World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1675

Before Shen Xiang, draws up one to go to the Forest of Life map, in addition the direction of Dongfang Xinyue, he must go quickly to be smoother to Forest of Life. Although Infernal Demon Emperor can grasp the change of Shen Xiang position, can inform these Saint Venerate promptly, but these people are unable to arrive at side Shen Xiang instantaneously, therefore they have the wise concealment method, does not have is so easy to catch Shen Xiang. So long as Shen Xiang a short time stays in a place, enters the Xingyuan distance the space to shuttle back and forth frequently, will not be easy to be seized, but now he must go to Forest of Life to seek for Vermilion Bird, will compare the security there. Shen Xiang arrives at a water surface city, here does not have Teleportation Formation, Thunder Emperor that group of people not to come here quickly. Xinyue, I heard that in Forest of Life is an unusual danger(ous) place, how you found Vermilion Bird in inside at that time?” Shen Xiang enters this small water surface city, here walks, while is resting, repeatedly the shuttle space, he also is very continuously tired. Inside indeed very much danger(ous), I at that time had met several danger(ous), Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor just comes out to take a walk luckily, I can see her, otherwise I must give up at that time.” Dongfang Xinyue said: Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor has said that in Forest of Life is quite mystical, she has not gone to look.” world of Nine Heaven various element strength from these endless Heaven territory, but these endless Heaven territory inside energies are to also come from other places, as the life strength source, in Forest of Life is not simple.” Shen Xiang said: I also think that Hou Family has controlled entire Forest of Life, has not thought is only outside Forest of Life.” Depends on their strengths, let alone Forest of Life, quite outside Violet Leaf Forest they do not dare to sneak into casually.” Dongfang Xinyue coldly snorted: „When initially I hit remnant that Hou Family anything Young Master, several Saint Venerate chase down me, after I enter Violet Leaf Forest, they do not dare to continue to pursue!” Violet Leaf Forest? Where is inside fierce?” Shen Xiang is curious, that Forest of Life inside secret may be many, he wants to go to find out.

„The flowers and plants trees of that region, are the purple leaves, therefore is called Violet Leaf Forest! It is strange in the thing of this region, birds insect anything, majority are the purple! This Violet Leaf Forest quite fierce place, should be inside these Saint Beast!” Saint Beast? The humanity of Saint Venerate strength, copes with Saint Beast is not very easy?” Shen Xiang has met many Saint Beast, although the strength is good, in the face of Saint Venerate humanity, actually collapses at the first blow. „In the Saint Beast quantity are mainly many . Moreover the build is very small, the easy group to attack, these purple Saint Beast most fearful places, are their unusual purple Holy Power, can break others' defense very much easily, then launches the fatal attack, these Saint Venerate mainly fears this.” Dongfang Xinyue answered. Xinyue, don't you fear that place? unexpectedly dares to rush.” Long Xueyi asked. I did not certainly fear that my body has the Vermilion Bird bloodlines, the aura that lends can make inside Saint Beast be mistaken that is Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor in is also quite fierce.” Dongfang Xinyue said: Violet Leaf Forest is only outermost the Forest of Life first barrier, but second is Cold Wind Forest, that type of wind is cold, Saint Beast that this here survives to understanding Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, therefore I do not dare to enter here, is Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor leads me to go.” This Forest of Life does not have Shen Xiang to imagine that simply, was the outside two barriers so is only terrorist! Then Vermilion Bird in Forest of Life what position?” Long Xueyi asked. In the Cold Wind Forest next barrier, named Spirit Fire Forest, inside trees is unusual, oneself can year to year the unceasing combustion, release very strong flame, only then quite formidable Saint Beast in Cold Wind Forest can walk in this region, even if Violet Leaf Forest Saint Beast does not dare arbitrarily to enter, the flame of that place is really terrorist.” Dongfang Xinyue spoke of there flame, sound revealed one to fear: Is Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor leads me to go in luckily, if I rushes, certainly will be burnt the ash not to remain.” Shen Xiang does not fear the flame, he that Forest of Life is hopeful at this time.

Spirit Fire Forest later region? Anything else? Shen Xiang asked that regarding him, Violet Leaf Forest, Cold Wind Forest and Spirit Fire Forest did not have what challenge. Dongfang Xinyue shook the head: I am not quite clear, I had asked Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, she said that there is the dark forest, I asked that she goes not to have, she does not have the direct reaction I, she intends to evade to discuss that region.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Vermilion Bird is a very rude and unreasonable fellow, place that she does not dare to rush, is definitely fierce.” Shen Xiang after this small urban rest suffices, hastily sets out surely Forest of Life, he just walked shortly, Thunder Emperor and the others appears here. Follows Thunder Emperor to come Hell Demon Envoy of this place together, just obtained the news that Infernal Demon Emperor spreads. Shen Xiang left here, it seems like he must go to Forest of Life!” That Hell Demon Envoy said. Forest of Life?” The person of question came from Heaven Evil Territory new Evil Emperor, his whole face is serious: Heard that place is strange, if Shen Xiang runs away, perhaps is very troublesome.” That Hell Demon Envoy nodded: Great Emperor also said a moment ago, he will transmit some demons to come from Hell, stops Shen Xiang a period of time, we must catch up, in Shen Xiang enters in front of Forest of Life to take him, otherwise was big on the trouble.” ......

Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi also arrived at this city, Thunder Emperor they also just left! Knows where this is, that brat can run, our these old bones were almost tossed about to break to pieces by him.” Jiang Sheng said after a sigh. We here wait for Master his old man to come temporarily, perhaps he has the means a bit faster to overtake that little rascal.” Qi Shi tracked down Shen Xiang for serveral days, feels very reluctantly, they also somewhat worried Shen Xiang will be caught, but now their worry is unnecessary. Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng in a piece of spacious water surface, they wait for White Tiger here. Water turned into the black!” Jiang Sheng suddenly startled shouted, while he and Qi Shi hastily fends, that beach black water suddenly spout one group of black Qi, then concentrates fast a person. Master!” Qi Shi hastily shouted. Big tabby cat, you did not have God Slaughtering Heart, is that fierce!” Jiang Sheng sees that White Tiger revealed a moment ago, is surprised. This thanks to Shen Xiang's!” White Tiger he he smiles, he can obtain Law of Darkness profound bead, controls Law of Darkness strength, making this time strength be bigger than past stronger, therefore he knew that Shen Xiang had difficult here, came on hastily.