World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1662
Jiang Sheng has not heard many useful thing, he only wants to find bone Dragon Devil to cause now to massacre, otherwise he will be teased by Qi Shi. This crowd of Saint Venerate diverge, but they in this city waited for that the Hell demon will arrive, when the time comes Saint Venerate of other places can also come here, studies the concealment method of Infernal Demon Emperor inheritance. ...... Shen Xiang waited for a double-hour, still does not have Saint Venerate to come, he has to give up waiting for that uses space power, shuttles back and forth Holy Water Heaven Territory, presents an island on here. His previous time comes here time, is Dongfang Xinyue comes, at that time he was here and Dongfang Xinyue says goodbye, had a period of time from the present, Dongfang Xinyue already not here. Dongfang Xinyue and bloodlines of some Dongfang Jing within the body Vermilion Bird, just the bloodlines of Dongfang Xinyue have the problem, causing her to bog down, she comes to here is to seek for Vermilion Bird. That island is very safe, above does not have the trace of fighting, the nearby does not have the aura of giant sea beast, Long Xueyi is bringing pearl and Kong Bailing comes out. Really is Holy Water Heaven Territory, the world of water!” pearl plunges into the sea immediately, laughing playing with water in water. Long Xueyi does not sleep does not eat is the Lord who wants to play all the time mischievously, jumps to the sea neutralizes pearl to kid around, Kong Bailing also wants to get down, but she worried that own toxin will reveal, can only stay in the ashore, she looks that Long Xueyi and pearl play noisily, oneself are also very happy. Shen Xiang puts out that Suppressing Devil divine tower, inside detains many Saint Monarch, he wants to kill his Saint Monarch Divine Soul to extract all of a sudden this crowd, but fleshly body loses to the pass/test completely in an uppermost layer Hell king, when fattened up a Hell king, he again refined into blood pill.

Another is also closing Hell Demon Envoy, he pulls out Hell Demon Envoy Divine Soul, that fleshly body turns into the black fog, was purified by divine tower. Shen Xiang devour to Divine sea Divine Soul, in Godhead, Godhead looks like, although is small, but the absorbancy is very strong, builds up the ability is the terror! He then must refine jade Divine Pill, he needs some jade Spiritual God irises, but his elixir many, has not been building up these Divine Soul now , not suitable alchemy, he to use these time condense elixir. Long Xueyi they play after outside is tired, enters in Hidden Jade Ring, Long Xueyi and they talked about many world of Nine Heaven matters, after to let them goes to Emperor Heaven, can fast be familiar with there. Ten days, Shen Xiang beforehand devour massive Divine Soul, were built up by his Godhead, melts the become god strength completely, he also thought that Divine Soul had the obvious promotion. Knows that own Divine Soul does become Emperor Soul? I have seen your Divine Soul, does not look like any special place!” Shen Xiang inquired Long Xueyi, he cultivated Spirit Gathering Technique with Long Xueyi's Divine Soul frequently, had not felt that her Divine Soul had any special place. You cannot induce is very normal, what special appearance because Emperor Soul did not have, when just you are formidable enough, you know one have that special ability, your present Divine Soul, even if formidable ten times, do look like are again different from the present? But formidable also only then you feel come out, the practice, must practice Emperor Soul well, but also requires the time.” Long Xueyi said Shen Xiang currently had many elixir, starts to duplicate the jade Spiritual God iris, only duplicates more than 40, but was enough, if he can refine these seven Immortal Dan to behind familiar, his alchemy level has been improved. Two months, then passed suddenly, Shen Xiang already these jade Spiritual God iris completely refined into jade Divine Pill, this pill's refinement difficulty, although is very big, but he overcomes heavily to be difficult. In the beginning, has been defeated, has pill to be few, but arrived afterward to be able each furnace to stabilize the pill three grains, altogether has refined more than hundred grains.

He has eaten several grains, has the little effect to his Divine Soul promotion, but is not big, therefore he has given some Kong Bailing and pearl, after they eat up, there is a good effect, because eats many, has to close up builds up. Can refine seven Immortal Dan, now starts to give me to build up some between-meal snack!” Long Xueyi piteous saying: For serveral days always eats the Saint Beast meat, was very greasy.” Between-meal snack that Long Xueyi said that is Heavenly Dragon pill and Saint Beast Pill, seven Heavenly Dragon pill and Saint Beast Pill regarding Long Xueyi, truly are only between -meal snack. Shen Xiang smiled, then start to condense gathers elixir, then causes some Heavenly Dragon fruits and Saint Beast Fruit, tossed about the moon/month, has refined more than hundred grains respectively, but defers to Long Xueyi to eat the speed of thing, can support for several days to be good. You come this Holy Water Heaven Territory, did not plan that looks for the Xinyue girl?” Long Xueyi asked: She comes to here to seek for the rebirth Vermilion Bird, does not know that had found!” Shen Xiang said: I will certainly look for her, but does not know how should look, I and she have the master and servant contract, only but only distance near time will have the induction.” pearl and I have said that here also many humanity, she in the life through inquiry water, knew that has a place to have many humanity in this, first has a look, if Vermilion Bird here, should be able to inquire.” Shen Xiang alchemy time, pearl enters in the deep sea to play on frequently and Long Xueyi, but pearl was the life in deep sea, quick had many understanding to this Holy Water Heaven Territory. The island is here few, Shen Xiang left that island to fly long time, saw was the seas, he flew continuously for three days, walks in the direction that pearl said that if not pearl closes up now, he will certainly make pearl guide.

pearl said right, gathers at this direction truly some people, Shen Xiang had found, here is not islands, but is various floats in the water surface house, the house shape varies, varies, float of in chaos on water surface. Quite strange, here has a big piece of water surface not to flow, does this special place, appropriately float the house?” Long Xueyi said. Strangeer is not only this, Shen Xiang also sees many people not to need to fly, can walk in the water surface! However, when he descends when the time comes, wants same to walk in the water surface with others, actually discovery own foot can fall into the water! little brother, you come from other Heaven territory? Wish stands in the water surface words, you must buy specially-made shoes to be good! Actually, does not stand when the water surface does not have relationship, this is only the people are bored pastime.” old man of shop, kind saying with a smile: Here has the shoes to sell, if you want to satisfy a craving, I can deliver you one pair!” unexpectedly delivers free! This makes Shen Xiang some unable to believe that after he enters the shop, that old man puts out many designs the shoes, at this time Long Xueyi jumped, making old man put out the women shoes. This old man is very good, with a laugh puts out the pretty fine women's shoes to the Long Xueyi choice, Long Xueyi has chosen pink shoes, after the expression of gratitude, arrives at the water surface to jump, like the child, looked at Shen Xiang and old man he he smiles.