World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1668
You wait / etc., my this go to call the chef!” Yue Changteng hastily puts out subpoenas jade talisman to subpoena together. At this time, Di Wei Di Wu suddenly pushed the crowd, walked! Boss, you called us to do!” Di Wei shouted. Di Wei Di Wu suddenly arrives, moreover whole face is vacant, Shen Xiang knows that this definitely is the Long Xueyi arrangement, Yue Changteng impossible to call Di Wei Di Wu these two reputation bad people, Yue Changteng definitely already trained well to replace their people, but has not thought that Di Wei Di Wu actually suddenly came. Before Long Xueyi, expects Yue Changteng to ask two substitute people to come out to confront with the people, therefore she controls Di Wei Di Wu to come, because she has gotten down the imaginary technique to Di Wei Di Wu, can operate their mind. You......” Yue Changteng was scared, he has not asked that Shen Xiang rushes to ask: „Are you are responsible for being the Golden Jade Immortal Fish chef?” Is we, how?” Di Wei said. Your Golden Jade Saint Fish are virulent, was what thing you have put? Owns to come clean!” The middle age of that Lin Family five few sides, suddenly moves sideways to arrive at side Di Wei, holds his shoulder directly, rogue asking. Boss...... You let the thing that we put, did not say will not have the matter?” Di Wei was grasped very painful, hurriedly said. Naturally, these were Long Xueyi control him to say! Di Wu at the same time, said: Boss, the previous cloudy that had no right old fellow of non- potential, but this time was to actually cope with Lin Family five few, you were harming us!” Singing a duet of Di Wei Di Wu, making Yue Changteng scared, his dull there, this sudden impact, made him feel own world complete avalanche.

Has saying that Yue Changteng responded is very rapid, seeing the situation to be disadvantageous to oneself, hastily broke through the roof, made a getaway. Di Wei Di Wu had been grasped by that Lin Family five few accompanying, as for Yue Changteng, will definitely not have any good end. Snort, Yue Changteng is Yue Family, we go to Yue Family to compensate.” Person of shouted, can in the person who fifth layer eats the thing, is the comparison has the status. The matter that must compensate, Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang have not joined in the fun, the enmity of old man reported that but also the elution charge, the shop of that old man will live it up not long once more. Long Xueyi obtains many Golden Jade Saint Fish, well satisfied cooks in Hidden Jade Ring, these small Golden Jade Saint Fish, will be chosen to raise by pearl. Shen Xiang has traded an appearance, he still in the city of this day sea, asked around that has the matter about Vermilion Bird, he news that uses 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone issue to post a reward, is only several days, obtains many clues. Many news, were said that Vermilion Bird in the Holy Water Heaven Territory deepest place, there had piece of Forest of Life, Vermilion Bird hides in inside.” In addition, Shen Xiang also obtains goes to the Forest of Life map, there definitely is an unusual danger(ous) place, no matter how danger(ous), he will certainly go, because he must find Dongfang Xinyue. Vermilion Bird resurrect needs massive life strength, it seems like she may very much in Forest of Life, when starts?” Long Xueyi asked. I reorganized the line, the map, although has, but has not marked the city, I need to know that has many that type big city that in the water surface has Teleportation Formation, this can go fast.” Shen Xiang has not gone, cannot the direct transmission in the past, only be able to go forward little, therefore he needs a more complete map.

Luckily his many saint stone, so long as puts out, can many to handle matters for him. Several days of time, reorganizes the Holy Water Heaven Territory map, on the water surface under water city, is exhaustive, is away from is very accurate. Forest of Life unexpectedly in the fringing field, I also thinks in the middle, has not thought that the Holy Water Heaven Territory edge is so deep.” Shen Xiang looks at the map, sighed: Does not know that Xinyue did have to find Vermilion Bird, even if can find, this she definitely also has suffered many hardships all the way.” He blames himself darkly, initially had not given some Dongfang Xinyue saint stone, otherwise she certainly will be here more relaxed. Definitely the energy, she may be intelligent, moreover between she and Vermilion Bird also has the induction, will look not to be difficult.” Long Xueyi said. For serveral days, the city of day sea may be lively, Lin Family was looking for Yue Changteng everywhere. Because of the Yue Changteng reason, Yue Family frequently noisily was also visited, all these are Yue Changteng bring upon oneself, initially when framed others, he definitely does not have to think one will have today. Shen Xiang leaves the city of day sea, arrives at the sea level, before leaving, him plans and Long Xueyi has a look at that old man, eats Golden Jade Immortal Fish that time he makes personally again. Shen Xiang is only instantaneous, arrives at the sea level from deep sea, puts on that to be able in the shoes that the water surface walks, is treading the sea water, walks toward the shop of that old man. Arrives at the entrance of shop, inside is very lively, old man to avoid some people said him to intoxicate, did not fear that own craftsmanship leak, direct cooks publicly the Golden Jade Immortal Fish process, many people come to here to eat, for that memorable flavor, with one group of friends chatted while ate, the price was inexpensive, therefore was lively. Not like Golden Jade Hotel, although person are also many, but is some famous family aristocrats, has been short of many this ordinary ordinary liveliness. Long Xueyi comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, she and Shen Xiang turn into other appearances, in order to avoid being recognized, brings troublesome to old man, but they wear the shoes that old man delivers. That old man looks at their shoes, immediately recognizes them, but he did not have saying that but looks at Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi with the grateful look, he knows certainly that Yue Changteng and his two apprentices have been taught, he can elute the wrongful treatment, was busy that these two mysterious people help at present.

Golden Jade Immortal Fish are here many, can catch very much easily, therefore convenient, is inexpensive like Golden Jade Saint Fish, only needs several two saint stone, sufficed several people to eat to be happy. Person who comes to here to eat, supplies for oneself the good wine, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi are also so, they very patient, when old man serves food, because the person are many, needs to line up. Night, the person has been short, but Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang here, Long Xueyi has not given up, has eaten, old man is also glad to give to do. „Does grandfather, your this night also open?” Long Xueyi asked with that greasy small mouth. You, if must eat dawn, I arrive at the dawn.” old man knows that Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi must hide the identity, therefore has not spoken too the loquacity with them. Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: That gives me to come 50 again.” Good, this comes!” old man he he smiles. Before old man just arrived at the top, looks like slightly the fat middle age, suddenly appears in the entrance, in him behind also with the men of two devils. unexpectedly is Yue Changteng and Di Wei Di Wu, they are forced to leave the city of day sea, seeing the shop of old man to be so lively, they only want to vent the anger in heart here!