World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1656

Shen Xiang at present one bright, the curse is to the soul , the Shen Xiang present soul regarding Infernal Demon Emperor is too weak, therefore was cursed tying down, if his Divine Soul evolves very formidable, will imprison the curse of his soul perhaps to be worked loose. Good, I look for that Hell Demon Envoy now, thing that but Hell Demon Envoy in Hell the devour massive ghosts live, is in itself the thing that the Soul Body evolution becomes, Divine Soul should be formidable!” Shen Xiang has seen that Hell Demon Envoy appearance from that bald old man memory, is complexion is similar to the bread flour equally white man, rides dragon that a black ossification is becoming. So long as later bumps into the fellow of this completing the order form, no matter what, wanted their Divine Soul devour.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Your Divine Soul was formidable, I and you practice Spirit Gathering Technique, I have very big advantage.” Shen Xiang is overtaking toward the position that Hell Demon Envoy is, he asked: Divine Soul strongest is Realm what kind of? Your present Divine Soul and my compares, whose stronger some?” Naturally is my, I evolved Emperor Soul, arrived at my this rank Divine Soul, can proclaim oneself emperor.” Long Xueyi said: You, if is also Emperor Soul, possibly compared with my fierce, because you have formed Godhead.” What special place does Emperor Soul have? How haven't I seen you to show?” Saying of Shen Xiang doubts: Emperor Soul should meet some special abilities.” Naturally has, but Emperor Soul of everyone is different, for example my Emperor Soul ability is to eat and rests.” Long Xueyi said. What ability does this calculate? Will everybody be good!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Who said? You look for one to have a look like Emperor Level expert that I that can eat, even if they can eat, can sleep like me builds up? I fall asleep to be formidable..” Long Xueyi said. This Emperor Soul was also too inferior, unexpectedly will have such ability.” Shen Xiang somewhat loses.

I knew that many Emperor Level expert, they have not told me the Emperor Soul ability, is not very intimate person, half will not say. However, the Emperor Soul a disposition of ability and person has very big connection, half can guess.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang suddenly has thought Feng Yujie and demon emperor, he said: „The Emperor Soul ability of Aunt Feng and demon emperor, attracts strength?” Has the possibility very much, I had also suspected before, but does not have the means confirmation.” Long Xueyi said: In world of Nine Heaven, each Emperor Level expert, has very obvious characteristics.” Right, Fire Emperor uses the fire, Ice Emperor to use to ice, Dan Emperor alchemy, Divine Craftsman refiner...... on your characteristics that rarely seen, obviously is the ability that eats to rest, called any Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, should be called to eat to rest Great Emperor.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Long Xueyi ill-humored snort|hum several: What do you understand? Like my this type is truly fierce Great Emperor, you know that what characteristics Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and White Tiger are?” Shen Xiang said: Isn't murders?” Long Xueyi said: Right, understood at a glance that their Emperor Soul abilities, can guess to obtain mostly, but others definitely cannot guess correctly my Emperor Soul ability! Therefore I am mystical, formidable!” This what logic?” Shen Xiang thinks, if not Long Xueyi tells him, he cannot guess correctly the Long Xueyi's Emperor Soul ability. This is the expert logic, do not despise the ability that I eat to rest, so long as I can eat to rest, I can be formidable, my past condense Godhead ate to have a good sleep for many years condense to come out. Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is he fierce enough? But he cannot ask me to borrow Godhead, this is the place of my fierce.” Long Xueyi very haughty: Gives me again some time, ten Godhead I can tie.” Shen Xiang cannot deny Long Xueyi this fierce place.

Then my Emperor Soul ability does meet is what kind of? I always felt that other Emperor Level expert Emperor Soul abilities are not fierce.” Shen Xiang thinks Emperor Soul also such. Long Xueyi refuted him immediately: Do not say that the Dan Emperor Emperor Soul ability is also very mysterious, it is said arrived to look at the medicine to congeal pill's Realm, stares herbs with the eye, can concentrate a grain of pill to come immediately, if not this, a pill Emperor Pill title will not be won by him.” Qi Shi murdering Emperor Soul, his instantaneous condense Slaughter Qi, can turn into mountains Jianghai. Old Jiang this Divine Craftsman say nothing, I heard when he uses the Emperor Soul ability, can through absorbing the between Heaven and Earth energy, turns into the precious refiner material, then passes his Divine sense, instantaneous refined into weapon magic treasure.” After Shen Xiang hears, takes back words that spoke a moment ago, this Emperor Soul ability unexpectedly is so formidable, different Emperor Soul, ability, although is different, but makes people feel to shock. Their Emperor Soul abilities are very cool, but your appeared average.” Shen Xiang said. I do not mean, I can concentrate Godhead, this is fiercer than anything. Had Godhead, Divine Power will be more formidable! I heard, if Godhead adolescence is good, but can also concentrate second Godhead, had second Godhead to practice second Emperor Soul, had the second Emperor Soul ability!” Long Xueyi snort|hum said: Therefore my eating rests ability is best, this can help me establish the foundation, can make me have later has the second Emperor Soul ability.” Shen Xiang holds in high esteem to Long Xueyi's Emperor Soul immediately! in other words, I have Emperor Soul, was Emperor Level expert? Does not know that my Emperor Soul ability is what kind of!” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited. „, Your situation somewhat is almost special, even if there is Emperor Soul, by your situation, cannot be true Emperor Level expert.” Long Xueyi said. Why?” Shen Xiang some are not clear.

Because your fleshly body is weak, your skeleton at least has been reached the purple gold rank!” Long Xueyi said: You currently the pure golden skeleton, above also has the platinum, to arrive at purple gold.” Shen Xiang said: On purple gold is the crystal skeleton, finally is jade bone! I was away from that Realm also to miss far, what skeleton are you now?” I now am purple golden bone ge, if not for my rebirth, I now at least am also the crystal skeleton, my Emperor Soul ability was to eat to rest can the strong ability, therefore I must evolve jade bone am also sooner or later matter.” Has Emperor Soul, he can come through devour Saint Venerate Divine Soul, if wants formidable fleshly body, he only to be able through pills, he to be possible not to have eating of Long Xueyi that rarely seen to rest can the strong ability. Hell Demon Envoy knows the Shen Xiang's position, Shen Xiang, for does not bring to the attention of that Hell Demon Envoy, back and forth shuttles back and forth in Northern Sea intentionally, making Hell Demon Envoy think that he in seeking for the islands, simultaneously makes Long Xueyi locate that Hell Demon Envoy position, again one breath teleport to Hell Demon Envoy in front of! Infernal Demon Emperor cannot come the society, Shen Xiang not to fear him directly, he seizes a Hell king, lets cruel methods of Infernal Demon Emperor under to him, he thought that was hated in any case by Infernal Demon Emperor, kills Hell Demon Envoy nothing again.