World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1658

This crowd of Saint Beast are saved from death, in the heart is very grateful, but Shen Xiang such asked that some Saint Beast do not hate to give up what one treasures, Shen Xiang saw that some Saint Beast faces are awkward, this disappoints him somewhat. In these many Saint Beast, there is a sincere gratitude, old man walks, gives a Shen Xiang small wooden box, said: This is the jade Spiritual God iris, should be seven Immortal Medicine!” old man takes the jade Spiritual God iris, be only the palm of the hand size, is similar to White Jade carves general beautiful, sends out the gentle white light. Good, this is the jade Spiritual God iris that can refine jade soul pill.” Shen Xiang is very delighted, thought that has not rescued these Saint Beast in vain, jade Divine Pill is quite unusual seven Immortal Dan, even if some old Dan Immortal, possibly does not know that this pill exists, because this is not mainstream common Immortal Dan. Please wait a bit the moment, I record the appearance, quick can give back to you.” Shen Xiang gives Long Xueyi the jade Spiritual God iris, Long Xueyi enters in Hidden Jade Ring, with these elixir fast duplication jade Spiritual God irises, this is only is also only the time of moment. That old man takes, had decided that must give Shen Xiang as the thanks, has not thought that Shen Xiang will give back to him. Received the jade Spiritual God iris time, old man had not discovered that this jade Spiritual God iris is duplicates, even if Feng Yujie this Pill Saint, was hard to detect. Had the jade Spiritual God iris, the Shen Xiang alchemy next goal had the whereabouts, but lets is Infernal Demon Emperor that now he worries issues a warrant for arrest him, brings many terrible business to him. Chases down my person to come quickly, everybody a bit faster leaves here, I worried that can implicate you.” Shen Xiang said. Although these Saint Beast survive for many years in this danger(ous) Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, but faces the Saint Venerate humanity of robber, they are small and weak, was grasped very much easily. Heard Shen Xiang saying that in abundance and Shen Xiang said goodbye, felt grateful once more continually, afterward hastily departed, only then that several followed the Long Xueyi's female to stay behind.

Pearl King is pearl turns into, named is also called pearl, another three females, including two, because is the sea beast, cannot leave the boiling water to be too long, enters Hidden Jade Ring not to be inappropriate, therefore Long Xueyi can only make them leave. Now, besides pearl, a white peacock keeps side Long Xueyi. Bai Kongque is the face somewhat round beautiful female, in a jet black long hair is clamping the white peacock feather as the decoration, is very beautiful, on white skirt that wears , some white plume feathers, her smiling face is very delightful. Shen Xiang that sizes up his look, making her somewhat shy is red face to come, regarding Shen Xiang, she has the awe, because Shen Xiang is expert that makes her look up. Big Brother Shen, I was Kong Bailing...... thank you to save me very much.” Kong Bailing low voice saying, the face is somewhat red, is very bashful, resembles the first man speech to be the same. But Pearl King was different, although is the young girl appearance, but the whole face straightforward smiling face, said to Shen Xiang: Later has being able to add on place, makes noise that's it.” Shen Xiang smiled, traces the head of pearl and Kong Bailing, temperate saying: I come from world of Nine Heaven, later you may probably return to world of Nine Heaven with us, will be far away from this place, can you want?” Wants, I was also in any case all right to boiling water.” pearl very simple saying. No problem, so long as do not let me in place that's alright, I fear lonelily.” Kong Bailing gained ground, with that beautiful eye, looked at Shen Xiang to be the same carefully, the smiling face of seeing the Shen Xiang whole face demon, her face one red, hastily dangled. Shen Xiang or the first time see such shy female, he thought that Kong Bailing certainly is very rare stranger.

Walks quickly, here has Hell Demon Envoy to be grasped, other Hell Demon Envoy will discover quickly when the time comes does not know will be any fierce fellow will rush to here.” Long Xueyi was saying, had not asked that pearl and Kong Bailing, leads into them Hidden Jade Ring. If several Hell Demon Envoy comes, Shen Xiang does not have anything to be good to fear but actually, but if Thunder Emperor that expert comes, blocks the space, besieges him again, perhaps he must trouble. Shen Xiang rushes to the Southern Sea middle from Northern Sea directly, he does not dare to go to the places of some people now, because these places have Teleportation Formation, chases down his person to arrive quickly. Bailing and pearl, you know that which islands have high level Immortal Medicine?” In Shen Xiang and Hidden Jade Ring two females talked. They hear the Shen Xiang's sound to transmit, has not thought strange, because Long Xueyi had explained here with them. I know before actually, but that place should be found, this Nine Spirits Heaven Sea was too small, these many years pass by, so many formidable humanity seek for Immortal Medicine, many islands looked for pearl to sigh one. Islands that I protected before, above has, but had been robbed by a Highest Saint Gate elder, I have good luck ever after run away.” Kong Bailing is the Saint Beast of life on islands, little has left her island. Bailing, later I will lead you to go to a good place, will have the good sisters there, did not need to fear Highest Saint Gate.” Long Xueyi hee happily said with a smile, she wants Kong Bailing to send in Hundred Flowers Palace, in Hundred Flowers Palace, there are female who are many she to favor, she hopes that sees Hundred Flowers Palace to become more and more formidable. pearl, you said a moment ago this Nine Spirits Heaven Sea is too small? Is that what sea big?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally is the Holy Water Heaven Territory endless sea!” Saying of pearl lofty aspirations and high ideals: My beforehand goal must go to Holy Water Heaven Territory to have a look, but must carry on the space to shuttle back and forth, needs very formidable strength, space passage that opens is unstable, will also face very big danger(ous).”

Must surmount from Heaven territory to another Heaven territory, let alone Saint Beast of pearl this rank, even if Saint Venerate, is not easy to go. However Shen Xiang was different, so long as he went to that place, he consumes some Divine Power slightly, can open stable space passage to go fast. Holy Water Heaven Territory? I have gone actually one time, how long but not to have stayed there!” Shen Xiang suddenly at present one bright, now he had seven Immortal Medicine jade Spiritual God irises, he can not stay in this Saint Territory temporarily, can go to other Heaven territory to evade, he sees only in Heaven territory in any case round trip free. Really? Have you gone to Holy Water Heaven Territory really?” pearl is excited immediately: „It can be said that place with me? I heard since childhood, mentioned the Holy Water Heaven Territory master man with me, had various views respectively, possibly was they make out of whole cloth.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: That place anything has not said that big water, will occasionally have some islands, inside sea beast should very be big.” Big Brother Shen, but can also say? For example sea water flavor, the color of sea water, some deep......” little girl, I did not know about there, if you want to know that I did lead you to have a look not to know?” Shen Xiang said with a smile.