World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1660

Makes fan with this type of poisonous feather, perhaps in the fight, the wind that the fan comes out includes acute poison, thinks to make one be afraid. This is not quite good, this after is strange poison, I generally am the refined into pintle.” Kong Bailing puts out small case, inside is very thin transparent crystal needles. Sees these, the Shen Xiang heart jumps, Kong Bailing looks like shy delicate, who knows that she is actually one uses the poisonous master! In her hand these crystal needles, are strange poison refined into, arrived at the words that by to bind, without the antidote, permanent will turn into together the stone carving. I chatted!” Shen Xiang receives the feather, looked at the crystal needle of her palm, asked: Can give me several?” Naturally, this box all gives you, inside has more than 1000, I am bored time, will refine many this type of peacock needles, on me also has.” Regarding Shen Xiang this savior, Kong Bailing is natural, sweet gives Shen Xiang this box of strange poison peacock needle with a smile. No one thinks, such beautiful woman unexpectedly inborn strange poison, moreover is very rare permanent, Shen Xiang is very curious her origin, but Kong Bailing has said that she only remembers the matter after own broken shell, does not know how one are comes. Some people approached, is four Saint Venerate, does not have Thunder Emperor.” Long Xueyi hastily told Shen Xiang, then made Kong Bailing a bit faster enter Hidden Jade Ring. Shen Xiang planned after such a number of Saint Venerate arrive, walks again, quite lets their came in vain, but Kong Bailing has given his peacock needles now, how he naturally must try the effect. If copes with Saint Venerate, at least must dig in hundred peacock needles to be effective, I refine, but the consideration is used to cope with Saint Monarch, I later will refine some specifically to be used to cope with the Saint Venerate peacock needle to give Big Brother Shen.” Kong Bailing hears from Long Xueyi there is four Saint Venerate, hastily tells Shen Xiang these matters. Bailing, you have these fierce peacock needles, will be seized why by these Saint Monarch?” Long Xueyi does not dare to touch these white peacock feathers, was worried one turn into a statue.

Kong Bailing sighed gently: I was besieged by several Saint Monarch at that time, some Saint Monarch in distant place, if wants in their body Shangzha not to be easy, but I turn into the peacock, directly attacks them with the feather, will not be grasped, but meets exposed my toxin, at that time I was weak, was seized.” The Kong Bailing operational experience is not very rich, only then independent combat, she dares to use fossil strange poison, was besieged by that many people, she is first time, lacks the strain capacity, causes to be grasped is also very normal. If the Shen Xiang's words, he will maintain life reckless! Must grip on others not to be truly easy these peacock needles!” Shen Xiang looked at these peacock needles, inside is not permanent this fossil strange poison, but refines with other material and peacock feather mix. If the refined into transparent powder, that will be easier-to-use!” Shen Xiang puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace immediately, puts the refinement that box of peacock needle completely, pours into the flame, leaves behind peacock needle inside toxin, other thing full scale clearances. Regarding refines Intoxicating Spirit Powder him frequently, he several sub- can complete. Shen Xiang rushes to time at this time, because these Saint Venerate on road! Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace sends out weak red light, the flame that he pours into is very big, although Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is often used to refine the toxicant, but builds up each time, Shen Xiang will clean up cleanly, will not leave behind any toxicity. Kong Bailing said: I also want to make the powder feather, but I do not know how should do, I have attempted many times, most can only refined into sand such, transparent powder of very difficult refined into that not being able to see.” With others fight, found a best opportunity quietly to scatter, the opposite party had not actually discovered that waits to discover time, has actually inhaled much, this is intoxicates the best method, Shen Xiang frequently to use this move, the premise is neighbor does not have other people, moreover oneself want Hundred Poisons Immunity.

Later I teach you to refine, is very easy.” Shen Xiang has very rich experience, therefore he dares saying that this is very easy, if other alchemy masters, perhaps is unable such to guarantee, let alone refines this strange poison, even if the refinement quite normal acute poison plant, regarding some famous alchemy masters, is difficult. Shen Xiang quickly that over a thousand peacock needle refined into small case transparent powder, very thin, the words that scatters, quick can integrate in the air, but if careful, can discover. Only then intense great war time uses quietly, is indiscoverable. Really here!” Saint Venerate as well as arriving that catches up with, surround Shen Xiang, but they have not approached Shen Xiang, has thousand feet (333 m) to be many from Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is regarded as Emperor Level expert same existence now, he had killed Jiang Shijian and Hell Demon Envoy before, at this time chases down his person to be discrete. „Do your four plans collaborate to kill me? But Infernal Demon Emperor puts out Godhead to post a reward, how when the time comes do you want to divide?” Shen Xiang he he smiles, is very calm. Your posting a reward volume rose, the present is two Godhead, our four people, everyone half has sufficed, does not need you to be worried.” A very short middle age said that although he only arrives at others' waist, but his might, makes the person not dare to look down on him, his present start to talk speaks, perhaps other three people listen his. Shen Xiang thinks very accidental, but thinks carefully that Infernal Demon Emperor increases posts a reward the volume is very normal, because he has taken Hell Demon Envoy, issued that posts a reward that for a long time, he still rambles, results in Infernal Demon Emperor is very restless. actually is this!” Shen Xiang said that vanished on suddenly.

The Shen Xiang's aura was very a moment ago obvious, this suddenly did not have, making that four people of squads think that Shen Xiang ran away, their float in the air, looked around, the alert, simultaneously sought for the Shen Xiang's trail with rapt attention. They heard that before Shen Xiang escaping ability first-class, surmounts the space directly, Saint Thunder Heaven Territory famous Thunder Emperor cannot catch, at this time their in the heart is very disappointed, because can see that Shen Xiang is not easy, they regretted secretly one do not study the method of space blockade well, otherwise their four people of appearance, the blockade space, perhaps successfully will cut a moment ago to kill Shen Xiang with joint forces. Shen Xiang vanished, but he hides in one with the space of here complete separation, is in the tyrannical space, the average person falls into the tyrannical space, needs long time to look to the direction comes back, but grasps Law of Space Shen Xiang, can actually come and go in various spaces, the localization is also accurate. Sees that four people just about to leave, Shen Xiang uses space power immediately, starts out a fist big space in that four people of sides, then in a big way gushes in one just refined well peacock powder. Instantaneous, these peacock powder cover that four people, they also know one had been hit by some strange things, that is only cool wind.