World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1674

This is my domain, if you greeted beforehand, perhaps also some must discuss, but your suddenly, did not pay attention to me!” Floating Life City Lord is three water lord main tyrants, the strength definitely is not weak, his domain was rushed casually, moreover cloth next so formidable barrier, in his heart is not feeling well. The one who most makes Floating Life City Lord angry is Thunder Emperor that expression! He knows that the opposite party is Thunder Emperor, but did not represent has feared the opposite party, Saint Venerate that although came were many. Dongfang Xinyue in Hidden Jade Ring, from Long Xueyi pearl in their mouth, had understood that Shen Xiang in Saint Territory by the matter that Infernal Demon Emperor issues a warrant for arrest, regarding this she also feels surprised. After having contacted Vermilion Bird, Dongfang Xinyue to some expert understanding, knows that the Godhead matter, Infernal Demon Emperor can post a reward Shen Xiang with two Godhead, enough makes many Heaven territory Great Emperor get rid, obviously Infernal Demon Emperor has how wants except Shen Xiang. Liu Fusheng, intentionally what you are must unable to pass with me right?” The Thunder Emperor sound is bringing anger, because he felt that barrier under their cloth starts to vibrate, strength is destroying his barrier. Lei Hongyuan, is your open and aboveboard cannot pass with me is right, this Floating Life city is my domain, how to tolerate you to block casually?” Liu Fusheng roars: Gives me to break!” After he roars, airborne thunderclap shakes, around the Floating Life city sea water attacks crazily, the person in city, can see the sea water that blots out the sky, throws to strike to come from the upper air, but the Floating Life city has the natural barrier, these sea water have not fallen, was covered shaking by transparent light. Meanwhile, that prohibits the space formidable restriction also to be broken! Has not thought, it seems like later had the opportunity to thank this Liu Fusheng.” Shen Xiang induces to that restriction disintegration, hastily revolution space power, leaves the Floating Life city, arrives to be away from the Floating Life city very very far place. After knowing Shen Xiang walks, Thunder Emperor is angry: Liu Fusheng, you know that you are with whom are doing right?”

Liu Fusheng sneers: I am certainly clear, does right with Infernal Demon Emperor, always compares, when his dog!” ...... After Shen Xiang leaves the Floating Life city, guessed that there likely will have great war, that Thunder Emperor temperament is not good, but Liu Fusheng has the contradiction with him probably, now Liu Fusheng destroys the Thunder Emperor good deed, Thunder Emperor, if like this considers as finished, that is not very normal. Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor has said that Holy Water Heaven Territory inside Liu Fusheng is a very good person, the fly right, righteousness Bo Yuntian, after is the antique time, unusual hero, today sees, really lives up to reputation!” Dongfang Xinyue relaxed: Now goes to Forest of Life, has Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor there, you should very be safe.” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi want to take a look at Vermilion Bird, now should better. Xinyue, Vermilion Bird present strength how? After her rebirth, if before restoring, strength of that peak, should go to Emperor Heaven, after all there is her root.” Long Xueyi asked. She said that fully restored, in condense Godhead, she must possibly wait to have Godhead to go back!” Dongfang Xinyue said \; She and I have mentioned, her final goal is Gods, past Azure Dragon and Black Tortoise went to Gods!” Only then she and White Tiger die, then the rebirth, falls behind that two fellow big truncations.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: This explained that they compare to be predestined friends, perhaps after them, will go to Gods together.” Dongfang Xinyue somewhat curious asking: Xueyi, what status are you? You understand Vermilion Bird probably very much their matter!” Long Xueyi coughed several, Qing settles the throat, said: I am Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, in the past in Fifth of Nine Emperors strength strongest, if not I do not have what ambition, surely does not have that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens anything matter!”

This...... Is this real?” Dongfang Xinyue some do not believe. Naturally real, you do not believe to ask this little rascal!” Long Xueyi curled the lip: This little rascal can have now this strength, I have lasting achievements!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I do not believe before that will not receive a letter from now on!” The Dongfang Xinyue whole face looks at Long Xueyi inconceivable, pearl and Kong Bailing know that Long Xueyi is a dragon, but has not thought that is Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor in antique time Legend! Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor has said that in the past you were can be concise few Godhead existence, afterward you lent Qi Shi Godhead, then you encountered other formidable dragons to plot, since then died.” Dongfang Xinyue said. In the past plotted against my dragon in Heavenly Dragon Territory, is present new Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, they were also the Infernal Demon Emperor running dogs, they should come to here to grasp little rascal's, when the time comes asked an opportunity to kill that fellow.” Long Xueyi whole face indignation: „The bastard who that crowd is not concerned about face smelly, has carved up Ice Dragon supreme Dragon Vein, after obtaining formidable strength, unexpectedly also runs to work as others' running dog, I!” Then you can also condense leave Godhead to come?” Dongfang Xinyue respects to Long Xueyi at this time, although Long Xueyi looks like the mischievous girl who has not grown up, but this can give her a very kind favorable impression. Naturally, this is only the issue of time.” Long Xueyi said: I saw Qi Shi this big lion, I will certainly make him compensate my Godhead.” Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also resurrect?” Dongfang Xinyue is startled. Naturally resurrect, this little rascal helps his resurrect, before he does not have, that strength, but defers to his temper, certainly everywhere Chinese zither.” Long Xueyi said.

...... The Holy Water Heaven Territory Floating Life city, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng walk in stretch of ruins, here just had had intense great war, but is short. We came late, has missed a good play.” Jiang Sheng watches the front that piece in confusion, sighed. Blames you, makes Teleportation Formation to make a mistake, transmits us to endless sand territory broken place.” Qi Shi complained: Shen Xiang this young bastard also is really, slides that quickly, wants to ask him to be difficult.” Jiang Sheng curled the lip: „Do you also dare to look for him? You do not know that his side does have a small greedy dragon? He definitely will be when the time comes tired of you!” What fears? We were resurrect, when the time comes happen to everywhere looked that who was quite fierce.” Qi Shi thinks otherwise: A bit faster takes all your methods, found Shen Xiang as soon as possible, will then kill a Hell demon while convenient.” Was right, called while convenient my Master, the Shen Xiang present situation is not very wonderful, continued again, perhaps he will be taken away to trade Godhead by others.” Chased down Shen Xiang's that batch of expert in Saint Territory, at this time arrived at Holy Water Heaven Territory, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng is also following close on coming, now they must call White Tiger, but here is hiding Vermilion Bird, definitely will be when the time comes lively.