World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1664
Regarding Shen Xiang, 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone is not anything, but back and forth goes in several words, is some heart pain, the people who therefore goes are few. Enters under this type in the city, Shen Xiang discovered that here person majority are water attribute. Although in this has the pills sell, but pills purchases from other Heaven territory, life that the Holy Water Heaven Territory environment not suitable birth alchemy master, born here, majority are to practice the water attribute strength physique, therefore Immortal Dan is expensive here. Here person are many, the strength majority are quite strong that will otherwise not get so far as 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone to come. Inquired quickly that sells the Golden Jade Immortal Fish shop!” Long Xueyi urged Shen Xiang, she may anxiously for that old man revenging person. Shen Xiang has not thought that here sells the Golden Jade Immortal Fish shop to be famous, he casually asked that where knows that shop. That sells the Golden Jade Immortal Fish hotel to be very big . Moreover the position that is good! The city of this day sea is not small, can accommodate many people, the strong presence in this are definitely many, can obtain a shop in that good section, means that the ability of this hotel master is very big. Therefore, Shen Xiang suspected the apprentice who that old man should be poached by the big influence, then supports secretly. This Holy Water Heaven Territory inside pill is expensive, must be much more expensive than rising later Saint Territory, because here almost does not have the alchemy master. Therefore, is helpful to promoting the strength thing very to sell, for example that Golden Jade Immortal Fish, the interior contains to be helpful to the person promoting the strength the rich immortal strength. The city is very big, Shen Xiang must walk to go to that lively . Moreover the region of high-end, requires a lot of time, but here does not have Teleportation Formation, this also to let the stable reason of city, therefore some strength not strong people are very difficult to arrive at this city, even if can arrive, is the untold hardships. Therefore, for a long time will stay the person here, must leave is not easy.

Vermilion Bird is only existence here Legend, many people heard, where perhaps only then these expert know Vermilion Bird!” Shen Xiang said. You came to here also to have a period of time, does not know that other Saint Venerate can chase down from other places!” Long Xueyi said: „The Infernal Demon Emperor seepage ability is formidable, perhaps posted a reward to send to here to come.” Infernal Demon Emperor should know that I come here, but must disseminate fast my position, he needs many Hell Demon Envoy, these demons make regarding Infernal Demon Emperor definitely also very precious, he does not have the absolute assurance to cope with me now, should not send.” Shen Xiang was too not worried that this matter, he goes to other Heaven territory at most again Although these Hell Demon Envoy are formidable, but shuttle Heaven territory does not have Shen Xiang to be so relaxed, but must consume many strengths, is troublesome. Now Infernal Demon Emperor definitely knows the utilization of Shen Xiang to space, if no means to suppress Shen Xiang such to do, they come Holy Water Heaven Territory, Shen Xiang run up to another Heaven territory, can toss about the deceased person. Shen Xiang took the road of most of the day, finally arrives at that hotel, the named [gold/metal] Saint hotel, Shen Xiang stands in the entrance can smell a very familiar meat fragrance, is the Golden Jade Immortal Fish flavor that old man cooks. Snort, that two apprentices are really not the thing, after plagiarize ends, even if quietly comes here to open one not to have anything, but has actually pounded the inferior brand of old man, must teach them maliciously.” Long Xueyi suddenly comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, stands in Shen Xiang behind. Pounds the matter of gathering place to give me, you followed behind to look at that's alright in me.” Long Xueyi to Shen Xiang sound transmission, then strides to enter into the [gold/metal] Saint hotel. Enters the hotel, Long Xueyi causes the vision of many person, here the beautiful female are many, but actually few this unique makings and a light imposing manner. Makes the people very curious she background. Shen Xiang enters the [gold/metal] Saint hotel, sees in this hotel thing is very certainly expensive, because in this inside person, the strength is this city quite strong that.

„Does this miss, what need to eat?” Is longer much male hastily to walk from the counter, should be here storekeeper. What your here most expensive is most delicious is what?” The Long Xueyi sound is bringing ice-cold, seems like has arrogance expert. This...... Also on please fifth layer, most expensive best thing on that.” Storekeeper hastily compensates to say with a smile, that light might that because Long Xueyi shows at this time, has given him very big constriction. Long Xueyi intentionally knitting the brows head of: Also must walk!” But she walked, Shen Xiang follows silently in her behind, arrives at the topmost level, enters in a luxurious theater box. Five are here quite high constructions, can see the crowded lively street in the window. Long Xueyi arrives, handsome Xiaoer (waiter) come, hands over a menu, be only one page, sets upright the menu that displays to have 20. Long Xueyi has been referring to most convenient that! Wants this silver jade Eight Immortals soup?” Sees Long Xueyi only to select such one, in that Xiaoer (waiter) heart despises secretly, but this silver jade Eight Immortals soup this menu most convenient, moreover is a soup. However on his face piles up with smiling face, even if most convenient one, takes 100,000 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, he cannot afford. Long Xueyi shook the head, said: I do not want this, but except for this most convenient silver jade Eight Immortals soup, other 19 dishes gives me to come two respectively!”

Two people, one time wants that many, since this hotel opens a shop one, is unprecedented, even if in the city squandering money some nouveau riche, not that luxurious. Long Xueyi looked at Shen Xiang, hints Shen Xiang to put out some saint stone. This is to kindly give your, a bit faster makes to me, although your things are very expensive, but if delicious, that but actually nothing.” Long Xueyi received that brick size from the Shen Xiang hand saint stone, throws to that Xiaoer (waiter). Only is hits to enjoy that many, this may frighten Xiaoer (waiter), he has seen the most natural guest, most also gives him several two saint stone! Xiaoer (waiter) expressed gratitude immediately continually, then hastily left, in his heart was curious incomparable, he stayed in this city was very long, but had not heard which had such an extravagant young lady. Golden Jade Saint Fish, takes 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, I have a look to be worth this price.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: If delicious, I must eat!” Shen Xiang reads that menu, except for that silver jade Eight Immortals soup, other 19 dishes is Golden Jade Saint Fish, each [say / way] takes 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, is 19 different procedures, from that name, thinks with the procedure of that old man very much that what old man is Golden Jade Immortal Fish, does not have that higher. In this hotel famous family prominent family originally many, not long, got rid very heroic young lady's matter here to spread.