World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1654
Shen Xiang comes Saint Territory to become Pill Saint, now issued a warrant for arrest by Infernal Demon Emperor, he is unable to feel at ease alchemy, moreover this day has not known when must arrive ended. Curse can certainly solve, this need to curse strength to vanish generally is good, for example Duan Family got down the curse, but the time is long, cursed strength to be consumed up to be all right.” Long Xueyi said: If we can know that your curse strength has many, found the way to make it consume that's alright again fast.” Shen Xiang said: So long as I as soon as moves, to locate my position, the curse starts to revolve, this consumption cursed strength, but does not know that cursed strength to have many, Infernal Demon Emperor paid the curse of very big price under to me, is not definitely simple.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: This is natural, would the means that at least currently had to look is not? You understand the space to shuttle back and forth in any case, in addition you need to seek for these islands, must move in all directions! This Nine Spirits Heaven Sea is so big, these four sea areas you back and forth run, even if the consumption cursed strength, these will chase down your Saint Venerate to pursue spit blood.” Shen Xiang thinks, has smiled: They surmount a big sea area, must approach my time shortly, my actually suddenly vanishes, not long, they actually knew I in another sea area, definitely will be mad, Hehe!” I am in any case young, whom having a look at to consume for a long time, think that really obtains Godhead to be so easy? I posted a reward with Godhead by Infernal Demon Emperor, is not because my luck is good!” Without Shen Xiang of any means that can only use this dead means now, he must seek to have the Immortal Medicine islands now, has not started alchemy, was chased down will not have anything to affect to him, is makes him feel at most very bothersome. Sought for the Immortal Medicine islands, Shen Xiang had some attainments, so long as found the unmanned islands, had Saint Beast to appear, above had Immortal Medicine mostly. In chased down this month, he in this way seeks for 12 Immortal Medicine, is not big to his function, moreover these Saint Beast are quite weak, 2-3 can cut to kill, then loses to Long Xueyi eats. Shen Xiang just finished eating in an island roasts the beast meat, approaches the induction to several intense aura, he has scratched the greasy corners of the mouth, said with a smile: This group of fellows, pursued for one month, unexpectedly had not given up, I thought when they can support.”

Then, his space ripples, the body integrated the fluctuation the space, vanish from sight. He just walked shortly, on the island presents together the tall and strong sound, sees flame that extinguishes, the barbecue that as well as airborne fills is fragrant, Thunder Emperor roars, waves to emit dodges the thunder together, hits on the island, immediately erupts the earth-shattering the deafening sound, the sea wells up crazily, the wind has in Yun Dong, an island such was destroyed completely. Saint Venerate that afterward presents, sees the Thunder Emperor over the face scowl, knows that Shen Xiang ran away, although in the heart is somewhat disappointed, but is quite happy, because Shen Xiang had not been caught by Thunder Emperor, otherwise Godhead did not have their shares. Thunder Emperor is not every time first arrives, the place that because sometimes Shen Xiang presents, other distance Saint Venerate recent words, these Saint Venerate meet first overtakes, but has not seen the Shen Xiang's shadow, sees some bones of leftovers actually frequently. This way is not the means that one month, only then Jiang Shijian and Shen Xiang have fought, is Shen Xiang thought mostly he quite copes, moreover at that time did not have other people to pursue in the, therefore has not escaped, kills Jiang Shijian.” Sends to gray old man say. He can always know me to come, but we went into hiding very well! It seems like we must find wiser concealment skill, otherwise is hard to overtake him.” A middle age said. Then, leaves respectively, it seems like they plan to stop pursuing Shen Xiang a period of time, first seeks the concealment aura the means. ...... „The Old Jiang head, what acquaintance do you have in this place?” Qi Shi sits on circular flying disc, the one who controls flying disc is Jiang Sheng, they arrived at Saint Territory.

Jiang Sheng shakes the head saying: No, even if there are them possibly not to remember me, you?” Qi Shi said with a smile: Personal enemy several, this Shen Xiang that brat met actually has troubled greatly, several Heaven territory everybody came to here to hunt and kill him, does not know that he currently has any feelings.” Jiang Sheng he he smiles: He was better than you in the past, in the past you by the Infernal Demon Emperor entire time, does not have this scale.” „The Shen Xiang this brat strength is insufficient, moreover got down the tracing incantation, he runs can be inescapable, but was overtaken not long, definitely will be tired of him, I think to think the headache.” Qi Shi said with a smile: Infernal Demon Emperor now changed intelligent, did not have adolescence to get up while Shen Xiang, must kill him, otherwise, he had a headache.” Jiang Sheng asked: „Do we want to help him? Although that tracing incantation is not fatal, but is actually most inexpensive one, cursed strength to be hard to consume, moreover did not have any means contact.” Anxious anything, makes him play the period of time first, we met the meeting old acquaintance to say again that I do not dare to fight in Emperor Heaven randomly, feared to destroy there, but here different, was others' domain, how wants to rumble how to rumble, Ha Ha.” Qi Shi laughs, that heroic sound shakes all around mountain crazily to shake, some Saint Beast were angry, but induces to his aura, does not dare to put the fart. Jiang Sheng Hehe said with a smile: Heard that Hell eight riding cause in Saint Territory, I want to stress one to play.” „Do eight riding in Hell Demon Envoy cause? Is that eight rides the white face of black bone dragon to be strange? Should be they disseminates the Shen Xiang's position.” Qi Shi said. Right, massacres Shen Xiang to obtain Godhead, this good deed, these eight riding make unexpectedly not look for us, owes to hit.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: You ask your old friend to fight, I grasp bone Dragon Devil to cause, meets in antique Sacred City.”

Qi Shi suddenly said with an evil smile: That woman also in antique Sacred City, I remembers that what God Feather Sect Dean she probably is, can you look for her? This woman is fiercer than demon emperor, I somewhat fear her!” Jiang Sheng curled the lip: Now I was pure in heart.” Qi Shi Ha Ha said with a smile: Old Jiang head, if not for in the past I, you almost became the slave of demon emperor, what evil you initially were? unexpectedly will be charmed by that woman!” I am a man, said again I have not owed anything, the taste of that demon emperor is good.” Jiang Sheng feels the chin, a face tastes. Qi Shi hey smiles one: Ice Emperor and Fire Emperor have gotten up her, you are probably later than them, I think how to think that disgusting, to also probably also had that someone also......” Qi Shi has not said that was trampled flying disc by a Jiang Sheng foot, rides flying disc Jiang Sheng to vanish in the horizon suddenly.