World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1669

Yue Changteng can run away not to be accidental, but Di Wei Di Wu these two brothers should be held are right, now appears with Yue Changteng here. Before coming, Yue Changteng has swept in a shop person, discovered strength strongest is Saint Monarch, therefore he very much feels relieved and Di Wei Di Wu comes. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi go into hiding the aura, Yue Changteng cannot look, he had not discovered that here has the person who he is stronger, dares to come to cause trouble, being mad on old man. Yue Changteng and Di Wei Di Wu was unable to stay in the city of day sea, but understood that cooks Golden Jade Saint Fish Di Wei Di Wu, is Yue Changteng earns the saint stone tool, he has to save these two. Yue Changteng is not silly, he understands Di Wei Di Wu, knows that they will not make that foolish matter absolutely, afterward he and Di Wei Di Wu has discussed that showed that his idea, Di Wei Di Wu was used a very wise method to control, they do not know that what's the matter. Their untold hardships escape from the city of day sea, regarding their this strengths, this is not a very easy matter, obviously Yue Changteng skill big. My good Master, your business is good.” Di Wei gloomy and cold said with a smile: We just gave way, your here was prosperous, was what person of high skill you invited, counter-attacked to us?” Yue Changteng holds the collar of old man, the devils, ferocious sound shouted: You, if plans my person to say in secret, I will forgive your this short remaining life, otherwise I make you live to might as well die.” Long Xueyi sees Yue Changteng and Di Wei Di Wu appears, expectation meeting what happened, as soon as she pounds on the table, angrily said: Lets loose the grandfather, this matter is I does! Do not look for me? Comes that's it to me!” She spoke, changed oneself actually appearance, saw this face, the Yue Changteng complexion became very ugly, the Long Xueyi's strength was not weak, moreover understood this change the art of making oneself invisible magic arts. However, his shop destroys in the Long Xueyi hand, he must revenge today in any event!

Dead girl, actually is you, today I must peel your skin.” The Di Wu whole face scowl, is bellowing to Long Xueyi. Just roared in him, then the discovery disappears in Long Xueyi Shen Xiang. „” After Shen Xiang vanishes, suddenly appears side Yue Changteng, in the hand is taking a black dagger, seizes the arm of old man to shut off Yue Changteng, making him call out pitifully. Yue Changteng as the Yue Family juniors, moreover for many years to rely on Golden Jade Hotel has gained many saint stone, obtains Yue Family to settle on, the strength is not weak, but sliced off an arm suddenly, can only explain that breaks the person of his arm him be more formidable. Sees Shen Xiang to be so formidable, Yue Changteng three people frightened incomparable, that ominous Evil Savage horizontal imposing manner vanished a moment ago does not have, the both legs somewhat shivered. „To make you be taught, but your actually damned character does not change, it seems like must give you some painful lesson to be good.” At present these three people are similar to the ants in the Shen Xiang eye, he puts out Suppressing Devil divine tower, receives them, making them suffer the hardship in inside, words that massacres directly, too convenient they. Shen Xiang handled these three people, Long Xueyi also eats similarly, she and Shen Xiang left to the old man family fortune, then hastily left, later brought troublesome to old man. Leaves this float in the water surface city, Shen Xiang according to the route that oneself plan, goes to the next aquatic city.

In this Holy Water Heaven Territory, generally speaking, only then Haiti deep place that city, is the most formidable city, because must construct that city not to be easy, moreover in seabed deep place, but can also absorb more abilities. Water surface city that however Shen Xiang then must go, it can be said that in this Holy Water Heaven Territory largest-scale city, because above has many Teleportation Formation, to go to other cities, generally is comes to this city to relay. Big Brother Shen, my society refined peacock powder finally!” For serveral days, Kong Bailing with single-hearted devotion was refining these peacock powder, Shen Xiang puts in Inheritance Bead his attainment, making Kong Bailing study, then occasionally directed, her unexpectedly learned! Kong Bailing can use quite good flame, refined peacock powder to be enough, but did not have Shen Xiang quickly so to be so skilled. alchemy was very difficult, I am only because knew about own feather, therefore refines peacock powder is very easy!” Kong Bailing emotionally said, because she wanted some low level Immortal Medicine to Long Xueyi, she attempted to refine Immortal Dan, but failed all of a sudden. Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Can refine peacock powder that's alright, the alchemy aspect, had this little rascal to be enough.” Kong Bailing refining good peacock powder gives Shen Xiang, is this type of transparent powder, in the use, very difficult to think is permanent in Primordial Strange Poison? Shen Xiang is deferring to the map, carried on the gradual space to shuttle back and forth, has used several days of time, finally arrived at that biggest water surface city Floating Life city. This urban every large or small construction neatly plans, can see very neatly canal, not like former that city in chaos. The street in city is the water, but is very broad, causes on the street is ships shuttles back and forth, naturally also some human feet wear that type of specially-made shoes, can walk in the water surface.

The Holy Water Heaven Territory water surface city is not everywhere is, because only then the specific place can construct these cities, this place does not have the wave to be calm generally, even if other places have the great storms, attacks here time, will be prevented, prevents the storm is natural strength, has the natural barrier in this place, therefore appropriately constructs the city. If no this natural strength protection, Holy Water Heaven Territory that many storms, this urban day can construct one, cannot withstand tossing about of storm. Shen Xiang wears the specially-made shoes, walks in the water surface, moves toward the Teleportation Formation arrangement the place, while listens to others to chat, this can hear many Holy Water Heaven Territory interesting rumor. Is the Holy Water Heaven Territory biggest city, unexpectedly has six Yuan azure pill this six Immortal Dan to sell worthily, but was too expensive, unexpectedly took 50 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone one grain.” Shen Xiang passed by a pills shop, went to look, this made his suddenly want to refine some pill to sell here, so long as sold others 50% prices, he can gain insanely. But he does not lack saint stone now, moreover Immortal Medicine that here he does not want to purchase. Actually saint stone in water be more than land, especially this Holy Water Heaven Territory, because the mining difficulty is very big, therefore massive saint stone only grasp in some influence hands.” pearl said: In the past I when Nine Spirits Heaven Sea below, had bumped into large-scale saint stone mineral lode, but afterward was wrested away by Highest Saint Gate.” How long this Highest Saint Gate cannot ramble.” Shen Xiang has pinched the fist, Highest Saint Gate this time threat is very big, if Highest Saint Gate can have the half of the country in Saint Territory, then concentrates strength to attack Emperor Heaven, the consequence will be serious.