World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1671
Shen Xiang flickers the tower to the boiling water, after going out outside, then sees that Floating Life inn, to see the Hou Family person, he can only temporarily here. He just entered the inn, inside storekeeper on the inquiry of all smiles: „Are you Shen Dafei?” I am!” This storekeeper knows him to come, he has not felt the accident, definitely was that water flickers the person in tower to inform. The storekeepers called Xiaoer (waiter), above arranging Shen Xiang to arrive at a very luxurious room, this was the water flickers the tower to provide free, can stay for ten days. Issued that posts a reward the command, can enjoy that good treatment, this makes Shen Xiang have the good impression to the Floating Life city. These have , because he has ten hundred million saint stone reasons. Must post a reward the command to issue these, and arouses the interest, requires some time, 2-3 double-hour, these days Shen Xiang can only wait for the Hou Family person most quickly here. This inn should be here best, called quickly delicious some came.” Long Xueyi hastily urged Shen Xiang. „Don't you have many Golden Jade Saint Fish to eat in?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Should not finish eating by you?” Where has? Delicious can such thing, how eat all of a sudden? pearl and little peacock have also eaten.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Called quickly completely here delicious thing, your saint stone must unable to all spend in any case.” Shen Xiang called big table of things quickly, put the round table of full hall. Delivers the person who the dish comes just to walk, Long Xueyi appeared, sits on the stool, that pair of tender and delicate white hands have grasped the full thing, fast delivers toward the mouth. Kong Bailing and pearl also come out from Hidden Jade Ring, pearl is also same as Long Xueyi, wolfs down, should have the table manners that without a girl, nearby Kong Bailing eats the thing time graceful gentle, looks is enjoyment, forms the sharp contrast with the nearby two malicious ghosts.

little peacock, later do not study their this bad procedures, maintains your this is good.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Big Brother Shen, don't you eat?” Kong Bailing sweet smiles to Shen Xiang, has clamped an exquisitely carved fish to him. Thanked!” Shen Xiang smiled. The dish on tabletop mostly is the fish, here little has the land, even if there is a land, above few beasts, majority are the beasts in water are also quite many. After eats, when Shen Xiang pays up, this inn unexpectedly does not want his saint stone, said that is free! We had eaten ten ten thousand saint stone a moment ago, regarding this inn, definitely is not the small number, if eats that many every day, ten days were over a million saint stone! I make them issue to post a reward the command, but is eight hundred thousand saint stone!” Shen Xiang one wants to know that this inn does, definitely has other goals. Long Xueyi said with a smile: Free best, I am more impolite, tomorrow will continue! The water flickered in tower old man to affirm that a moment ago informed the Boss in Floating Life city, definitely was above has the instruction, calling on them to entertain well your.” This convenient, does not occupy does not occupy in vain!” Shen Xiang thought one will not live here is too long, so long as found Dongfang Xinyue, he will immediately leave here, even brings Dongfang Xinyue to leave Holy Water Heaven Territory. Passed more than double-hour, posting a reward that Shen Xiang issued made to stir the controversy, the entire Floating Life city knows matter that at this time the high quota posted a reward. Before Hou Family issue time, is so, but the present range previous time also shortly after some people issued that this type large amount posted a reward the command, aimed at the same person!

Dongfang Xinyue became the celebrity in Floating Life city, although she has not appeared here, nobody knows her name, but her beautiful appearance, on deep ironing in the mind of many people, especially these hunters. At this time all kinds has the false material about Dongfang Xinyue to pass on noisily, there are many type of editions! Shen Xiang lies on the bed is resting, suddenly hears some people to knock on a door. Saint Monarch, from his aura, is not ordinary Saint Monarch, is quite fierce.” Long Xueyi said. After Shen Xiang opens the door, seeing one to wear the young man of black robe, he has a firm and resolute face, on the face is having the self-confident smiling face, an eye is passing a very sharp ray, although body that light aura is reserved, but still gives people very strong feeling. With is the same, this that Long Xueyi said is not ordinary Saint Monarch, understood at a glance that has the people of many and varied experience. I am Hou Zhongming!” The man smiled to Shen Xiang: „Are you Shen Dafei? Imagines me is fiercer than!” This Hou Zhongming is good to the Shen Xiang's impression, but Hou Family must kill Dongfang Xinyue, that is the Shen Xiang's enemy! But has not had the conflict now, Shen Xiang not anxiously fight. Inside said!” Shen Xiang invited Hou Zhongming. Made a long story short, why do you want to capture alive this female?” Hou Zhongming puts out the Dongfang Xinyue portrait: I heard, you also want to know reason that we kill this female.” Right, I want to know why very much you do want to kill her? She is important regarding me, cannot die.” Shen Xiang said: Can say first with me why can kill her?”

This is the reason why Hou Family will send for discussing quickly, 800 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone captures alive Dongfang Xinyue, explained that Dongfang Xinyue is important to Shen Xiang. Because she has abandoned our Hou Family future successor, therefore we must kill her.” Hou Zhongming said that the look flashes through wipes killing intent: However I am the head of this matter.” Shen Xiang has not thought too accidental, although Dongfang Xinyue looks like gentle like the water, but is cruel-hearted not to be a vegetarian, will be that anything Hou Family the successor will be definitely aggressive in the future, under killer by the Dongfang Xinyue pain. Has not thought that can be this, your Hou Family successor was abandoned, this should be an important matter, how can't I inquire?” In Shen Xiang heart curious, if must keep secret, this Hou Zhongming will not say. This is over six months ago matter, now Young Master already recover completely, before his continuously stupor, therefore I do not know that who the murderer is, a while ago he woke up, we know the murderer.” Hou Zhongming indifferently said: Hopes that your excellency can keep secret for us.” Certainly certain!” Shen Xiang compensates to say with a smile, the Hou Family successor was hit remnantly, this truly is not the honored matter. This Hou Zhongming calls that future successor is Young Master, explained that this Hou Zhongming does not have the bloodlines of Hou Family, but is giving loyalty to Hou Family. Why then your excellency does want to capture alive this female? Do you have to her understood? We are willing to receive in exchange for her related matter with saint stone.” Hou Zhongming said. To be honest, she is my female slave, she has stolen I very precious thing, therefore I must catch her exactly, making her return that thing.” Shen Xiang said: I knew about her very much, although she was usually mischievous a point, but will not hate the hand to others under casually, where your have Young Master offended her?”