World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1663
After old man chatted the moment, Shen Xiang knows that these shoes are made of one special material, this material are here many, old man is usually all right does, makes these shoes, his shop is in the edge, although many people will come to here to pass through this, but this position will not be the most prosperous place, he to make the impression on the guest, will bestow these shoes. The shop of old man is mainly sells to eat, is some fish, mainly sells one name named the Golden Jade Immortal Fish dish, after Long Xueyi hears, hastily from outside dodges, letting old man here most delicious takes completely, because here also trades with saint stone, but Shen Xiang most does not lack now is saint stone, he sells out saint stone that six Yuan azure pill gains not to use. This shop seems like not small, why only then grandfather you!” Long Xueyi very curious asking, this time she likely is an ignorant naive young girl, which could see that she is Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor that the antiquity then had. old man has put out Golden Jade Immortal Fish of many procedures, this is one type looks like the [gold/metal] and jade inlays the together fish, but after the old man excellent cooking craftsmanship, in the pouring various types of tasty juice, looks like the delicacy is delicious, light smells that fragrance, makes the person unable to bear swallow the saliva. Long Xueyi started to wolf down, eats while praises, making old man smile grins with ear to ear. Shen Xiang is tasting carefully, these fish delicacies are truly delicious, moreover there is the strength of light Sacred Spirit, if in Emperor Heaven, a fish can sell very much expensively. Grandfather, you have not answered my issue!” Long Xueyi pursues asks. old man does not want to answer this issue, but he is happy at this time, but sighed one: My this was a ten thousand years of old-established shop, some old guests have eaten when here for several thousand years, although these fish were not the high level thing, but after I added on some seasonings, can compare favorably with Immortal Dan . Moreover the flavor was good, is the leisure relaxed very good food, therefore was lively, but that was the beforehand matter.” Long Xueyi nods again and again, time that she eats, thinks very delicious, on the tabletop that several quick were swept a cleanness by her. My Xiaoer (waiter) had many, two are my apprentice, I my craftsmanship teaches after them, who knows that they actually go to the city of day sea, oneself open the shop, but also slanders me below, said that my fish grasps with the toxicant, in order to reach the goal, they also intentionally plot the event that large quantities of people are poisoned, at that time was poisoned has several thousand people, I lose everything at that time all saint stone, the reputation of shop am also destroyed in a moment.” Here, although does not have person, but before , because of my shop, making here very lively.”

Was saying was saying, old man shed sad tears, looks at Long Xueyi whole face anger. Your these two apprentices were too bad, must teach them well!” Long Xueyi pounds on the table, stands up, murderous aura is very heavy. old man, the city of day sea where?” Shen Xiang asked that if old man said is true, he will tidy up that two fellows while convenient. Two, considers as finished, my also Saint Monarch, but I actually cannot provoke them, now they were the great people! Moreover the city of day sea does not go easily, goes on 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone.” That old man said. All right!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone for him was not anything. old man opens a shop here many years, looked that the vision of person is very accurate, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi are other Heaven territory come, can come from other Heaven territory casually, definitely is not the average person, but he actually does not think that two people annoy for him greatly troublesome. Under Long Xueyi closely examines, old man tells Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi the place that the city of day sea is. „The city of actually day sea in the deep sea, good to have a look!” Long Xueyi whole face anticipation. old man has, you heard Vermilion Bird?” Shen Xiang asked. This old man knows many matters, really has not disappointed Shen Xiang.

Has heard, she very strong fire attribute Beast Emperor, but appear here Holy Water Heaven Territory, is strange, I also heard that where as for her, I was unknown.” old man replied. Afterward Shen Xiang also described the Dongfang Xinyue appearance, wants to ask this old man does have to see, old man shook the head. Dongfang Xinyue likely change appearance, therefore old man has seen, did not have the impression. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi after the old man family fortune don't, then sneaks in the deep sea, old man has not gathered their saint stone, but Shen Xiang actually quietly leaves behind storage pouch, inside thinks of many saint stone...... Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi have very strong strength, sneaks the deep sea is not the difficult matter, but the city of sea deeply was very very deep on that day, Long Xueyi enters in Hidden Jade Ring, making a Shen Xiang person dive that's alright. pearl and Kong Bailing woke up at this time, pearl of familiar deep sea shouts must come out, Shen Xiang has to agree. After coming out, pearl emits a very big shell, but inside is one full is the fine room that pearl, coral and Baker decorate, Long Xueyi and Kong Bailing has experienced, Shen Xiang first coming. Really attractive!” Shen Xiang traces the crown, thinks very firm. This is follows my many years the thing, now is sacred tool, even if the Saint Venerate attack, can resist time, previous time I sleep, was pried open by one group of fellows actually, has caught me.” pearl lies down on a rocking chair, hints Shen Xiang also to try. Sneaks the deep sea to need a period of time, in this room, is laughing with a sweet and pretty young girl, the time passes quickly.

Drew near, outside we left!” pearl receives her big shell, arrives in the water with Shen Xiang, sees only below has intense luminous, they have been able clear seeing, a huge incomparable under water city, to cover, in a semicircle during passes Mingguang to cover, seems very magnificent from above. This city situated in deep sea bottom the day sea, enters this city to charge the high fee, nothing to wonder, because the construction difficulty is very big. Shen Xiang thinks clearly, why do not construct such a city here, constructs that float city in the water surface is not very? However when Shen Xiang approaches, actually the discovery the urban construction here, for the air/Qi of better absorption Sacred Spirit, obtains the biggest profit, should be the influence in city. pearl heard that needs over a million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone passing through the gate fee, enters in Hidden Jade Ring, she does not hope that Shen Xiang wastes that many for her. Shen Xiang arrives at the entrance of city, after having handed over 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, then can go, how long to stay not to have the time limit in inside, but after coming out, went in again from newly has given, this point cheated very much.