World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1676

Where knows Shen Xiang now?” White Tiger asked. Jiang Sheng has put out very long slate, he pours into strength slate, sees only slate surface suddenly to fluctuate. This is the position that Hell Demon Envoy is, they are going to this direction.” Jiang Sheng puts out a Holy Water Heaven Territory map afterward, has compared: This direction is Forest of Life!” White Tiger hears Forest of Life, the complexion suddenly changes! Master, how? Also has place that you fear?” Qi Shi sees White Tiger this facial expression, knows that White Tiger is worrying about anything. Vermilion Bird should in that!” White Tiger said: If her rebirth, only then Forest of Life inside life Divine Fire can make her restore to peak strength, initially she was born in world of Nine Heaven , because has life Divine Fire!” enmity that White Tiger and Vermilion Bird see only, Qi Shi and sword blade are quite clear, they also know that Vermilion Bird is tattered, if Vermilion Bird in inside resurrect, and had past strength, White Tiger might have bad luck very much. That brat knows Vermilion Bird in inside, therefore intentionally goes?” Jiang Sheng said. White Tiger shakes the head sighs: If this brat looks for Vermilion Bird to seek harbour, he has been completely mistaken, his body has White Tiger Divine Weapon, was seen by Vermilion Bird, definitely does not have the good fruit to eat.” Vermilion Bird has despised White Tiger, White Tiger his very clear this! Master, I hear in this Forest of Life to be terrorist, real?” Qi Shi also asked that initially also had travelled for pleasure with his Jiang Sheng some Heaven territory, slightly had hearing to this Forest of Life. Real, that place piece of Dark Region, it is said nobody knows that is anything, I have not gone, possibly Vermilion Bird has that place. Long ago, I had been to outside Forest of Life, I went to a hot forest, was hard to go forward again, because front was prevented by piece of dark strength, was hard to penetrate.” White Tiger recalls the past events, the complexion is very dignified: If Shen Xiang has no way out, perhaps he will rush, depending on his skill, must go is not definitely difficult, but must come out not to be easy!”

Then we a bit faster leave, should better a bit faster find him.” Jiang Sheng said. ...... Goes to Forest of Life Shen Xiang, at this time in heart is somewhat excited, because he wants to search that Forest of Life, especially that is not willing to mention Dark Region that Vermilion Bird. But he actually does not know that at this time is having many people not to allow him to enter Forest of Life, let alone is that piece makes the person refer to the discoloration Dark Region! Shen Xiang use space strength, quick arrives at that piece of Forest of Life, this Forest of Life situated in the deep sea bottom, is vast, occupies a big region, what is mysterious, the region that this following Forest of Life covers, by natural blockade impediment sea water, the sea water is unable to seep to the forest, moreover that natural blockade can also the sunlight projection of water surface to the forest. Sneaks in the sea time, trees that Shen Xiang only sees outside that luxuriant growth of leaves and branches, but some inside trees, are prevented by mysterious strength that day however barrier releases. This outside region is not small, is vast!” Shen Xiang exclaims. Here was the Hou Family domain, my previous time met that Hou Family Young Master in these outside woods.” Dongfang Xinyue said. Shen Xiang since that day however barrier, arrived in a forest, the forest aura of took a deep breath delicate fragrance, cannot help but voiced opinions, in this very deep under water, unexpectedly had such a mysterious place. He looks up, has not seen on that day however the barrier, what sees is projects from the water surface to this following Lan Tian! When he is appreciating here Mei and Jing, actually suddenly sees one group of black Qi to well up from the sky. This is on the water surface? Really appear here forest?” Shen Xiang emits Divine Power to induce immediately, but has not actually induced to any evil aura.

„It is not right, appears here directly, this aura after processing, came from Hell.” Long Xueyi suddenly said panic-strickenly: Is the Hell demon armed forces!” What?” Shen Xiang looks that rolls suddenly becomes very big black Qi, hastily revolution space strength, the preparation leaves here, but actually discovered that all around space unexpectedly was blocked! „The Hell demon armed forces, are comprised of ten Hell fiendish people, the commander million Hell demon soldier demons, various types of demon will come, this can be said as an army of Infernal Demon Emperor careful cultivation, in the past had hit with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, routs the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens main army!” Long Xueyi appeared side Shen Xiang, the complexion is very serious: „ Infernal Demon Emperor must prevent you to enter Forest of Life, this time sets out this army, pays very deeply grieved price. Sky over Forest of Life, one big had been rolled black Qi to cover, what making the will of the people startle, black Qi suddenly turned into the red, was similar to the blood like that sent out the true beautiful evil looking ray, covered a big forest. Couldn't run away?” Shen Xiang looked at all around trees, is blood red, by space that this blood light covers, had been blocked. Um, only then kills a road, Infernal Demon Emperor has gotten down the initial capital, in the past he did not have this scale to Great Emperor of Ten Heavens! You must know that he delays you with this army, making the following Thunder Emperor that group of people pursue, then takes you.” The Long Xueyi facial expression is solemn: „ Now had great war one! red light covers, the airborne blood cloud is densely covered, the blood of tumbling clouds the suddenly shunt, sees only pressure that a troop dense thing blotted out the sky, was similar to the innumerable locusts raids general, the thing that but these flew, will come from the Hell demon soldier demon! Ehm ehm 1 million demon soldier demons, in mouth will send out the intermittent call, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, shakes the water surface to raise the intermittent high sea, their evil aura, almost the spread to Holy Water Heaven Territory various places, that type the call that is full to murder, making entire Holy Water Heaven Territory be similar to a battlefield. Has the call of rhythm continuously, floods in the world, shakes the people fearful and apprehensive! This......” Qi Shi their suddenly stopped.

The Qi Shi memory returned to the past years, he presents the picture that and Hell demon armed forces slaughtered at present, initially he defeated in the hand of this Hell demon armed forces! Naturally, at that time was mainly because his Iron Lion Divine Army got down the curse. Is the Hell demon armed forces! Ten kings, hundred, commander million Hell armies!” This battle formation, Qi Shi is lifelong unforgettable. Jiang Sheng long sighed: Infernal Demon Emperor study was clever, he knows that now does not kill Shen Xiang, from now on surely no end of trouble for the future!” ...... Thunder Emperor one line of hear the slogan that blots out the sky, immediately stopped, but whose laughs with their Hell Demon Envoy actually suddenly! Is the Hell demon armed forces, the Great Emperor Hell demon armed forces world is invincible, sweeps away all obstacles!” That Hell Demon Envoy said proudly. Thunder Emperor they know certainly that this is the Hell demon armed forces, in the past the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens imperial undertaking was killed by this army, they thought that this does not have anything to be proud, because Infernal Demon Emperor unexpectedly deals with a person with this army now! Great Emperor of Ten Heavens good and bad commander world of Nine Heaven, his under expert were initially innumerable, Emperor Level friend also several, could match to be attacked by this Hell demon armed forces, but a Shen Xiang person obtains this treatment now!