World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1667
After Yue Changteng urged, hurriedly left, this made Long Xueyi blossom happily, she has not thought that the opportunity delivered quickly. Good, then has the bad luck egg to appear quickly!” Long Xueyi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: We waited for that Lin Family five young masters to come that's alright here, I prepares while the present!” Shen Xiang inquired: What prepares?” Hehe, you look at that's alright, we can help that grandfather revenge quickly.” Long Xueyi puts out black small bottle, has swayed in front of Shen Xiang. What thing is this?” Long Xueyi just wanted to reply that Yue Changteng walks on hastily, shouted: That Lin Family five have done a bit less, this is the dish that he orders, you must complete, do not let that fellow have the opportunity to find fault!” Boss, you felt relieved, these many years, haven't you believed our strengths?” Long Xueyi very self-confident saying with a smile, this made Yue Changteng feel relieved immediately. Yue Changteng nodded: That Lin Family five little are always in sharp opposition with me, I do not hope that he causes trouble here.” I did not disturb you, did well!” Yue Changteng gives Shen Xiang the menu, then hurriedly departs. Long Xueyi read that menu, disdains saying: Selects a little, but also wants to flatter me, since this fellow hates this Yue Changteng, I give his opportunity, making him look for opportunity fight.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: What in your black bottle installs is what thing, won't kill the person?” Quack......” Long Xueyi smiles very cloudy, Yue Changteng and Lin Family five little certainly must but actually big mildew.

This is one type can make Golden Jade Immortal Fish very painstakingly very bitter thing, is fierce, can probably not open including the eye the person painstakingly...... Even if Saint Monarch, is unable to subdue|grams to trig, Ha Ha.” Shen Xiang is looking at Long Xueyi to make Golden Jade Immortal Fish at the same time, when she puts in that type of toxicant, she thought that somewhat wastes these Golden Jade Immortal Fish. Long Xueyi makes several different Golden Jade Immortal Fish quickly, although she increased a thing, but has not actually affected the smell, will not be looked, eats up, a short time will not manifest suddenly. After these Golden Jade Immortal Fish were carried, Long Xueyi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: We go to the fishery together, carries off inside Golden Jade Saint Fish completely.” Long Xueyi most keeps thinking about these to eat, she makes Shen Xiang use space strength, returns the room Di Wei Di Wu of deep sleep, then the straight space shuttles back and forth the base to that fishery, seizes in pond Golden Jade Saint Fish completely. For was not discovered quickly, Long Xueyi uses Transformation Technique, turns into Golden Jade Saint Fish some stones, is loafing in the fishery, this will quickly not be discovered. After completing all these, Long Xueyi said with a smile: Walks, we go to Golden Jade Hotel to see a play!” Long Xueyi changes the actually appearance, like yesterday, entered Golden Jade Hotel with Shen Xiang, this time they were see a play. Enters the hotel time, Shen Xiang sees here to be that tranquil, then gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: These are thing that you add useful?” Naturally useful, you look that quick must have an effect, I calculated.” Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang have arrived at three buildings, at this moment, suddenly hears in the building to have the noisy sound to pass on, Long Xueyi rouses immediately, to Shen Xiang sound transmission: A bit faster uses Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, had a look to have anything!” The Shen Xiang's soul read continuously above, at this time saw only a gate of theater box to open greatly, inside spread the intermittent pain ** the sound, a big round table nearby ground, blue clothes man both hands covered the belly to call out, but had two middle age in his side, the facial expression was anxious, is inquiring the reason.

This man is Lin Family five few. Yue Changteng has caught up, on his face full is the sweat, he thousand have bitten Wan Zhu, but has such matter, he sees the Lin Family five few that pain the appearances, thought that does not install likely. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi arrive at five, walks toward that theater box, at this time guests in five were given to alarm by this sound, passes through to come to see. What's the matter? Noisy, how can eat the thing peacefully?” „Isn't this Lin Family five few? How, to be poisoned?” People much discussion! Poison? Here ate the thing to be poisoned?” Long Xueyi knits the brows saying that this makes people in great surprise, encircle immediately in abundance, Yue Changteng this old hoarding in the middle. Originally very painful Lin Family five few, suddenly took a deep breath, looking from his complexion, the pain reduces much, is restoring gradually. My this thing, but lets the person maliciously pain one, quick will be good.” Long Xueyi to Shen Xiang sound transmission, hee hee smiles tenderly. Lin Family five little can sit, his complexion is very white, looks like did not have what to obstruct greatly, because of being painful, but pale handsome face, at this time whole face anger, body that very strong imposing manner. People rapid retreat, is worried about him to be able suddenly fight. Yue Changteng, good you...... What thing in your this Golden Jade Immortal Fish has put?” The Lin Family five few sounds tremble, anger is steaming. This...... Is impossible, our Golden Jade Immortal Fish for many years, had not had problems, certainly is you wants to frame by planting stolen goods on me.” Before Yue Changteng, appearance that sees the Lin Family five few pain, is flurried too does not have the ponder to be many, but he carefully thinks now, if Golden Jade Immortal Fish has the issue , this shop already but actually.

Before that many years had not had an accident, this Lin Family five few one has had an accident, Yue Changteng thinks that the opposite party must harm him intentionally. „Did you eat one not to know? That type of thing is not acute poison, but can actually more painful much, do you dare not to taste?” Lin Family five little are pointing at tabletop that remaining two trough fish. Yue Changteng said with a sneer: What thing perhaps was you have put?” In order to comfort the people, Yue Changteng said to people: Everybody, this Lin Family five few and I have the personal grudge, this is the well-known matter, our Golden Jade Immortal Fish not issue, this is he frames by planting stolen goods on our.” At this time Shen Xiang said: This is uncertain, has a shop in the water surface, sells Golden Jade Immortal Fish specially, in the past had also had an accident, causing a troop person to be poisoned! The two apprentices of that shop boss, here cook now.” Right, I remember that in the past that old man said one are treats unjustly, is his apprentice frames him, but actually nobody believes.” Called to ask that two chefs soon knew?” Long Xueyi coldly said: I had eaten yesterday much, if there is issue really...... humph, humph, you must give back to me saint stone!” The people hear Long Xueyi these words, shouted, because they have eaten Golden Jade Saint Fish. Shen Xiang has searched the memory of Di Wei Di Wu these two, because their reputations are not good, therefore Yue Changteng does not dare to make them come out with the people to meet, will otherwise affect the reputation of this hotel, if calls now Di Wei Di Wu, that was more difficult to explain.