World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1659
In Kong Bailing and pearl eye, Shen Xiang was one lives does not know that the multi- youngster old monster, actually does not know they were older than time Shen Xiang's, shouted Shen Xiang was Big Brother Shen time, made Shen Xiang somewhat embarrassed. Real?” pearl some cannot believe that excited hugs is being higher than Kong Bailing her, jumping. Naturally real, this fellow goes to other Heaven territory to be very easy, but he could be equal to that some fellows from far away grasps his time, he will pass.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang truly these grasps his Saint Venerate in now, waits for a troop to come the time, he leaves here, making that group of people run a fruitless errand, he has the time and that group of people in any case consumes. He arrives at an island, the patience on the islands waited for that simultaneously and Kong Bailing and pearl chatted, now Kong Bailing and pearl are testing the stage, if were not knew about them that Long Xueyi did not dare, although allowed them to enter Hundred Flowers Palace, this was the danger(ous) matter. pearl, are your tears so really fierce? Can fast therapy.” Shen Xiang asked. Not can only therapy, but can also the beautiful face, take orally the external use to be good, especially these have the grandma of wrinkle, after having used, can immediately change the young beautiful appearance appearance.” This time pearl, like young girl such, mentioned own merit, was very proud. Shen Xiang said with a smile: It seems like use is very big, when I need your tears, I do want to bully to cry you to be good?” pearl said with a smile tenderly: Naturally does not use, you want time looks for me, I can along with the fashion tears.” Kong Bailing said with a smile lightly: Big Brother Shen, Sister pearl gave her pearl tears to taste to us a moment ago, the flavor may be sweet, her pearl tears biggest use, should be is used to detoxify, although I few and outside contact, but I have actually heard her pearl tears Solves All Poisons.”

Said that pearl you are also the body of Hundred Poisons Immunity?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised. Um!” pearl said with a smile: I and other makes one bottle of tears to you, no matter in you any toxin, drinks one drop to detoxify!” What toxin?” Shen Xiang some do not believe that this pearl special capability was also too fierce, if you can solve Primordial Strange Poison, that was fiercer. Kong Bailing said: In Nine Spirits Heaven Sea, there are has acute poison Poisonous Beast, some Poisonous Beast toxins are equally fierce on and Primordial Strange Poison, the pearl tears can solve.” pearl hee happily said with a smile: Sister Bailing, your permanent, perhaps I could not solve, although my first time saw you, but I know that you were that use the permanent person.” Long Xueyi amazed [say / way]: Permanent? This is very strange poison one! Can make the life turn into white stone carving, if the stone carving were pulverized, quite in dying!” This name...... Also did not have poisonous intent!” Shen Xiang exclaims in surprise one, talked to oneself: Spell blood orchid and snow lean first, this is also sounds well, but actually very much tosses about strange poison of person!” strange poison that Shen Xiang grasps now may be many, Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison grasp first, is commonly used easiest-to-use, the spell blood orchid is Bai Ziqian gives him, he little uses, the time of because using is not beautiful, Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison he also has, previous time he cuts to kill Saint Ice Toad, takes the poisonous pouch, enabling him to grasp massive Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison. But now he bumps into has permanent this strange poison Saint Beast! He has not thought that this seems like good bashful Kong Bailing, unexpectedly is one controls the strange poison female.

pearl...... except for you, but also who knows? My strange poison is inherent, in my white feather, I wants with very thin feather, can intoxicate.” Kong Bailing somewhat panic-stricken saying: If makes other people know that I have strange poison, they will seize me.” Relax, except that we know that did not have other people to know! Also, your where had is so good to grasp? Otherwise was already held, Sister Bailing you so are poisonously fierce, you definitely have used many times.” pearl said with a smile tenderly. That has no recourse, I do not want to use, exposed will be very troublesome.” Kong Bailing whispered: You could rest assured that I will not injure your.” Shen Xiang said: Bailing, can you give a feather me?” This...... Cannot, very danger(ous), so long as the feather is separated from my body, moves others, quite in intoxicating, you will turn into together Baishitou, so long as nobody destroys, the stone can for ever and ever, it is said this also be one type the means that makes the person prolong life, but must have the means of disintoxicating to be good.” Kong Bailing said. Long life? Is life essence quick no time, uses this means to freeze?” Shen Xiang also had a deeper understanding to this strange poison. Um, so long as preserves well, multi- youngster does not have the issue, if can find the long life the means that when the time comes unties poisonously, gave it to prolong life that's alright again! The words that must detoxify, the pearl tears could.” Kong Bailing said. Gives me one, I give a try...... Pulls out an integral root to injure to you? That gave me small that's alright!” Shen Xiang wants to have a look at the effect very much. „It is not good, I had said a moment ago, the feather leaves my body, will have the toxicity, even if a small silk, includes very fierce toxicity.” Kong Bailing is somewhat awkward, but she insisted that she worried can injure Shen Xiang.

Long Xueyi said with a smile: Bailing, you do not need to be worried that he has a body of Hundred Poisons Immunity, his within the body has to seal massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, he eats God Intoxicating Flower like eating between -meal snack, all right!” The Primordial Strange Poison prestige remoteness, these Heaven territory know that as living many years Saint Beast, where Kong Bailing and pearl can not know? Shen Xiang unexpectedly has this ability, not only Hundred Poisons Immunity, massive Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, they somewhat understood why now that Infernal Demon Emperor is killing Shen Xiang anxiously. Ten Primordial Strange Poison, are being almost the same toxicity, should permanently poisonous not but actually I.” Shen Xiang said. Kong Bailing comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, careful tears off a very short sending silk, sends the silk to turn into very attractive white peacock feather immediately. Shen Xiang receives, is watching carefully, at this time that white feather is sending out the white soft light, in the hand, back and forth is stroking, very soft comfortable, making him be unable to put down. „Does Bailing, pluck hairs to you affects not in a big way?” Shen Xiang looks at Kong Bailing that a face worried about, lightly smiled: You looked that I amn't am all right?” All right, quick can be long, my hair has many, on me the white feather has many.” Kong Bailing sees Shen Xiang to move to be separated from the feather of her body, has not turned into the white stone carving immediately, immediately relaxed, shows the delightful smiling face. Shen Xiang somewhat embarrassed asking: How many can that give me? I want to make a fan!”