World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1661
Chases down Shen Xiang's four Saint Venerate is experienced expert, felt that cool breeze raids, immediately turns very quiet, the body surface presents a guard shield, this is used to prevent the measure of poison. But, they felt has time that cool breeze blows, these peacock powder moved their skins, rapidly seeps. „...... My leg!” That shortest middle age is startled to exclaim, he felt that his leg is unable to move, probably frozen was been same, is unable to revolve in Divine Power of thigh. Afterward, other three people also panic-stricken call out, they are also so, the lower part of the body passes out gradually! This is...... This is permanent, petrifies strange poison!” A person called out pitifully, that face twisted because of frightened, the face some blanches, turned afterward snow white. In an instant, the whole person turned into a white stone carving, the facial expression such frames. Shortly, these four Saint Venerate turn into four white stone carvings, falls the ground. Shen Xiang emits flying disc, catches them fast, afterward using Grasping Soul Devil Curse and Engulfing Devil Art coordination, extracts devour their Divine Soul. This strange poison is really fierce, if peacock powder again concise, the speed of petrification should be faster!” A Shen Xiang palm hits to a stone carving, will rumble the powder. After the petrification, although the stone is very firm, but Shen Xiang's strength is big, a palm has destroyed, if preserves appropriately, many years will not rot. After killing four Saint Venerate, Shen Xiang does not plan to depart, because he knows that certainly will have Saint Venerate to come, he resembles devour to be many some Divine Soul, crowds Godhead, making Godhead build up voluntarily, this not long, he can have Emperor Soul, regarding own Emperor Soul ability, he anticipated. Some many peacock powder had not used up a moment ago, he thought that can also cope with 2-3 Saint Venerate again, what made his depressed was, he waited for enough half double-hour, did not have Saint Venerate to come!

They know that four Saint Venerate were killed by me, then doesn't dare to come to look for me?” Shen Xiang stays on the island, waits for some not to be impatient. Should be, so long as is not silly, now understands that must cope with you not to be easy, small and weak Saint Venerate looks for you, will be destroyed completely by you, formidable Emperor Level expert comes, Saint Venerate that or comes are too many, you will escape! Perhaps they gathered together, was discussing how to grasp with you.” Long Xueyi said. Waits for a double-hour again, the words that does not come I go to Holy Water Heaven Territory!” Shen Xiang sighed, he waits for others to chase down here, nobody comes, but before was actually a troop troop. ...... Southern Sea giant islands, over a hundred Saint Venerate gather in a luxurious great hall, these Saint Venerate all are Big Shot of side big influence, they have a similar goal, is cuts to kill Shen Xiang, obtains Godhead that Infernal Demon Emperor gives! To obtain to chase down the Shen Xiang's qualifications, must first give loyalty to Infernal Demon Emperor, betrays the soul, but not by the Infernal Demon Emperor limit for a lifetime, because there is Godhead, later can still go to Gods, therefore chases down Shen Xiang's Saint Venerate at this time. With the Long Xueyi guess is the same, although they know that Shen Xiang has not moved now, but immediately has not actually passed, before had many examples, must kill Shen Xiang not to be easy, but Shen Xiang must kill them, probably cut grass to be the same, in some time ago, four strength good Saint Venerate died, their life beads here, broke to pieces in a complete mess. It seems like these two Godhead are not good to take, died four!” A person sighed. „Hasn't Hawk Emperor said? Very formidable White Dragon and that brat together.” But Hell Demon Envoy said that that White Dragon discarded Godhead, is hard except for the mouth, other aspects are very disappointing, has the Saint Venerate level at most! Hawk Emperor is also frightened by White Dragon of that dying and being reborn on the same day, in addition that brat Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, did not understand that the truth Hawk Emperor was frightened is very normal.”

But, Hell Demon Envoy was taken!” A person replied in a low voice: Shen Xiang has to cope with Evil Devil divine tool and divine art, if Hell strength can cope with Shen Xiang, Infernal Demon Emperor will also post a reward Shen Xiang with two Godhead?” In this crowd of Saint Venerate, everybody is not very familiar person, is Jiang Sheng. Jiang Sheng mixed, he is quite clear to Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's strength, Shen Xiang kills Hell Demon Envoy anything quite not to be strange through Suppressing Devil strength, that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal might he has seen, moreover he and Long Xueyi collaborates, kills Jiang Shijian nothing. However, before chased down Shen Xiang's four Saint Venerate, was the quite formidable that type, Jiang Sheng does not think that Shen Xiang can strike to kill with ease. The people had estimated next time, that four people just shortly after died to there, looked through that four people of the life beads that four people have not consumed Divine Power, instantaneously had been killed by the second, therefore does not dare to go in Southern Sea Saint Venerate. Hell Demon Envoy said that crosses a period of time, will have a great person to come from Hell, said that will teach us to go into hiding the method of aura, will not be discovered by Shen Xiang ahead of time, this will not run away by him.” Eastern Sea Hell Demon Envoy returned to Hell, they said that came from Hell, probably will be any Hell demon, listening to the reputation is very probably fierce!” Hears these people's dialogs, Jiang Sheng secret pressing firmly between the fingers finger pulls refers, toward inside sound transmission: Big lion, has significant news!” This is sound transmission magic treasure, he as Divine Craftsman, magic treasure of this teleconnection is only small thing that he refines casually.

What significant news? These many days passed by, your bone Dragon Devil causes not to kill, only killed, is that brat fight, your this old fellow, unexpectedly compared with baby brat, lost face too!” Hears Qi Shi that to be full of the taunt sound, Jiang Sheng is not feeling well. „If not that brat fight kills bone Dragon Devil to cause, other bone Dragon Devil will cause not to hide that deadly, I could not find them now, but I will obtain the news, Infernal Demon Emperor will send a Hell demon, you have not said that in the past will be grasped by several Hell demons in Hell exactly?” Really? How you in the place, I immediately pass now, I must revenge!” Qi Shi hears, immediately killing intent is big. You do not have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, don't you fear these fellows?” Jiang Sheng happily said with a smile. What fears? In the past in Hell that damned place, in addition Infernal Demon Emperor in secret got rid, I will not be held by that several bastards!” The Qi Shi sound is full of the hatred, he hates Infernal Demon Emperor to the present. Jiang Sheng has given a Qi Shi address, then continues to listen to this group of people to discuss some secrets. Heard that Heavenly Dragon Territory Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor also came, the competitive power is really big!” „Several other Heaven territory Great Emperor will arrive in a short time, but this mainly looks at the luck, that Shen Xiang is not good to cope.”