World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1657
The law of Long Xueyi use patrolling, after more than double-hour, found position that Hell Demon Envoy is. Fellow on very big islands!” Long Xueyi said: Some many Saint Monarch in flattering Hell Demon Envoy, want to know your position through him, therefore serves him on that islands, grasps some Saint Beast to slurp beast soul to him.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: This crowd of Saint Monarch really dislike life to be long, unexpectedly wants to hunt and kill me! That Hell Demon Envoy will definitely not tell them that bald dead, is worried to run away in fear this group of convenient lackeys.” He passes to his picture to see from Long Xueyi, that complexion snow white man, sits on a stage, under is making an offering Saint Monarch, leader transform into human Saint Beast tied up, is placed under that stage. In Nine Spirits Heaven Sea Northern Sea, unexpectedly has several hundred Saint Monarch accumulations here, Saint Beast that they grasp exactly also over a thousand, although turn into a human shape, but Long Xueyi sees many are the sea beast. This is the good opportunity!” Shen Xiang according to the position that Long Xueyi provides, starts revolution space power, prepared precise teleport in the past. ...... In island that Hell Demon Envoy is, at this time the happy talks and laughters, numerous Saint Monarch here meeting, are giving a banquet to drink to heart's content, that Hell Demon Envoy is similar to a ruler sits in the stage, sends out laughing of cynical, raises glass the unrestrained drinking with the people, in this sufficient jubilant atmosphere, these tied hands, Saint Beast that the whole body is scarred, lying this way and that pouring in ground, on the face full is depressed, because they must quickly by devour beast soul. Demon causes the Sir, but this Saint Beast in Nine Spirits Heaven Sea famous Pearl King, is huge pearl under deep sea.” old man is pinching a face of pretty young girl, laughing: „The tears of this female, a drop on value 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, her tears not only can let the female lasting youthfulness, but can also cure the flesh wound fast, use very big.” Her Divine Soul how? I only care about Divine Soul!” Hell Demon Envoy asked with the sound of sinister woods, because he, only then through slurping Divine Soul can be formidable. Pearl King the whole face despairs at this time, a pair of beautiful pupil is empty, without any life Qi/angry, her whole person tied up by a string of process special refinement, enabling her to turn into the main body. Her Divine Soul is very certainly good, the demon will make the Sir certainly like.” That old man hurriedly said. Good, delivers her, I taste!” Hell Demon Envoy has rubbed rubbing hands, said with a smile cloudy.

That old man has delivered beautiful Pearl King, although seems like a young girl appearance, but she has practiced for several thousand years in the deep sea, if not because cultivates in the deep sleep, will be seized. If I satisfy, I will tell you position that Shen Xiang will be.” Hell Demon Envoy Ha Ha has smiled several, that sinister laughter is appalling. During Hell Demon Envoy laughs, that pale skinny claw thorn to the head of Pearl King, but wrist|skill actually suddenly by powerful big hand detain, on that big hand also glittering sacred brilliance. To valley Pearl King, saw this hand desperately, is similar to sees the hope the dawn. You did not need to tell him, I came!” Shen Xiang is laughing frank, hand that turns into Suppressing Devil divine tower of club to pound to the head of Hell Demon Envoy, the dregs results in Hell Demon Envoy to send out an incisive pitiful yell, the head is pounded black blood black Qi crazily to brave. Shen Xiang!” Hell Demon Envoy wants to work loose Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang that full is the palm of Suppressing Devil Divine Power, probably specifically is used to beat the Evil Devil handcuff, his locking in stubbornly. Has not thought that I will come!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Suppressing Devil divine tower that in the hand that increased, was buckling to the head of Hell Demon Envoy. Suppressing Devil divine tower Holy Light sparkles, the base in tower presents a golden vortex, Hell Demon Envoy inspiration tower that in an evil strength turns into. Xueyi, do not let this group of bastards run, grasps completely!” After Shen Xiang Hell Demon Envoy receives Suppressing Devil divine tower inside, sits on throne that in Hell Demon Envoy made a moment ago, wields conveniently, lets loose that tied up Pearl King. That crowd thinks Saint Beast that one must die, seeing Shen Xiang to let loose Pearl King, in the heart is wild with joy immediately, because they suction beast soul by Hell Demon Envoy! adolescence is Saint Beast is not easy, no one wants dead, at this time their in the heart very grateful Shen Xiang, wished one could to worship on bended knees immediately in the past thanks.

Long Xueyi flies from Shen Xiang, float in the air, slim and graceful, may she of person, suddenly exude one to let handsome present all Saint Beast to tremble, panic-stricken dragon roar extremely. Hears roaring of Long Xueyi that Heavenly Dragon, these Saint Beast this time fears, Asian Yu Gang did not face the death that fear! These Saint Monarch have not thought that beautiful female who this white skirt dances in the breeze, unexpectedly is very terrifying Heavenly Dragon! After Hell Demon Envoy Shen Xiang holds, his black ancient Dragon mount hastily catches up, but roared with Long Xueyi one, that black bone dragon was shaken the powder directly. These Saint Monarch were completely scared, Hell Demon Envoy several sub- were grasped, that looks like very terrifying black bone dragon mount is extinguished instantaneously, now they know one are stupid, unexpectedly wants to inquire the position that Shen Xiang is, wants to hunt and kill Shen Xiang to obtain Godhead, but now Shen Xiang appears in them meets, the strength that shows, making them feel the incomparable fear. Long Xueyi takes a fast look around that several hundred Saint Monarch, chilly coldly snorted, white skirt floating waves, sends out a white gentle pure and holy multi-colored sunlight, the white soft light that sends out, shines on these Saint Monarch, immediately turns into tiny White Dragon, is similar to the string is ordinary, ties up completely these Saint Monarch. Long Xueyi has Emperor Soul Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, when did not have in the past that peak strength, but must cope with these Saint Monarch to have more than enough to spare. After these Saint Monarch were trigged, begs for mercy, but Shen Xiang has not actually paid attention, ejects Suppressing Devil divine tower in hand, float moves in these Saint Monarch sky slowly, these Saint Monarch total revenue towers. Afterward, Long Xueyi helps these Saint Beast Xie Bang! Thank Sir Shen to rescue!” Pearl King hastily expressed gratitude to Shen Xiang, other Saint Beast also hastily with one voice thanked, but also was shouting must repay Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang face ashamed saying: Everybody was grasped, many and my some relationship, therefore I cannot save you.” Because of Sir Shen, these fellows will not grasp our, I later am willing to follow you.” Guy shouted: Hope can help your busy.”

These Saint Beast are not silly, the Shen Xiang's given name they have certainly heard, was chased down by numerous Saint Venerate, moreover dares to speak the last words Hawk Emperor, the side also formidable incomparable Heavenly Dragon accompaniment, can follow Shen Xiang, is a good deed, although the Shen Xiang present situation is not very wonderful. That Pearl King said in a soft voice: Sir Shen, I am also willing to follow you.” Shen Xiang looked at this audiences Saint Beast, although over a thousand, but the female has four, is beautiful. This you look her, she probably needs some partners.” Shen Xiang looked at Long Xueyi. Long Xueyi spits the tongue to Pearl King, happily said with a smile: „The words that does not mind, you can with me.” In Dragon Keshi the beast the ruler, let alone Long Xueyi this Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, pearl naturally is glad, seeing Long Xueyi to give shelter to pearl, its her three mother Saint Beast go forward. Long Xueyi accepts completely, the quantity are not in any case many, other Saint Beast only hate is in itself not the females! Everybody, has the incident to request below that I in seeking for Immortal Level seven above herbs, everybody in Northern Sea, there is a related clue, or in hand has these Immortal Medicine, can borrow me to use, I can return quickly!” This is Shen Xiang rescues these over a thousand Saint Beast goals.