interior, making the body of Jiang Shijian instantaneously jet black, the body emits some black sharp thorns, presents layer upon layer black scales, the appearance is very fierce, this evil strength unexpectedly makes the person turn into terrifying Evil Devil directly. Town!” Shen Xiang drinks seriously greatly, because this time Jiang Shijian suddenly becomes very fierce, the double palm lifts Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, unexpectedly must lift Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal. Shen Xiang has to use stronger Suppressing Devil Divine Power, making Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal more formidable, otherwise is unable to suppress this Jiang Shijian! Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal becomes heavier, Jiang Shijian that can also support, among suddenly was pressed crashes, the instance that crashes rapidly, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal gushes out golden light, presents one town character, presses on Jiang Shijian, penetrates that by the evil fierce body, grinding will become black smog. Instance of body destruction, Shen Xiang suddenly feels that [say / way] evil soul that flees, his hastily revolution Grasping Soul Devil Curse, wants the it thorough destruction, who to know that is only very short flash, that [say / way] evil soul on vanish from sight! He had not died completely, evil soul also, so long as stays a period of time in Hell, can resurrect come. Must know that his soul had sold to Infernal Demon Emperor, Infernal Demon Emperor is impossible to make him such be destroyed completely, otherwise Infernal Demon Emperor will lose money.” Saying that Long Xueyi is not feeling well very much: This to the advantage that Infernal Demon Emperor works oneself to death.”

Shen Xiang looks black baleful aura that in the sea that diverges gradually, sighed: Has not thought that Gods also has the dragon, moreover are many, that was cut to kill many dragons the sword a moment ago, condense massive Slaughtering Dragon Qi.” „If no Godhead dragon, or does not have supreme Dragon Vein, should not feel better in Gods, comes up without background, definitely will be bullied.” Long Xueyi said. Long Xueyi's strength withdraws from Shen Xiang's within the body, on Shen Xiang was only tingling pain the period of time, has not obstructed greatly, was not in deep sorrow like before. Some people came, is really annoying, does not know when can get rid of Infernal Demon Emperor to my curse!” Shen Xiang induces to coming from square aura, is the Saint Venerate influences, runs in forefront is Saint Thunder Heaven Territory Thunder Emperor, his speed is fastest. Jiang Shijian had been cut to kill by me, I do not have the energy now and you play, next time will meet again!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, the acoustic shock eight sides, shake the sea difficult situation, afterward flies high treads, vanish from sight. Shen Xiang's aura suddenly vanishes, Thunder Emperor stops the footsteps, coldly said: Shen Xiang, you can never run away, comes out to mediate as early as possible!” So long as Hell Demon Envoy provides the Shen Xiang's position to them unceasingly, they have the confidence to catch Shen Xiang, like Jiang Shijian such. But Jiang Shijian was killed, these Saint Venerate also realized at this time, to obtain that Godhead, is not relaxed. Shen Xiang also in Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, but he left Western Sea!

Chases down his Saint Venerate numerously in Western Sea, his suddenly appears in Eastern Sea, if these Saint Venerate want to pass is not easy, the position distance of especially being at has the Teleportation Formation place to be very far, must the direct flight in the past. Shen Xiang in a Eastern Sea island, here does not have no Immortal Medicine, otherwise this place will certainly have a very strong sea beast guarding, he to rest here. This way is not the means that working that I cannot feel at ease, so long as they come, I must run!” Shen Xiang scolded lowly: If I currently have the Saint Venerate strength, when the time comes is I pursues this group of fellows to run!” Long Xueyi said: They from Hell Demon Envoy there learned position that you are, Hell Demon Envoy here should have several, so long as we coped with Hell Demon Envoy that's alright.” Oh, I had also thought before, Hell Demon Envoy should better cope, I used Suppressing Devil divine art to add on Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, pressed one, but must find them not to be easy, these fellows estimated that also feared I feared.” But Shen Xiang sighed: Doesn't have the means to break this damn curse?”